HollyWed: Inside Celebrity Marriages

Part 1: Stars in marital crisis are the focus of infinite fascination.
8:22 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for HollyWed: Inside Celebrity Marriages
We're calling tonight's program holly wed but holly unwed might work just as well it's bigger news these past few weeks -- the Oscar race. I'll walk down the aisle with the detour to a few red carpets. All ending up with a walk into divorce court. In America half of all marriages end in divorce but in Hollywood some estimate that only 35%. Of marriages actually make it. And every DTL of the divorce seems to hit the magazine covers the -- -- the infidelity. The 911 calls so we start with that and you know the one I'm talking about. It's -- exactly what happened there okay she hello this it's something -- And he's going to be drinkable -- -- garden. It is the -- 911 call her right now she awaiting yet while they're great courage and barely. That is on the week of media mayhem to Myanmar had -- after sniffing inhalants. Frightened friends that to mean more desperate for help -- an ambulance. Great right now leading many to wonder is -- these very recent and very public divorce partly to blame for her health crisis. The stress and the indignity connect exacerbate. The health issues drug use we hear she's -- he sleeping with this. Even in this flipped it seemed amicable like Heidi -- and steals my love. Has not waned one I have to. The road ahead can be treacherous due to the endless daily speculation. Bradley Jacobs is a senior editor at us weekly -- stars and marital crisis are the focus of infinite public fascination. When news breaks that a couple like Heidi and seal is spreading its. Basically all hands on deck where are they today. Where were they yesterday it's got the story. A lot of these instances it started with that very carefully worded public announcement and then it's gone -- wild west time. With Hollywood divorces he really is it's in if you anything goes pretty much -- and you get caught in the system got healthy. It was a celebrities of the center of the split the stakes are higher than ever popping up on the list of concerns they're -- When -- have celebrities doing it -- is uglier and more expensive and expensive is right. Doing he's -- -- ranks a liberty net worth reports magazine. Hundreds of people are making hundreds of million dollars. Certainly this people are splitting six got to divide that my. The numbers can be staggering. Divorce reportedly cost Kelsey Grammer fifty million dollars Madonna 75 million. Steven Spielberg that Tiger Woods 100 million Michael Jordan 168. Million. But if Mel Gibson who shelled out the most. Last December he reportedly paid almost half a billion dollars to his ex wife Robin and that's after seven children and 31 years of marriage and and -- attorney -- -- who represented Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson and their divorces he says it's not always -- -- the marriage that matters and timing is yeah. And it's all about the brain. Without a clean -- in California assets are split 5050. So you can lose a boat load quickly. James Cameron director of Titanic the second highest grossing movie of all time. Must of had that sinking feeling when he divorced actress Linda Hamilton in that case they were married her. The rate seventeen months she married. And before he started work on -- Titanic and separated after he made that hiking since she was entitled -- Half of his income from that project -- -- -- -- marry someone for seventeen. Months and then walk -- and fifteen million yes. That's pretty nice to get jobs. Yeah. I -- that -- And Harry Richard -- -- million dollars this year could be at risk to lose much of her fortune after just fourteen months of marriage. Katy Perry and Russell Brand -- When they got married and much out of the fact that they weren't going to sign Katrina Russell Brand stands to get a lot of money is paid a lot -- miscarriage or richer man and he came into Mitt. Probably. Would it be honorable for him to say I'm not entitled to your twenty million dollars up late. Absolutely the chances -- say that I think Clinton. Alison Weiner is a former litigator in the hosted the Internet show media mayhem she claims not just the settlements but. Eagles season celebrity smack downs has become astronomical but -- divorce works in Hollywood. Is it's really about getting paid what could have started off it if -- a regular person as a 100000 dollar divorce -- you can multiply that by ten at least I tend yes it's being big business. -- -- many celebrities pick from a hit list of top lawyers who charge 800 dollars and -- an hour. And miners as many failures like the cash day of working with the famous star. Do these lawyers advertise to this celebrity clients are -- anxious to brag about who they youth. Represented and one settlements for they let teams the or some web -- radar online. Notes Johnson visited their office was only years leak stuff to -- and easy to vote most lawyers in town have -- -- -- -- That's a huge risk for celebrities for its image is everything comes with a -- intensely track stars every Monday moved. -- in divorce is gold. There's more than just money at stake and -- turning power at stake there's definitely future earning power at stake for celebrity's. Especially in today's world how they appear in the press. Is very very important to how other going to be perceived in their world that perception is often challenged most when children are central to the divorce debacle. Custody -- the battleground. Where you use every -- sector you have to get better custody. Happy and that's a real -- car. Case in point Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards 2006 to. Denise Richards said. He looks of corn younger girls mean you can even imagine that things and then there's Alec Baldwin's 2007 custody battle. In -- -- voicemail he left his daughter was leaked and -- rival. If one of these things it's leaked to the celebrity can expect to be explaining it for the rest of their career maybe the rest of their life. It is so important. ABC news consultant and reputation dot com's Howard Bragman has steered his celebrity clients through divorce. Celebrities are putting their information out there. -- the daily some even on seemingly an hourly basis and you gotta be really. -- Because often is -- celebrities themselves who fueled the fire churning out -- tweets about their dissolving relationships. Other the advantage of taking total control of the -- game. Kim Kardashian is reality show began airing right after -- 72 gay marriage fell apart like your blue. Soon to be so I don't. -- -- She -- controller -- the -- hanging of that shadow. Yet she's got a whole seasons for a reality show to show what a jerk Chris Humphries says deceit and her story absolutely to spin her story. -- -- -- -- -- Unbelievable amount of power but -- For a celebrity building who would give voice hey B it's best to remember that song -- can be Golden. Globe for -- is certainly not. For -- sometimes it's best just to show any celebrity is about to go through -- split the kind of have to. -- -- -- -- When we come back quickie weddings Hollywood style. Britney skip the rehearsal dinner and went straight to the receptions. For for the ceremony. Breaking yeah. -- force that a part of it is they it is in the long and short of -- -- --

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{"id":15511223,"title":"HollyWed: Inside Celebrity Marriages","duration":"8:22","description":"Part 1: Stars in marital crisis are the focus of infinite fascination.","url":"/2020/video/hollywed-inside-celebrity-marriages-15511223","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}