Hemy Neuman Arrested

Part 2: Surveillance video of a rented van leads police to their main suspect.
3:00 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Hemy Neuman Arrested
-- Turner December 2010 or four weeks after -- snyderman was inexplicably gone down in front of the Dudley -- preschool and police are no closer to finding the identity of the killer wrong everyone was thinking. National style so of course people were thinking as -- financial was that a business deal that you know gone badly was it you know love triangle was -- an affair. To find -- possible motive for the shooting police turn to rusty -- wife Andrea. When asked if anybody had a romantic interest in her she mentions -- Newman Andrea supervisor. At the nearby GE energy complex. Her response was that. Her boss Henry -- Had made a pass her. It was on business trips you know some time ago and nothing else happened and dismissed. But what injuries -- -- and didn't tell police was that in fact she and Newman was spending long trips together on the road. Remember casual observers of the couple thought they were passionately involved with each other they went on the dance floor and they over they -- Groping each other they had a good time. Police say snyderman steered them away from -- as a possible suspect. She never said anything about -- -- to make us believe that she thought he could have anything to do. Indeed Newman would appear to be an unlikely culprit he attended rusty Saturday's funeral. Pouring dirt on the grave and offering condolences to rest his parents. And I saw this one. Nicely dressed man in the blazer and I ran over tomb and he says isn't this -- tragedy and I SCN maintenance. And -- it's terrible I don't know how this could hear something like that. Meanwhile detectives make their first breakthrough. Enhanced video from the school's security camera reveals that the getaway vehicle was a late model Kia Sedona minivan. Police track a key advantage of this enterprise rental car lot and make a startling discovery. The person who rented the sit down -- during the period of the murder was none other than Henry Newman Andrea as bombs. That was left when the break and in this case the band linked to Henry Newman was a -- -- the break that that we were waiting for. On January 4 investigator -- -- the image of the Dunwoody police department for questioning. In his videotaped interrogation police tell -- they know he rented the van that was at the scene of the. Crime the give you have. The air. He's. -- -- -- -- I can't. She. I. -- He's very calm and unusually Paul -- -- was much different than. Most people who commit murder. Over the course of the five hour interrogation police make it clear that they believed Newman had a fatal attraction to Andrea snyderman. That sheet was the motive for the killing. He's the district is usually very happily -- looking pretty. Yeah. That just gets -- Delegates are. Despite his claims of innocence police are convinced they have their man. Newman is arrested and charged with rusty snyderman is murder. Meanwhile prosecutors strengthen their case they -- Newman's phone records to this man Jan de Silva. He says he sold a forty caliber -- handgun like this one to Newman just one month before the murder. They I think pretty frowning he seemed really normal. And decent person like what he told me that he just needed -- -- for. We just. Home defense even more damning -- Silva says Newman contacted him again a month later. This time to try to buy his silence he told me that there was a problem with the gun. They have to get rid of it east descent to me I don't ever have a mistress and her room. So it was Andrea Snyder -- mistress of penny Newman. When police put the question to her after his arrest she says any affair between herself and him he knew there was only in his head. But someone else was convinced it was all too real Newman's wife of 22 years -- Had she suspected he was cheating before the murder yes. She suspected he is cheating soon after Andrea started working there he would take her calls late night -- He would start hiding the -- turning it over same kind of -- -- in -- magazine. Top ten signs your spouse is cheating. He had -- -- Even though Andrea was a married mother of two -- wife was convinced there was something serious between them she filed for separation. Her lawyer after -- uncovered documents that traced an extraordinary amount of communication at all hours between hammy and Andrea. What do you. Cell phone records show about the level of contact between -- -- -- -- -- Newman in the six months before the murder. There -- over 14100. It. Cell phone. Calls and texts is it possible. They were discussing work. It's possible but when -- -- Els saw me I want to marry you. I don't have any bosses and their employees have that kind of --

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{"id":15942153,"title":"Hemy Neuman Arrested","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Surveillance video of a rented van leads police to their main suspect.","url":"/2020/video/hemy-neuman-arrested-15942153","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}