Hero's Story

Part 1: In the middle of a war zone, Justin Rollins found a happy surprise.
6:50 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Hero's Story
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and species the one you're about to -- just happens to be of the four legged furry variety. But what she brings to -- heartbroken family is worthy of a medal of honor here is the incredible story with -- This story about a soldier's best friend named him. And a hero named Justin. The tale we'll take us far from home. The places you would not. But the soldier and his friend were there to get. -- Robert Frost might have said that made all the difference. Fittingly we Begin in the picturesque New Hampshire Hamlet of -- eighteen year old Justin Rollins net fifteen year old -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- in an economics classes. He sat couple -- in front of me and that's when it all sort of -- had hit a suspect that he gave you'll look at this -- when he looks back gate you. You -- get sucked in -- it was a scene yet. -- -- -- -- -- Romeo has long had been like them I -- -- pretty well now. Justin's parents Rhonda and skip around. -- secretly meeting each other right thing because her parents are pretty strict they engaged -- -- and finally he said her you know black. You're too young you know I can't do that -- gonna go to jail cell so they handed them. 9/11. And sent just -- on course to become a sort. Nine elevenths and school. -- via -- change allies forever. He really. Was yeah I'm promised I'd like the rest of past and not solve that. He really made up his mind he wanted to join the military and support our country. Just hasn't signed on in hope of becoming an army ranger -- Well he came home and he -- running up the stairs it. And airborne ranger baby infant straight. And I looked at him and I said can't you be in the -- Yeah well it away watch. I have. In 2006. Justin was deployed to samarra Iraq and one of the scorching the senators of the. We didn't now and the time when he was over the years and as the worst possible place. Jason Wheeler was just -- squad leader and a friend. Give people a sense -- -- -- the fear that actually was present you can set your watch by the mortar rounds. 7 o'clock in the morning -- -- and I was. Just. Ever scared. There was one time I know what -- have we hit a ninety. And he got head and -- he just me there was blood and you can see is when he fell. Hot. Metal or whatever news. Other than that there's not many occasions that I can remember him showing here. Just some would never talk about the lies that he took over there because I asked him about a one -- get very upset lemmings don't ever ask -- that question again. But I'll tell you I do this job -- and first while actually do it. To protect my man. And they do -- job so our country never -- endure another September 11 ever again. -- world was of course worlds apart. And his family and friends back in New Hampshire where Britney had been hitting the books. And Rhonda Rollins was about -- a little kindling on an old Justin -- flame that last flickered for years ago. Then he called one day I happen to mention CA -- saw Britney in the newspaper her -- she went to a prom. She is. Stunning. You were doing a little next week. I don't think yeah yeah. He fled while I -- that -- denying don't -- she's graduating you know. Pretty soon. So coincidentally on purpose guess who shows up on leave from the war -- -- his graduation. I was giving -- dressed in my classes the president and onetime I glanced up and he had just gotten out of -- convertible. By the time the speech ended the planet's name Brittany and Justin had realized you guys -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pain but now the pair had to endured those long tours of duty apart. N com. Morning and -- public -- generating. Television. Airport arrival gates were scenes of -- departure gates torture. That's a hard thing for young love to be going through Colombia -- Boston wanted to at times to just walk away. It had become our life so I think and then I was like oh my god he's leaving and that's win. I broke down and there's a picture of us where he's sort of trying to talk me out of being -- ten. We were crying Arum hugging you lock me literally right -- the door where the the plane door shot and that I just remember looking back and then just back door. Clothing. And seeing half of this base and then you're gone. Moments earlier he'd said his advised whose parents at the airport. When I hugged them goodbye. Kiss and he said mom don't worry I promise I'll be home and I never break my promise since. In fact Justin was planning -- the biggest promise of his life. He looked -- needs of mom's she's the one. And then on the last fall column that he called home he said want -- ticker at Tiffany's and pick out a -- for. So why -- my son was -- propose to his girlfriend. In March 20072. Weeks before Justin could come home and keep all his. Since he makes a cure -- phone -- to -- from his Iraqi based. And he sounded exhausted and -- like you know I just -- -- of -- really long mission. But I got some really great pictures -- -- need to see them. With -- -- -- I knew he was then it because he knew about it only have a picture that I would love who has would be with him -- it self. I didn't know what was going to be in it but. Just on his face.

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{"id":15031127,"title":"Hero's Story","duration":"6:50","description":"Part 1: In the middle of a war zone, Justin Rollins found a happy surprise.","url":"/2020/video/heros-story-15031127","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}