Inside the Costa Concordia Disaster

Part 1: The latest on the cruise ship tragedy.
8:37 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Inside the Costa Concordia Disaster
Welcome to Julio Italy. It was exactly one week ago at 930 at night at approximately 4200 people live through their own decided adventure when their cruise ship hit the rocks. They were on the coast -- cornea and over 950 feet in length it is the larger ship to ever end up like this. At least eleven souls lost 21 still missing. The question is why tonight we will give you the latest development on everything that has happened and point you in the direction of those who should be held responsible. We're also going to tell you what's happened on other cruise ships information you should have before you hit the high seas. But our story begins here on a moonlit night with a captain on a collision course. He -- the center of a firestorm of outrage and disbelief. Vilified in the media as the coward who disgraced his country. He is captain Francisco's casino at 52 year old Seaman with a Pepsi can smile. Accused of abandoning his shift during one of the worst crews disasters in history missiles were -- concept not -- January 13 7 PM as the coast to Concord he has set sail from port cheaper to -- everything is perfect. This sees this move the whether -- -- -- The 3000 passengers brimming with anticipation. Of a voyage along the Tuscan coast -- looking forward to him for several months now. They were gonna have a good time. Oscar -- -- and his family were celebrating mother daughter birthdays. As veteran cruisers they were expecting a safety drill at the start of the trip. And this version of -- -- an afternoon that. So there was no Israel -- inaugural. By 9 PM the restaurants were filled with passengers and eating and drinking to their heart's content multiple staff members were called sea captain's picks. -- in the dining room and who was -- To -- wonder about I don't know -- the club. Her name and don't be captured northbound. 25 year old from Moldova who once worked as a coast of cruises hostess. During dinner the -- begins his fateful turn toward a tiny scenic island called Jim. Captains Tito had a surprise in store to come in close to the -- -- contribute to a retired C -- there. The captain by engaging in this alleged. Showmanship. And reckless conduct. Imperil the lives of all the passengers. The company claims the captain -- -- But there's evidence on video and in ship -- records and passing very close to -- This happened before. But this time the ship comes to clothes and hits the rocks and nearly 300 yards from sure. As you can -- on the left the port side of the ship. When he hit the rocks a huge gash was -- -- boulder is still inside what's that filled up the water the ship could no longer vote. -- -- -- To get an idea of what may have happened that night here's a simulation of the captain's bridge and a cruise ship heading up the Mediterranean coast. Skit Tina would have had access to high tech radars sonar systems for depth. A computerized navigation system designed to protect shipped from long. At the moment -- the cost of Cordelia approaches the rocks and along like this would have gone off the. We'll hear they gain highlights Bob. I drinks while -- to -- Captain's whereabouts at the moment of impact he disputes he later claimed that he was on the bridge but that's not how some passengers remember -- He was having dinner. It -- -- club. Period coming with me here -- he got up and ran. Right so that's when he was aware. They think they were enrolled that troubled. At first the passengers were told there was an electrical failure. Announced -- don't worry us and we just got back -- -- -- see what happens shortly after hitting. He should have immediately taken steps to Begin. Emergency lifeboat drills we should have immediately sent -- -- mayday signal soon another announcement. Some passengers grabbed their life vests and many others and Vanessa Rosales has returned to their parents -- at -- can't. Yeah and -- -- -- I mean I'm glad I can tell and the staff member is is practically screams and paramedics get out of hand patient whose active. -- -- minutes past. For the first calls to land remained one crew member called his family who then contacted the Coast Guard and and I am and what type of problem only generators and no negative and we have a -- and we are verifying the conditions on board. Even after the ship was taking on water the Coast Guard was told it's all okay it's -- an -- before the captain finally put out -- distress call. A complete. Evacuation of the cruise ship should take place under thirty minutes he waited -- created an environment where it was impossible to. Deploy all available. -- In a move some call heroic captain -- the -- -- sure he says to make evacuation easy but it cornea is now listing so dangerously. Passengers struggled to keep your -- and people -- going very slowly because if you miss one stat. It could be a domino affect everybody involved and -- break down. Water gushing into the holds the passengers were starting to panic irony that the -- says no more no more people like jumping into the -- and a probable. I have to keep it that I was good night. Karen boys and her -- -- document that chaos in. And brutality. There weren't those women and children first -- times it was meant first and ladies you're on your -- It's -- -- -- finally sounds the alarm to abandon ship the cost of California is sinking fast. It's now 68 minutes -- the ship first hit the rocks. It is tilting so drastically half the lifeboats are useless. Some passengers -- vertically along hallways to escape. Some are forced to swim to safety. Using fire hoses bed sheets and even their hands passengers formed human chains along the exposed hull of the ship. As they desperately head toward lifeboats below there is this latter. And I feel like it came out of nowhere was like to get my lasting memory. Of those who were standing on the deck with their life jackets on waiting to be rescued and there were no more. Then the most shocking headline of the catastrophe. But his passengers fighting for their lives the captive is nowhere to be seen. During the evacuation did you see the captain. Not did you hear him -- not. -- -- announcements from him now. -- recorded call between its continuing the Italian Coast Guard he was ordered at least ten times to return to the ship which kept refusing. This is pitino perhaps you've seen it yourself in the city but I will make you look very bad car won't make you pay for this damage hold back on board. After -- process. You know replies do you realize that it is dark we can't see anything. There are already bodies pitino go I'm giving you an order captain when you hear that. How does it affect his -- I mean where were fighting for our lives he's more concerned about himself. Later the captain would offer explanations. Like he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. And that the ship tilted so severely it was impossible to get back on board. It's pitino is currently confined to house arrest possibly facing charges of manslaughter and causing -- ship fresh and abandoning ship. Allegations. -- denied. Divers have been making dangerous tracks. An underwater lab for a while relatives of the missing pray for their loved ones in GO -- church. Eleven souls have been lost among Hungarian violinist sent to a -- 21 are still unaccounted for. Like Diana allotted five year old girl. And Russell -- -- was last seen saving lives.

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{"id":15408519,"title":"Inside the Costa Concordia Disaster","duration":"8:37","description":"Part 1: The latest on the cruise ship tragedy.","url":"/2020/video/inside-costa-concordia-disaster-15408519","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}