Hidden America: Tiny Dancer

Part 4: Little Tashina dances on despite tragedy.
7:11 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for Hidden America: Tiny Dancer
As we all know there are so many shadows on the history of these first Americans the treaties that were brokered by the US government. The Black Hills their cathedrals seized. In 1980 the US Supreme Court wrote that what was done to them was as dis honorable as anything in American history. And of course add to that now the ocean of alcohol. And all the children paying the price. -- want to dance. Petitions received little girl named -- -- iron horse is so joyful we're intrigued by her life. That's her uncle -- who makes her beautiful beaded dance clothes himself. When we travel home with her we -- they are so many people living in her house even her grandmother and uncle -- find it hard to keep track. I -- Bobby's room -- moon. -- in place downstairs. To tell us about what became yet. -- -- -- -- -- Christina -- in one bed with her mother father and two other children. Her mother -- in -- to be a lawyer about life and pregnancies changed all that. Now she works as a security guard who -- casino on the reservation. -- often -- double shifts sixteen hours a day and makes nine dollars an hour. -- look at. So fishy -- DJ who Templeton she and her sister Sean Kane read it's Sean -- first day -- school sun today. -- -- -- -- this food and of the -- be a fun -- -- DJ is getting ready to apply to be a firefighter. Think He would get -- this so -- my little. Part time -- By the way she only knows what she wants to be. Alcohol is GMT. -- -- -- -- won't. Yeah He couldn't Internet -- appointment to me. -- -- -- -- This is Milton beyond his captain of the tribal police and told us as we said 80% of the adults on -- reservation are addicted to alcohol. Even though the Tribe's decision long ago was to keep the reservation dry. Roadside monuments marks the deaths from drunk driving. And it's the -- this population of 40000. Last year He -- 171000. Arrests involving alcohol our men were so -- do they get the alcohol. This town of white clay which is nestled right next to the border of the reservation. Only fourteen people live in white clay. Each year the town -- that four million times of the year. Four million. Four million in there -- -- and here in Hamilton that's just a handful -- there's smoke affordable. Only four liquor stores taking in seven million dollars a year. The big seller is called Jews some flavors like a whole bottle of wine in one can. Twelve prisoners -- will -- well with some. Been named its fruit flavored. I see they got the -- stuff -- -- Watermelon. Item. Police happened at one of the white space Stewart. None of the liquor store owner. Lives on the president. -- it's it's a really sensitive subject that alcoholism it's you know every every families affected by it. There is a kind of passive acceptance. Of the unacceptable. That failure to just keep used. You know He just -- -- He's -- number. One of the people and trying to do something about it just Terry blue light who runs on -- to -- to -- to. Which means to live in -- red -- A new sunrise about alcohol and drug. She says -- no reservations children start very young. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had I had left overs in the bond optimism the table in any -- they say. On nobody's gonna change until they hit bottom Indians. You know bottom. That valley of despair was sold -- it's taken us generations to start. A generation like Luis who told -- she tried marijuana. Plant and less fat. And put it. And Robert. Says he's going to hold out against the -- On drug and alcohol free. I owe you an extra -- because I seen. Lot of things like Jensen -- And we had been filming it kind rich almost a year when something happened. We saw -- an accident by the road another casualty of alcohol the driver had been drinking the car hit a -- passenger died. Later we learned that passenger who -- was little machinist father. The one who got her ready in the morning. One it was a line to get a firefighting job. Her mother and -- Matthew I kind of body. When you're going to be open plan. At his funeral. The traditional -- And quilts. And tables filled with -- She doesn't tells us her dad is now an Angel. -- when you -- so little sorrow is that distant place where grownups get lost. Five year old little girl is still giggling invitation. To join her in the day the royal tour. --

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Part 4: Little Tashina dances on despite tragedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14742418","title":"Hidden America: Tiny Dancer","url":"/2020/video/hidden-america-tiny-dancer-little-tashina-dances-despite-tragedy-2020-14742418"}