Her Husband's Dark Side

Connecticut woman describes terrifying abduction by the man she once loved.
3:15 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Her Husband's Dark Side
Nancy -- recollections of her abusive marriage -- them. Are a far cry from the like she imagined for himself in 1992. -- I wasn't really looking for someone. I had my two children and my father was ill at the time so things were a little bit. Upside down. And he came along and we got along well and was that the first time that you can lean on somebody else first time in -- and I felt like I could. Because he seemed to be in control. And -- to have it altogether. Jake -- -- might be answered -- Nancy's prayers she had suffered a heart attack just before they met. And now says that may have made her more vulnerable to shipments -- Americans a year and a half of the eighties his third trip to the -- and her -- Nancy says things -- in the very beginning afternoon. But it wasn't long before Nancy began to detect a darker side. -- husband's personality when did you notice the change. -- things. Were okay for the first couple of years as a relationship. Planon he became much more controlling -- ex husband just snapped. Nancy assumed that filing for divorce would end her troubles with -- -- But as it turned out it was just the beginning. Nancy says -- It begins stalking her sitting outsider Jim taking pictures of where he -- and that wasn't all -- Yeah. I would go to -- do what it's like half. Because he had yeah. Cars -- have had. -- very tough moment. I thought he would do something. But I never thought it would go the way. -- -- And after three painful years Nancy's divorced Richard Cheney and was nearly over. On July 7 2009. They were doing -- what Nancy home would be the last time. Unable to sleep she left for work is -- But when she arrived at her office she was startled ceasing its cars parked outside. Nine telephone friend and myself and it sounds kind funny here and she told me that she sobbed Richardson -- Parker street but she didn't see any sign -- preacher activist. You know that they're still very early in the morning. Last person expected to see him and in the course of the conversation. All of a sudden. She -- -- -- -- Tuesday and dialed 91 -- -- them. It -- something. It looked at our airport about her -- call the police. This -- for very frightened. The news I felt that Richie was capable -- absolutely anything. But what Richard -- -- really capable of which shocked. Everyone.

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{"id":15441204,"title":"Her Husband's Dark Side","duration":"3:15","description":"Connecticut woman describes terrifying abduction by the man she once loved.","url":"/2020/video/husbands-dark-side-15441204","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}