The New Help: House Managers

Nick Watt meets a Beverly Hills dentist who outsources all the little things to his cherished aide.
7:18 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for The New Help: House Managers
Right now that -- met someone to take care of your own personal business what about the house as a whole. Outsourcing the shopping the cooking the kids the household repairs rearranging your sock drawer. Most of us can only dream about it but NIC what -- someone who's actually. Living the dream. My music selected hills -- this winding road. Beverly Hills mansion contestants are not True -- Katy Perry Jessica Simpson -- -- Anthony Hopkins from where -- -- I am -- you name it I love doing dentistry I mean it is fine. Smart -- successful. Loving father. The divorced dad of three who also has a brooms and -- -- in the bathroom. In his will house manager. I get. Before have to start work he has that luxury division increased his lead -- -- She lives in the -- in the morning -- start work at 630. I prepare doctor bill -- the -- lunch and breakfast. Today there haven't spoiled days and tells us they left. Come -- -- is less capacity tied for breath. Certainly you know police wouldn't tell us -- she -- these days as managers and make. -- a year let's make sure to keep this neat nice. I handle all the staff from those gardeners the housekeeper the handyman plumber every -- they go. A lot of times when people come to the house to work. It's -- say she's next door. Because she thinks that don't respect her more as this is store and as opposed to -- the nanny who's gonna supervise it. This very sorry your needs to be replaced no stars no -- -- -- office to have their -- hit me. I am back into our -- brand and back into our lives -- so we just need to fix because that's right here is really bugs me I do not like what you do best. -- -- Volatile. -- -- a white family with a black woman looking up for the is that ever -- issues. Not all about heroes my kids actually thought they were black. -- -- -- -- Trees would take my kids out and they actually thought they were her children and my kids and the only kids in their school like around. -- -- Though that my favorite college in my baby's head and this just what I. I want somebody that had their -- beautiful spirit. Yeah. -- somebody that would love my kids. -- victories. This might settle floated Meehan said -- but it's kind of like you have a wife. But -- perhaps less complicates. Right on and this. I love it fits perfectly. Now this plausible. Perfect that is until. Police got married last full. -- -- that large garden behind plus adore -- and this cool -- 500. Square feet. The list of -- and her new husband Kevin we'll have a lot of space just big enough for a -- and. Commissioner would pull off the -- -- pull out the bid. Inflate the big and ended without a team with Canada this -- your job that we sacrifices of the Pearson and we -- didn't. I got a little bit worried that Patrice was gonna move out we don't like -- for another room for her from cabinet. This is -- clot that this is our storage area -- of art and street. -- -- -- -- -- -- Patrice sweet. I'm very grateful for the closet but the truth is very few people. -- not enough for a we are totally outgrown this place -- works productively I love taking care girls. My home life is just like sometimes -- feel really constant focus this is basic and one small room for a couple -- space privacy. The family to the doctor bill ever W -- -- north. Now eleven yeah. -- -- about it privacy. We want to have our pool they you know we he had but make anyone least me you know and not have to worry about somebody coming home -- -- The poll has is barely big enough for two and -- about it three. I thought every guy homework I -- -- -- After twenty years caring for other people's kids priest and his -- room. I want a baby so desperately trying shop for baby -- some people -- biggest crazy high having faith. He's just turned forty she -- points to -- much of her own life and for the Joan and my husband and I want -- During and were not able to get pregnant right now. And I never thought that that would be me. -- have to make an appointment with a fertility specialists and I really don't do that I'm just let me -- home. Is getting done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know who -- on it. I want to have a baby so to have to quit my job. -- order have a baby and -- space. But the jolt is live in custody that's one of doctor bills and non negotiable conditions. I think -- she had. To choose between Kevin and I I don't think it. I located at Texas Tech -- what will you do if -- every. Well we have an agreement that she won't. When I mean. Ideally in three years my kids of the and collars and she said -- what happens I'm like I still need a nanny and she has kids I hope she -- I think we'll have -- build. They -- -- a little bit bigger I guess yeah. -- -- Will she -- unknown ones holding gotten to them they choose to do this that they didn't want to sacrifice that they didn't want to commit to a family they don't have to do this job. These days from monsters and servants as more. And children family and they're gonna half to. To make the time for the family and less time possibly for their own family -- -- and aren't quite. From the trash about him -- she's keeping to get panicked. -- -- -- -- Whether it's a hundred years ago for a hundred years from now people need fat -- The network -- -- on me. And you have become accustomed to have been held. It's hard to do without -- --

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{"id":19352858,"title":"The New Help: House Managers","duration":"7:18","description":"Nick Watt meets a Beverly Hills dentist who outsources all the little things to his cherished aide.","url":"/2020/video/house-managers-19352858","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}