Illegal Gender Selection

Part 2: How ultrasound technology contributes to "gendercide" in India.
7:42 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for Illegal Gender Selection
Like this its -- long distances to parade. Not for their future or -- they prayed -- baby boomlet. Down -- like this are dozens of clinics making millions of dollars using ultrasound machines. Here this modern medical device is being used as a weapon to carry out an ancient tradition. But just last July 2 activists conducted a sting operation. Hoping to expose doctors who illegally identifying and abort female fetuses. Posing as a husband and his five month pregnant wife they came to hear their test results. The doctor immediately breaks the law by telling them the sex of the baby. It is not a good report he says as it's a girl child -- town says the husband what should we do now. It should be -- says the doctor. The doctor tells -- husband his wife is too far along in her pregnancy to perform an abortion. But for more money he's willing to illegally inject her to induce a miscarriage. It will cost around 60000 to 70000 rupees he says but the child will be aborted. This -- video was turned over to authorities -- posted on YouTube. The clinic was shutdown equipment seized and sealed and these two doctors face possible charges -- But the sad truth is stings like these rarely lead to convictions. But the police on the -- -- -- and given the -- Because -- -- even the same thing and sometimes actually do this. Despite this ambivalence by authorities others like doctor -- to could run -- are fighting back. Five years ago after fleeing her home with her twin daughters. She took an extraordinary step becoming the first woman to accuse her husband of violating the law banning sex determination tests. In her lawsuit she claims her husband and his parents illegally determine the sex of her twins and then pressured her to -- them. And when she refused tried to kill them. Your daughter sitting there in your lap right now she's very very attached to you she wouldn't leave you for this interview. How much did they know of this story -- it. And. How does a six year old wrapped her head around that. Tell you -- -- just do my -- I just me and my mom would have been given an accomplishment on those two kids and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This didn't. Two lives saved out of millions who perish every year. But her crusade has come at a cost for speaking out doctor -- says she has lost her job and even received death threats. When we contacted her husband he denied the allegations. Most observers are doubtful that even a woman of her stature will ever -- justice. Many action off almost all of those parties Austin. It's me who is that imminent -- how many years in fact in this case already. Almost -- it's beautiful audience. How long are you willing to fight. As -- as addicts -- It was my fight is that if this all can happen. -- I -- updated edition of publicity and got them and they get -- This can't happen to -- it can happen and then -- up. -- -- isn't easy -- I didn't. Even India's prime minister acknowledges that gender side has become what he calls a national shame. The man once charged with fixing the problem is -- -- -- only. India secretary of health and family welfare do you agree with that prime minister that this is a national shame. I don't think he's I -- we've grown up. Everybody knows where it's happening what why aren't more of those people being put out of business -- -- right we need to wonderful probably eight. -- not -- existing enough. People have a spotted Indiana where women are well represented in and and government. And yet millions of girl babies aborted it what does that say about the value of a girl in India. I think you'll -- -- an immigration. That debt and make it to you that it is something between me to get -- -- In a country of the the billion people it would take more than -- to change people's minds but their arms -- -- He traveled north to -- job. Here and around the country the government and charities have set the network doesn't orphanages called -- houses. Down alleys like this when unwanted baby girls are abandoned inside a Dropbox. And -- -- from certain death into the arms of this extraordinary woman. My goal is to shelter at the and wanted to give them love. Her name is free cash cooler but to the sixty girls who live in this orphanage she hadn't called unique home. She is affectionately known as mama. She's take you -- Live from the garbage into the independent yeah TV Booth. Because vulnerable. -- -- -- -- -- No child -- turned away. Her immaculate could be their home until they can make -- Our only choices. -- early to bed this sisterhood studies sleeps and Obama who also grew up an -- every child as her daughter to -- -- -- -- And educate -- It's important to empower and embolden these girls to make them stronger so one day and give birth to a baby girl they will not give into the pressure. To play with nature. They should understand. What -- for their moms did to them. They should not due to their own daughters and she does not another girls to be adopted for fear that the outside world will again abuse or neglect them. Here these girls who were found in wells trains and dust bins are safe and alive and their mother. -- knife is. Like a dying in -- price this gift which god has given. -- -- his nineteen years old and has lived a unique homes since the day after she was born she attends college -- wants to be teacher. She calls -- cash -- her mom or dad her everything. -- -- and -- Keeneland. None of these children know their real birth -- so each year they celebrate one giant birthday together. It is a heat from the outside world that would prefer they had never been born. Gandhi once said to call a woman in the weaker sex is a local. His man injustice to woman's. What kind of world do you have your daughter twelfth -- land -- and many young women and one can fit. -- -- -- -- -- At least that's right to life. -- and I don't yeah. As you just heard unique home does not allow its children to be adopted but there are so many other ways you can help. To find out go to our website at Slash 20/20.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Part 2: How ultrasound technology contributes to \"gendercide\" in India.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15126869","title":"Illegal Gender Selection","url":"/2020/video/illegal-gender-selection-ultrasound-technology-contributes-gendercide-india-2020-15126869"}