India's Deadly Secret

Part 1: Why an estimated 40 million girls have gone "missing" in India.
7:08 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for India's Deadly Secret
There is something you might call a murder mystery happening in India right now everyone is aware that that -- are doing anything to stop it. Fathers husbands even doctors are involved the potential victim is half the population of India the female half. Where did they -- go. India has a deadly secret. It is hard to find. Walk down any street as I did throughout India and you -- something startling. In every direction UC men and very few. There's even a place known as the village of no women and he has one of the lowest sex ratios and on the earth. Now look closely at the faces of these girls they are the lucky ones. -- -- I -- India because I heard that a million of their sisters are systematically killed every year. Because of the gender preference for boys the numbers are staggering 50000. Female fetuses are aborted every month. An estimated forty. Girls are missing through sex selective abortion neglect -- murder. It's the -- to -- on folk Gordon. -- -- -- use of human beings it's half the population of India. Whether eliminated in the womb -- tossed out in the trash they call it gender side. Conflict -- exercise due to -- -- them so that all of his Indians from books to date. -- -- -- -- and then they might be much good just because of guns. But why in a land where men -- female goddesses. And where the current president is a woman is -- such -- discrimination against girls to the point of killing them. The main reason is money girls are -- financial burden to their parents who must pay expensive galleries to marry them off. -- is -- cultural tradition and the single biggest reason Indians prefer boys. When a -- is -- how is that created. Only to drink -- because he's going to bring in them what do and -- -- -- he's going to be the person who gets magic has been who's bringing them. But in this series of photos a very different scene. A woman gives birth a doctor brings the child out to her waiting family in -- who immediately checked the baby's gender. You only have to look at the woman's face to know it is a girl who will one day cost this family a lot of money. That moms -- you have become high and high. And did families can get into Hewitt's day by day just to be able to keep the dollar need to get to go to -- -- Once married the -- -- doesn't pay a set amount of dowry she's often beaten and tortured even burned to death. And while galleries have been illegal for decades the law is mostly ignored. So how would you a million girls go missing every here. The answer is down a thousand streets like this one in clinics that can exploit the use of this machine found in nearly every hospital in the world. The ultrasound. I -- the vendor at your -- a short years is going will be blooming business. -- -- -- -- can find out whether she's having a baby boy born baby girl. Illegal. In India it is -- -- to -- an ultrasound to determine the sex of your child it is also illegal to perform an abortion based on gender. Every ultrasound clinic is required to post -- long it is rarely enforced. Who walked in and that opened Gardena and go to the performing this going to be on the broad daylight since nineteen -- -- -- overgrown accept taped. But not talked about it. Medicine Indian gender aside as a crime has the floor and ignorant it is not. With their higher galleries and easy access to -- ultrasound machines it is the rich and educated. Grew at an alarming rate used sex selection abortions to weed out potential daughters. Census figures show the problem is getting worse among the wealthiest families. In some areas of India there are only 300 girls for every 1000. Boys. It is just send them what did you get your hands visited him in the thumb the more that has visited and other days off. Getting though gun -- the. Comments doctor meet you -- is at 34 year old pediatrician and mother of five year old twin girls. If they thinking ahead that if you have all these boys being born -- Eventually -- all those boys grow up to be men they're not gonna have. At issue is everybody -- there have to be theme is let nobody wanted in -- halls. Even her husband also a doctor and part of the privileged class. Even he and his family demanded she give -- my son my husband's he hits me. Plus thirty ready to -- north of suns put up front join him. So according finally has us playing wondered -- -- males. Doesn't doesn't seek nothing -- even -- do not act I'm getting drinks. Then I just thought it -- six -- -- -- so what do they say to you. -- don't want to promote it goes on bus accident did find affordable gar ghost. So it doesn't under the original -- Then. When she refused to have an illegal sex determination test she says her husband Stanley -- her cake with -- -- knowing she was allergic. She was rushed to the hospital where she says her husband and mother in law persuaded doctors to do an illegal ultrasound to find out the sex of the babies. Through their dread the twins are girls. Conduct don't look so -- -- -- dual deck and abortion done a lot of good fun of them get. To ensure she missed Carrey doctor Carano says her husband and his family tortured her and deprived -- -- food. Until she fled to her parents where she then gave her. Did anybody ever try and hurt the babies and anyway. -- just four months old and my mother not too legalistic case. The -- effect this growing gender gap is alarming. Wouldn't even to this village and Arianna you can see the men desperate to find women to marry and uneasy they're killing the girl child in the -- This old man sitting next to me -- never marry. He tries to warn younger man that even though boys are traditionally preferred it creates a shortage of women. And how -- get married it is a problem. Some women are trafficked and sold and forced to marry village men like this woman who wore her husband and -- -- money yes the rest of the young men if they had trouble finding a bride. All raised their hands.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"Part 1: Why an estimated 40 million girls have gone \"missing\" in India.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15126835","title":"India's Deadly Secret","url":"/2020/video/indias-deadly-secret-estimated-40-million-girls-have-gone-missing-india-2020-15126835"}