Husband of Wife Accused in Murder-For-Hire Plot Calls Her a Liar: Part 5

"I am 5,000 percent sure she tried to kill me, and then some," Michael Dippolito told ABC News' "20/20."
4:09 | 08/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Husband of Wife Accused in Murder-For-Hire Plot Calls Her a Liar: Part 5
She's been called the black widow. Let's don't cold murderer and she knows it. I do care what people think any. And its allies and that they then probably that's the rate helps cancer is now and it is hard not there. Deluge of Alito is facing a new trial and her life when her freedom and your reputation. Hanging in the. Now this. I have going through depression I'm and and that there is now just trying to cope with everything that happened weeks. And in the end out because that part of. But if she's hoping for sympathy there has been not. In fact your image took another hit with the publication of the book policing candy written by the former prosecutor who convicted her Elizabeth Parker. She it's. Running through her paintings now the lawyer for Mike to believe him. This is what she wrote about you she was poisoned candy sweet delicious mouth watering on the outside. But deadly within. And designed to cripple the innocent. What's it like hearing those words her call it. When I found out that the book with out pay. If I. Deluge says six years after those videos made her the poster woman for how not to hire a hit man she is still completely miss understood. Give me three words to describe. Yourself. Who is diet or. How understanding. Lee and compassion that might typically now happily divorced from Dolly has his own set of choice words. Bring words described. Manipulative. Conniving I I got more than three malicious. Liar liar a land. We asked him about Dolly's version of what happens that he and Mohamed were making he YouTube video. As soon that's a lot. That's a joke. That's my reaction he says he never even knew Mohammed Millis landing YouTube video with him I've never met him. Ever. Mike's last conversation would Dahlia was called she made from jail the night she was arrested. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I that have patent explains what's on her. Youngest lawyer Brian Oakley who thinks might seem Aubrey 18100 cats but doesn't pass style. Yeah I'm Samantha was. You have. It that doesn't sound to me like it's coming from a person who thought. His wife was going to have a shot twice in the head. As for the mysterious Mohammed show hot in. What does he make the holidays. He declined to do an interview with us he has denied working on Nvidia would Dahlia and night and never threatening. But clean cool claims these phone records show otherwise. 500 calls between Delhi and Mohammed in the days leading up to Delhi is arrest she was being. And highest and trends. And at her new trial telling us says there will be one radical change treasurer. You're prepared to take the witness. Stand and testify in your own defense. And they handle all that cross examination. Can. Let me know when she's going to be sitting in the back most popular I'd love you this did you ever love like that. I married and had. And now now I I wish I never Atlanta. I feel the same way. I wish. I wish I would have made a left not right just. Yeah.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"\"I am 5,000 percent sure she tried to kill me, and then some,\" Michael Dippolito told ABC News' \"20/20.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"35593247","title":"Husband of Wife Accused in Murder-For-Hire Plot Calls Her a Liar: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/husband-wife-accused-murder-hire-plot-calls-liar-35593247"}