Inside Billionaire's Luxury Train Car

Patron Tequila's John Paul Dejoria rides the rails like only a billionaire can.
1:08 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Inside Billionaire's Luxury Train Car
Welcome to the but Schroeder expressed the most unique -- are on the plan. This what do we have here so far in this one coming out of -- -- Alice his field wall art appear this is real close like hundreds of years old. But also sources of TV set. So we keep the beauty and then as -- lifts up underneath is. So -- to watch movies around the rail at that has become this way. We have our incredible dining room this actually folds out to have a table for eight people here so it's really really nice thing. The patrol and express -- in 1927 train car we think it is a -- -- ever in the world. Now this is really what this means we come check this out of this very comfortable bed and bathroom. That's all -- -- What what do you do you attach it to this -- -- should have -- -- when that'll pull us and you when you ride the -- you can feel the rails you feel that earth heavier snow -- -- -- and it's the most romantic place for -- line to hang out.

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{"id":14810190,"title":"Inside Billionaire's Luxury Train Car","duration":"1:08","description":"Patron Tequila's John Paul Dejoria rides the rails like only a billionaire can.","url":"/2020/video/inside-billionaires-luxury-train-car-14810190","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}