The Hardest Part of Marrying a Hanson

The pop trio and their wives discuss the challenges of married life.
1:31 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for The Hardest Part of Marrying a Hanson
You're on the road one -- you may be doing potty training all. -- is on stage it toads place yeah. And to accurately this patents at the last -- and it's tired it's -- the company's biggest challenge and especially -- the children and getting older we're finding you know our son penis stats gone. And heat and response to that more that's really tough. When you're leaving -- road and -- -- screaming and reaching for. It's it's hard you know some things that are really difficult about this job. Long hours in the studio along times congress on for three months at a time -- -- -- and what we've built one. -- at the end of -- -- main case is simple things. You know you you wanna sit in your house and watch the dignity and secure around -- just sort of enjoy it you want to. You know cook a nice meal and just enjoy together -- He's not dialing nine for room service when it comes. He's throwing in the towel it's well -- was something assuming somebody else lupica. -- At an early iconic -- issue -- -- socks every -- up without thinking is an ally in all the challenges it. It brains and then it has helped Jessica really adaptable. The schedule changes a lot. It makes you appreciate little things that's happening while we are the way we are -- -- -- track yet -- -- just moments at finest moments together.

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{"id":15484298,"title":"The Hardest Part of Marrying a Hanson","duration":"1:31","description":"The pop trio and their wives discuss the challenges of married life.","url":"/2020/video/hardest-part-marrying-hanson-15484298","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}