Hidden America: Stand Against the Wind

Part 2: Louise survives in a home with scarce food and mother lost in alcohol.
6:00 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for Hidden America: Stand Against the Wind
We are writing up the majestic hills of the pine ridge reservation. We're a young adult content girl says she wants to show us the land she loves its -- beautiful. Her name is Louise Clifford. And she wants to teach us the poetry about Lakota silences. -- -- -- This age. This week passed the -- and seeing. The TV's my heart says the buffalo. Everything just gets to me because and it's done in. And it. 101000 years before anyone else arrived here at the Indians lived in reference and disciplined. It was a heresy to use any more of the earth and you needed. And -- not only loves her culture she is a -- -- student at school. Gifted and curious. Looking at a world of possibility. But we learned last year -- eleven year old child of the reservation. Tried to hang herself. -- -- -- I'm me steamy clouds that. Thing. It hurt me -- -- you -- This is not to -- his most important. Thing I ever seen at -- city there. -- -- -- -- -- -- The mom she adores. Is lost in alcohol. All right things -- Well -- home. I seriously. Animated -- -- -- Means of saying there's so many. Cents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and we felt that. And on this night we go to -- home there is no heat it's freezing. The collapsing mold free house but she takes me intern -- bedroom -- pink. Her mother who once Louise to be happy painted it with there horrible pregnant patents there -- a -- But it's too cold for her to sleep in here she's afraid when she's alone. Peace they have this year it's very close and happy there. Do you ever watch families on TV and think how lucky can harm. Frank. And more marina and then lake when they have -- with while I have everything. And normally. Don't -- Clinton put it. And that's -- them. Really. Geithner -- fifth part of called and I just wish things look -- phone. -- The tribe found Louisa psychologist but -- six hours away. That the teachers and principal other schools I don't watch over her. -- I -- -- border. Please is that playing one of my Thompson's and at -- home. I think children have to -- disputed fact a beautiful flower garden you should polished him every day what had been nurtured. And here they grow up like weeds. That's where the principal of the school was Barney white wolf 74 -- old who persevered despite poor health for the children. A widow who was raised on this reservation her school is poor and she worries about all the asbestos in the floors -- would you -- since I was -- here -- -- warning asbestos containing material. But there's too little money to fix it when you need more teachers books computers. And she says the children of her school dive into their lunches because their chronically underfed of home -- -- -- -- kids come on Mondays. They're really hungry because they haven't had. Anything deep through the weekend. And it's the only. Ones. -- state its so. -- Louise -- house food is scarce future uncertain and she is fractional. At school she draws a little picture of someone hanging -- next to it she puts a little broken heart. Definitely. -- woman. They see so many children six Ayers says look -- again. Circumstances. In the king of the world the morning. -- -- -- -- quite well in the schools counselors -- the -- a prayer offensive to strengthen her prayers. -- little bag of marbles from the medicine man to represent her family to -- remember she's not alone. -- and hair. And she was given an Indian names helped her stand up against the dark. Game He added. And stands against -- -- -- just bluntly that status. Key in this all is blown down the mountains and Sharon. And a lot of -- and every corner Aaron -- -- Even anything you know when it's -- never follow me.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"Part 2: Louise survives in a home with scarce food and mother lost in alcohol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14742338","title":"Hidden America: Stand Against the Wind","url":"/2020/video/hidden-america-stand-wind-louise-survives-scarce-food-mother-alcohol-2020-14742338"}