Hired Hit Man Actually Undercover Cop with ATF

Act 2: Posing as a hit man and hired to kill, cop describes his first undercover case with the ATF.
8:14 | 05/31/14

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Transcript for Hired Hit Man Actually Undercover Cop with ATF
a New Jersey supermarket, and at the top of one shopper's list, the murder of the other woman, Jennifer, who she says stole the love of her life, Howie. Anything that I need done, you can do? Exactly, from the littlest thing -- To the worst thing? -- To the worst thing. So which is it for you? Reporter: Nicole faccenda says she's shopping for flowers but what does she really have in mind? A bouquet, or bullets for a romantic rival? So far, she is cautious and careful with her words. You know what I want. I'm not saying it. I'm not saying it. Reporter: She doesn't want to say it, but she has the perfect outfit in mind. The day I'm dressed in black at the funeral, I'm handing you an envelope. Reporter: Nicole is clearly nervous. At first, suspecting her new partners will skip the dirty work, and do a double cross. Take the money and run or worse, pull out a badge and slap on the cuffs. An undercover sting. Just like she's seen before on TV. And I'm sorry that I'm crazy, watching so many lifetime movies. That's all right. Reporter: If only Nicole had followed her own intuition, because that hitman, we're calling Jose? He's got a gun all right, but he also has a badge. He's working undercover with the ATF. He's not a stone cold killer, he's a cop. You're actually a good guy in all this. Yes. Reporter: And so is sonny. He's a long time confidential informant for the feds. But Nicole doesn't know that. All she knows is that he's supposedly the black sheep relative of her ex-boyfriend Howie. So she's thinking of the darkest person in her life. The person who might know a hitman out there. Yes. And it just so happens to be what, a distant relative of the ex-boyfriend? Yes. And little does she know he's an informant. Correct, she did not know at all. Reporter: As for Jose, he's a seasoned officer, but as a hitman, he's just a novice. This is his first case working undercover on a murder for hire. Eighteen years a cop, is this your first time playing the role of a hitman? Yes, it is. This is your rookie run as a killer. Yes, it is my first time. Are you at all nervous? I don't want to say the wrong things, mess up the case or anything like that. But I wasn't nervous with her. I was just more concerned about saying the wrong thing to mess up the case. So what you're most nervous about is not being a hit man. You're nervous you might mess up the case. Yeah. Reporter: But even while he's in that car, Jose gets some help. Watch as he looks down at his phone. Agent Mike Alongi listening from a nearby car now texting his tips. We're able to point out things to the undercover in live time. And we were able to go back and forth, "Say this," or, "Do this," just to kind of help him along. Reporter: And listen to how Jose explains those text messages to the suburban soccer mom sitting right beside him. He tells her it's just a friend texting about going out for a beer. Asking to go out for beer. Reporter: And then the moment in the surveillance that struck us, when it seems Nicole is on to the undercover hitman. And I know I've watched one too many lifetimes. I'm in a horrible, horrible -- Lifetime? I've watched too many lifetime movies. This is about TV now? So she says to you she feels like she's living a lifetime movie? Yes. Now she's living a "20/20." Jose, is part of an elite squad of undercover hit men working for the ATF all across this country. You're armed with disguises today, but you're also armed, right? Are you armed at all times? Can you show me? Earlier this year undercover federal agents agreed to sit down with us as a group for the first time ever. Perhaps you'll remember the "20/20" exclusive because to do it, they spend hours getting disguised. That's Jose right there, covered in a sort of goo before he gets a brand-new appearance. They would make a mold. And from there, they build new features for his face. The same agent who would sit in that car with that scorned lover. The less you know about me, the better it is. How do you find a hitman? I mean, you're not in the yellow pages. You're not on craigslist. They'll actually try to reach out to the person they feel knows somebody that has something to do with the criminal element. Or it happens when you're doing other undercover cases. Working a group, or a gang, and they reach out and say, "Hey -- you know, I have this problem. Do you know anybody who would kill this guy?" So it's a great opportunity for us to step in say, "Well, yes, we do." What's the darkest thing someone has asked you to do? Had a daughter that wanted to kill her dad. The guy wanted me to kill his wife. He said she might be with her mother. If she's there, just kill her too. He was referring to the mother-in-law? He said, "If she's there, just kill her, too." Two for the price of one? More or less. Which I thought about raising the price, but -- she said I could blow up the house -- kill everybody as long as she could get her dog out. So get the dog out. Kill everybody else. Kill everybody else. And what are people looking for -- what do they want in a good hit man? Just like you'd go to find a plumber to come to your house and fix a pipe, they're looking for an expert to take care of their problem. Do you find them unpredictable, dangerous? I think they're the most violent people on the planet. You do? Absolutely. And in many cases, the clock is ticking. The clock is definitely ticking. The person that's hiring the hitman might change their mind and say, "You know what? I'll just do it myself," and then they go kill somebody. Does it make you think, "What am I doing'?" You know, I didn't sign up for the boy scouts. I signed up to be an ATF agent, to go after the most violent people out here. What's going through your mind when the person across from you wants someone killed? You just wanted to yell at her, "What's wrong with you? I mean, what are you doing? When someone's being so evil next to you. It's like, "How can you even conceive of something like this?" And you have to sit there with your poker face. And, "Okay, if this is what you want done, this is what I'm gonna do." Reporter: He would keep that poker face and so would his partner, because two nights later. Another parking lot, another criminal conversation. This time Nicole meeting with the hit man's sidekick, sonny. I don't know what you want. Reporter: And the ATF agents are listening again. You're out here listening in the car. Yes. Now we're actually sitting in pretty much the exact spot. And we set up our surveillance vehicle just on the other side of this curb. So we were literally about ten feet away, in a blacked out vehicle that she was not able to see in. So this is where you're listening to her. Yes. The informant's got a live wire? Yeah. And for the first time she's not holding back about what she wants done to this woman. Not at all. Reporter: No more talking in code, Nicole lowers her guard and spells out exactly what she wants. See, I, like, would think that either she disappears and she's just never found, like these people are never found. Okay. Like, that would be one good thing. I wouldn't care if she was in a horrible, horrible car accident -- Okay. And mangled up and -- Okay. You know, I don't care. Like, gone. I want to go piss on her grave. I want to go to her funeral and spit in the casket. So you want to see her dead, is that what you want? I will be happiest when this woman is dead and buried and six under. Reporter: And when asked what to do with the ex-boyfriend, it turns out, kill the woman, keep him. So she says, "Get rid of the woman. But keep the boyfriend alive." Yeah, she said, "Just injure him." You know, shoot him in the foot or something. And what's the thought behind that? So that she could still potentially be with this man, after all of this. She'll swoop in. You know, she'll get the satisfaction that he's hurt, and his despair. But then with the victim out of the picture, she can have him. And you're thinking the whole time -- She's crazy. She's maniacal. Just cold. It's unreal. It's -- life is stranger than fiction, and this is why. And we were listening to it, live. Right out here in this parking lot. Right here. Reporter: One man, two women. It seems Nicole figures it's just a subtraction problem. One murder to make the math work. But perhaps darkest of all, listen to Nicole, a mother herself. When asked what to do if the other woman's children get in the way. Two innocent young boys, the children of the man Nicole says is the love of her life. Okay, let me tell you. And don't think I'm a bad person -- Okay. But if something happened and one of the kids got killed, oh

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{"id":23939468,"title":"Hired Hit Man Actually Undercover Cop with ATF","duration":"8:14","description":"Act 2: Posing as a hit man and hired to kill, cop describes his first undercover case with the ATF.","url":"/2020/video/hired-hit-man-undercover-cop-atf-23939468","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}