Inside Tim Allen's Garage

Sitcom star gives Elizabeth Vargas a tour of his unusual car collection.
2:52 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Inside Tim Allen's Garage
So all of these cars -- yours. Every yes I ended up behind every car and a model recently -- -- ethnic. We -- -- -- -- killing me really property talk about you can. Really got property and I -- I have more than I need. We're than more than clearly put itself but all have specific things -- built some of them summer hot rod summer. Presentation pieces summer of the models ahead -- usable do you rotate them each one. And turn out on the road I'm getting a little lazy is what happens is modern cars like. Cadillac Couri here -- as -- -- over here -- Chevy Volt which I love because it's like driving a Macintosh computer with this tiny this here. They said. They said. It did a lot is the you're not allowed to drive but I was so powerful -- -- at home improvement nice that I want car and this is their idea. I drove this around the lot the only car allowed on the -- lot and science of hitting somebody is they knew it. He kept him. -- what is this orange because I have to say that the thing -- -- everybody goes the bright colors -- like children to 64 should bell. It actually used it it's un drivable without couldn't. Fuel attitude and it. But I get more thumbs up with this than the other car and you actually try to some streets and this is going to this set today. I think this is that -- well. We have Nick Jonas on the show Nick Jonas as a car freak you know I have this city's -- -- -- should if this isn't at VW. -- that my father had. A hit that's his deal he was the first -- -- that had VW's. And so I always wondered always wondered. If I'd had the money when as a kid I had one. What would happen if you put a huge -- veto. So any political party that really are the tulip yeah if not so this whole -- thing as a result. I think so I -- yeah. I think I love bicycles when interest got a bicycle represented freedom by. He could ride. Forty -- has the -- I just I loved motorcycles bikes freedom I think it would. This is General Motors built -- a tool time so why so many of year cars in this collection old. Look at me tactic get that everybody that's but it is a publicly is that he'd do because -- polls. So to try to say. Sorry god let this I hate this sort of stuff the legion is this a wire all the -- old -- you have wrinkles and your eyes that's what. At -- had to walk slower.

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{"id":14975601,"title":"Inside Tim Allen's Garage","duration":"2:52","description":"Sitcom star gives Elizabeth Vargas a tour of his unusual car collection.","url":"/2020/video/inside-tim-allens-incredible-garage-14975601","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}