Homeless Man Becomes Haircare Mogul

Part 3: John Paul DeJoria says being rejected helped him become successful.
8:11 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Homeless Man Becomes Haircare Mogul
It's been a long road as John Paul did you. I've been here. Animation is branded fund talk pretty -- -- he was told. Now the jury has amassed a horrifying -- billion dollars fortune. And not only has this visionary bill -- -- company is also renowned for his giving back. It's kind of just how did you it looks vaguely familiar. My opinion from one of those ads for his chance for the designers like -- -- a former Playboy model. What do you think is the best part of being -- billionaire. I can make some major changes that affect the entire world for the economy for ecology. Scores for humanity. What did you -- -- -- billionaire life isn't worlds away from the home in east Los Angeles when he's doing the very very last line. It was all grass in front. This compliment when John moment's truth and he and his brother lived enough -- home game of the week. I'm them on the we're seeing here only on weekends and what just a student a child and how does -- affect them and I'm talking to -- My mom was so loving to was. That we do you think there was anything wrong with -- But as a teenager to -- him on the streets of LA. Nina Tucker. That -- we thought we really -- little kids but we weren't great push but nice but we never -- anybody you're never out of Angola excellent. After school and enjoy -- joined the -- then back home drifting from job to job. I sold encyclopedias door to door for -- I sold life insurance are sold medical equipment has sold dictating equipment -- -- photo copy equipment you have said that rejection. And you certainly weren't injected his pot and being successful. Do you knock on the door fifty times they -- in your face BS enthusiastic. -- -- number 51. As you were the very first store successful people Barbara do all the things unsuccessful people don't want to do. Like staying -- stick when you keep on getting rejected. At the age of twenty enjoy it got married and had a -- I dislike quickly unraveled and a wife decided that she didn't want to be a mom she took off with the car the money left my two and a half year old son there wouldn't do it. I got a hold of a friend of mine who and you had a whole car they -- run and that was -- home for a couple of months you -- their -- in the back of a car with Gibson. I'd stay in the front seat he stayed in the back -- In the 1970s. The jury had landed a series of jobs in the hair care industry and quickly -- to management but never quite Begin to get -- culture. At one point you were fired from three different times in the head. Industry there are no coincidence -- it was meant to be for me to be fired. To learn these various things that I really needed to start the company he teamed up with the head. James karma has only met at a trade show. Together they came up with a new high politicians. You know and Paul -- Weighs 300 some odd dollars each 350 dollars he was on his less money to. And we decided where to start the company what was -- -- champagne. Our shampoo you only had to use once instead of twice so for hairdresser. Saves time and money. The jury began knocking on doors again this time persuading -- to sell his own innovative products. So -- 700. Dollars you made. Millions spent many -- No more are homeless and no more homeless don't have to go back here you are. John Paul Mitchell systems became the largest privately held beauty company in the well. Tragically in 1989. Paul Mitchell died of pancreatic cancer -- -- went on to run the company himself -- and soon after he would hit the jackpot again. We make finest human world. We thought the world needed an ultra premium tequila here and we were right -- found steroids -- gone on to become even more successful. -- Paul Mitchell product. This particular has not only -- and -- It also happens -- he'll do enjoy his motorcycle to the people say is that really control your pouring in they're split congress sure this. I had I had doesn't broadcast anything. He has devoted his friends these are fun to stop the classic biker -- -- -- John Paul you fascinating attractive man. But nowhere near as -- -- July how many is sort of twenty years you've been together for -- and always please object. -- -- -- -- Thank you Barbara how -- you Papa is he sent thirteen hundred red roses. To my little apartment said teen hunger and I was losers two truckloads from pot. One caution I just opened -- flower shop. John -- -- -- -- spend most of their time at their home in Austin, Texas. They live if they're fourteen year old son John Anthony and they employ half full time five star -- -- and John -- -- -- against a -- of his luxurious Villa in Malibu and within sweeping. 2000 yellow -- that once adorned a golden palace. And are -- such -- giant and his family looking down from about. And then there's -- handcrafted change. Which Detroit -- is especially faster still in 1946. Incredible journey through the weekend as the finest cars ever in the world do you attach a trend I don't saying his free cash Amtrak train that'll pull us and you when you ride the rails you feel the rails you feel -- hurt -- -- -- and -- -- -- What's the best cost. Being a billionaire. Who can't. -- -- we -- -- -- she's no stress is financially just don't have to worry about that anymore what's the worst part of being a billionaire. The worst part is there any county there is a good job yeah other -- -- if you -- unapologetic about -- well. I like to live well and I feel good about it because -- -- how much we give. There's plenty for my family now is to secure the rest. And if there's anything that defines -- county -- -- his philanthropy. To my philosophy in life is that success insurance failure. Enjoy often stopped by the Los Angeles poison -- plan. You went to his child -- And is not paying for a full examination. This was good look at that he also has his hand in the Christian center the helping the homeless find -- President Obama is trying to have a job tablet kidding me advice. And what he could. Don't throw money out there to create -- job program go out there and do something with the people that physically gives them a job. And the jury is doing exactly that with his go Appalachia organization fighting poverty they of top of the 7000 people. About how did they cook and can't keep their own fruits and vegetables. So you don't believe in giving food stamps you don't believe in giving money you believe in giving the tools. People don't want charity people won't be what he -- themselves. The meat some probably highly -- backed him -- being taxed more. If I need the money went to good cause I be behind -- 1000%. If the money went into the bureaucracy of our country. I was set -- -- state don't do it let me give my money to people where something's gonna change next year is a bottle of tequila and take us since. With three people just there's a reason for this not let the world's number one ultra premium tequila nothing like a man who -- -- until the end of the -- but just barely had time. To getting back here. There's -- giving back thank you.

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{"id":14839934,"title":"Homeless Man Becomes Haircare Mogul","duration":"8:11","description":"Part 3: John Paul DeJoria says being rejected helped him become successful.","url":"/2020/video/homeless-man-haircare-mogul-14839934","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}