Hidden America: A Health Catastrophe

Part 5: Produce is scarce on reservation, but Subway offers healthy options.
5:03 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for Hidden America: A Health Catastrophe
Who would ever -- -- some -- -- could signal revolutionary hope. But the weekend to discipline opened on the reservation and older woman -- mean an end. There really was crying she -- I haven't. Green peppers about -- all the vegetables that normally cost a lot of money in the precious -- here. She says a -- people applied for work here we have an employee. Who worked here for twelve months since she lost over 1025 pounds. She was our Jared when I started working here I -- my -- -- 356 pounds. Her name is Mallory iron moccasins now highway 170. It's a health catastrophe of pine ridge one half the adult population. Is diabetic. The average life expectancy just 58 from in 66 for women the lowest in the nation. You're dying here almost twenty years earlier and the rest -- so how did this happen -- just -- generation. To a -- once like this the folks on the players -- their mission. Armed what -- 120 years away from being real hunters and gatherers so carbohydrates are new to them. In like the number one product is Freiburg. We'll -- -- what you can make on the commodity foods water flour oils -- baking soda fried in oil. Mark Tilson as a pioneering businessmen on the reservation who says the -- model -- boxes from the federal government are filled with start. Commodities are the food promised by the US government after the USC's seven point three million acres of Lakota land. Violating a treaty and annihilating their lifeline. Slaying of sixteen billion buffalo and just. Fifty years. I am -- -- lone -- what we -- Win our our people were helping. -- hunter is -- to Ellison's partner and they have -- created an ancient food out of lean buffalo meat and cranberries. Kind of like beef jerky with -- It's called a tomko bar. To -- their sold in 4000 stores across America including whole foods even cited as a top nutrition bar. This is all new for us business ownership -- new we've had. You know the government. And us. Who left handers this -- -- -- necessities. Jason brave -- -- former marine says government welfare checks and handouts but no possibility of work. Have taken their toll on the Indian spirit just the dependence. Count. This society that was me and it. Why go to school if you know in a place where you you know having babies -- from -- get money. Again Heather Thompson. The look of how the Black Hills and we have the -- -- And that was violated and so now I have for example to all of which then stuck on the -- things. It has very little very few natural resources and so -- essentially the federal government has done is tied our hands behind her back and in congress in the water. And so you have one -- two options. You what I had up. Weary and tired of -- But is that the federal government's fault that there are no businesses on the reservation that our federal government created. The system purposefully. That is in place right now. That makes it so confusing and nearly impossible. To do business presentation. People don't realize more and more regularly get them in particular power plants hanging and -- have red tape coming apart years. We had no role model it's. General -- and have a warm -- that we didn't have that the Stephen -- -- -- -- -- Oprah Winfrey in our community there is dysfunction that exists on the reservation but there's also brilliance had been nice to get have -- coming as a nation -- -- -- accountant and my goal is to. Finish school and come back and -- -- Taylor was really amazing to see. Laundry mats. Car Washington's replacing old -- and deliver pizza. -- You know. Shopped for and I think. Ownership and saying this is this is -- This is where it comes from some people -- and each time you -- -- It's the question. It's isolated. It's difficult land. Answer -- The -- nation. -- the same thing is Amy America's and a recession -- get out of here. I promise you are where -- -- -- home.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Part 5: Produce is scarce on reservation, but Subway offers healthy options.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14742500","title":"Hidden America: A Health Catastrophe","url":"/2020/video/hidden-america-health-catastrophe-subway-offers-healthy-options-2020-14742500"}