Horrific Allegations

Part 2: After a few keystrokes, the Wendrows' lives would never be the same.
7:38 | 01/06/12

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It was just a few keystrokes. News a couple of sentences on a computer screens. On November 27 2007 right around Thanksgiving this severely autistic -- -- when drove. He's describing her weekend and -- this on her computer at school. My dad gets me puts his hands on my private parts. When throws lives and would never -- as saying it was a message on the answer. -- listened to he's in his -- this allegation it's indescribable. And why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A technique where trained person using a special -- supposedly helps hazel and move her hand to the letters so she can type out her thoughts. But that was before she entered high school. And got a new facilitator. Named Cindy. Yourself. Up all the people who would ever Don Phillips had a communication with -- -- she knew the least about it. She sat through one hour she -- of unpaid training one out -- one hour. That was enough for -- sell -- to facilitate those sex allegations. And everything to follow. Allegations were just horrific that the kind of story -- you know what keep you up at night -- -- of the Detroit Free Press covered the story from the very start. She says the school reported the allegations and the prosecutor's office sprang into action and she says that was their reputation with six cases. There was this sense that they government -- -- hadn't been molested an allegation was made. They would charge immediately. They have forensics well. They have statements from any other adults don't they have anything they found in the house they had nothing they had nothing what was the case based on the case was based on -- those allegations supposedly allegations eighties when the autistic child. Who can't speak on vacation. Now it's just two days after -- and made those somewhat vague allegations at school. She enters this room at a special county agency where investigators hope. -- provide more details. They're watching what goes on from behind a glass room. -- -- -- -- -- -- A forensic interviewer is on the right side of the screen on the left is the facilitator. Cindy score -- The -- rose as well as experts and FC had advised investigators to bring in another facilitator. Who knew nothing about what he's -- was claim. But that doesn't happen just pieces you. And now with her health. Raise funds allegations are mushrooming. The story is becoming more sensational. Eight -- and sexual abuse and went on since eighties when it was six. Amanda Polly and did nothing. And Julian has taken photos even forced her younger brother and to take part. -- -- -- The accusations are shocking -- they -- is always work rules and investigators. Believe they are. They accept FC in large part because they say Julian and tolley did but the -- rose realize now that they've been deceiving themselves. All along. And we had to swallow up pretty. Bitter -- it became. Pretty clear that this was that we were wrong they believe -- FC more than anybody else so -- You know -- we'll try anything and you know if they think it's gonna help the child there the parent. It's the police's job to figure out whether she's reliable weather crime has -- commitment the authorities often criticized because they don't follow up. On allegations here they did the opposite when they went after they were aggressive. -- If they were there I wouldn't be sitting -- talking to you this was either charge this -- guilty we're gonna set about trying to hang him. Don't bother us what the -- Ben Gordon says alarms should have been going off during that very same interview -- listened to these incredible mistakes. -- It's me -- and ask yourself what type out her grandma's name is -- it is better yeah. They -- -- dog's name is Henry it's actually Nelson. Stage became more ridiculous -- any crazy things that. To them was meaningless because they had a really good story here and there were running with that. Not only running with the story running to try and back it up. It doesn't go well the police searched the -- -- home computers for those naked pictures they find none. Take -- on for a medical exam. The nurse report -- she observes no acute injuries. It made absolutely no sense and I truly thought this is just a horrible misunderstanding. And it's gonna it's going to be fixed. Tully was confident because after so many years of trying to help -- -- here is one clear contradiction. The heart of these allegations. If you've got a kid. Can't talk and you are abusing that child you don't fight so hard to make that kid talk. And other people are already questioning the heart of the case that easily and is able to communicate at all. Grazer says as soon as her first story on the when -- -- she got a call from one of these loans former teachers. And she said there's no way that this child -- able to tight and I and I think that's -- the police saying -- the prosecutors and she said if you sent to aid plan. Linked -- the sky. The child would not be able to do that from. I'm right -- and part of me when I met with based on there was no facilitated communication. -- -- like the investigators I got to see how -- one would respond. Without someone helping. Which is the B. Excellent point would be for me. That's an -- the obvious question if she can't identify letters how can she spell this is that if she can't -- How could she right -- this would be. The next the only conclusion as well then she never could've said anything through -- She couldn't have -- It all leads to one disturbing conclusion -- conclusion scientists have been reaching for years this illustrated communication. Is faith. Long before this case studies have found repeatedly kids weren't actually revealing inner thoughts using FC. The facilitators were typing for them leaving the child's hand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But women if Islam wasn't tidy those allegations -- mental -- sell out there -- How and why would she do that. But first things take a much -- turn. School. No we're. -- -- -- -- Raisins thirteen year old brother -- is about to be dragged into the investigation. And police in her hands you have to see to believe.

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{"id":15309949,"title":"Horrific Allegations","duration":"7:38","description":"Part 2: After a few keystrokes, the Wendrows' lives would never be the same.","url":"/2020/video/horrific-allegations-15309949","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}