When Your House Is a Star

People would kill to get their hands on the house from "Nightmare on Elm Street."
5:03 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for When Your House Is a Star
So does crime pay? Spafkly, a crime scene? You bet. Whether it's the set of a movie murder, or a real life murder, people buying or selling the homes can make a killing. And if your house is the star of a tv series, well, even better. This is where I live with my family and we live on six acres of land. Reporter: Sylvia roberts wants to sell you her mansion, a sprawling estate unlike any other in nashville. It's beautiful. And I do feel like, that once you walk through the door, you feel the warmth and the loving spirit of the house. Reporter: Well, it's also huge. I mean, how many, how big is this place? It's over 20,000 square feet. Reporter: And how much is the price? It's 19.5 million. Reporter:19.5 million. And I think it's worth every penny of it. Reporter: Maybe so. But last year the estate was languishing on the market. That's when some tv producers came calling. They wanted her place to become the fictional home of lead character rayna james in a new series called "nashville." I love to entertain, and i love to have people over. Reporter: Well, that's the ultimate form of entertaining, isn't it? Hosting several million people every time they tune in to see the show "nashville." Exactly. Reporter: The producers built a set a few miles away and replicated all the details, including the kitchen and the master bath. All of america has been in my bathroom. Reporter: The house has become a star in its own right and there's no better product placement for a high-end property than regular appearances in prime time. It's sort of like the ultimate, you know, commercial for your house, right? Yes, I guess so. Reporter: You too can live where "nashville's" rayna james, lives on television. Any time you have a home that has celebrity value, it is worth a lot more. That $19 million elaborate mansion is the most famous house in the area and for good cause. Reporter: Here in beverly hills, this mansion has enough stories to fill a kitty kelley tell-all. Listed for $115 million, it's been the setting for whitney houston in "the bodyguard." And 40 years ago, "the godfather." And then the hollywood producer wakes up, in that bedroom up there. Reporter: Realtor brandon wolsic says he can't attach a hard number to the value of that celebrity but he'd be happy if you did. And there's a buyer out there who's going to overpay happily just to have bragging rights with his friends that he's living in the house that this phenomenal movie happened in. Reporter: But what if the story of your house happens to be a classic horror story, namely, "a nightmare on elm street"? It doesn't bother you that this house is so famous, or infamous? I love it. Reporter: You love it? Yeah. Reporter: This quaint bungalow where freddy krueger terrorized his victims was an extreme fixer in 2006. That's when angie hill bought it for just over a million and headed straight to "blood, bath and beyond." You put a lot of tlc into this house. I have, my heart and soul, every floorboard every nail is mine. Reporter: She completely re-built the interior and last month when it came time to sell, cha-ching! She got her $2.1 million asking price. Well, congratulations on your sale. Thank you very much. Reporter: Notoriety didn't hurt the market here, but some houses aren't so lucky. Those are the ones where the horror stories are real. This lavish mansion where the menendez brothers brutally murdered their parents in 1989 is, believe it or not, on elm street in beverly hills. It was described in court documents as having "bad karma." Appraised at $4.8 million, it sold two years later, deeply discounted at $3.6 million. The worse the event that happens in the house that's publicly known, the worse it is for your house. You can lose 50%, sometimes a 100% of the value. People won't touch a house. Reporter: At $795,000 nobody would touch the 4-bedroom luxury condo where nicole simpson was murdered in 1994. Two years later it eventually sold for $590,000. A steal maybe, except, even now, the owners can't live in peace they don't have the freedom to walk outside their door, and, so they typically go out the back way. I mean, it's a horrible way to live. Reporter: Yes, fame can be a double-edged sword. And even good press doesn't guarantee a windfall. Back in nashville, sylvia roberts is still waiting for her now-famous home to sell. But of course, she can afford to. Reporter: You think that being on this television show has made it even more valuable? I do. I really do believe that. Reporter: But you're not afraid, or a little weary of having people start showing up and knocking on the door saying, "hi, can we come in and look around?" I think the gate kind of prohibits that. Reporter: The gate. Yes. The gate.

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{"id":18690388,"title":"When Your House Is a Star","duration":"5:03","description":"People would kill to get their hands on the house from \"Nightmare on Elm Street.\"","url":"/2020/video/house-star-18690388","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}