Intoxication Nation: Hangover Helper

Part 5: There are a slew of hangover remedies on the market but do they work?
3:00 | 09/22/12

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Transcript for Intoxication Nation: Hangover Helper
Next to finding the cure for the common cold for many it is the holy grail, finding the cure for a hangover. And it might just exist in las vegas of all places. Ryan owens got on the bus to find out. ♪ go! Welcome to tim kelly's vegas bachelor party.Yes, you are invited. It's saturday night. Tim and his buddies from san francisco have made this vegas home look a lot like a set for a real-life "hangover" movie. There's booze aplenty, and it's flowing freely. Go, go, go! But, of course, we know how sunday morning. How bad do you feel this morning? We don't feel great, we don't feel great. On a scale of one to ten? Zero. These hungover gents could turn to the old standbys -- alka seltzer, painkillers, lots of water, coffee, greasy food -- and of course, the hair of the dog that bit you. But remember, this is vegas, baby! Tim and his posse have hit on a new way to beat the odds and their hangovers. Rolling down the famed strip in what used to be tour bus for a gospel group. ♪ it now has a different calling. Not saving souls, but resurrecting bodies in a world of hurt. This is "hangover heaven." Inside a hangover treatment like you've never seen. No puking on the bus, young man. An alluring nurse with a smile and a syringe. For a mere $200 a piece they're pumped up with a cocktail of fluids to combat dehydration, vitamins, anti-nausea medication and anti-inflammatories to help with the aches and pains. Put an iv in and after the medications I was astonished how quickly the hangover just melted away. The hangover bus is the brainchild of dr. Jason burke, an anesthesiologist. About 90% to 95% of people hungover go from 8 to 10 to 0 to 1. The hangover bus is just the latest, and maybe most extreme twist in man's non-ending search for a way to ease the agony from indulging too much. But there's a problem with all of these professed remedies -- is there a cure for the hangover? Right now, there is not. Besides not drinking. Dr. Krista lisdahl is a neuropsychologist at the university of wisconsin. She studies hangovers. Lisdahl says all these supposed cures do nothing more than help provide temporary relief from the symptoms of a hangover. And just because you treat the symptoms of a hangover doesn't mean you actually got rid of the toxins or reduced the damage to the brain and the rest of the organs. To get to the root cause of a hangover, you have to understand what happens to the body when you pump it full of booze. When the alcohol goes down the hatch, it eventually finds its to your liver where it converts into nasty substances called metabolites. These metabolites are much more toxic to the body than alcohol itself. It can make you feel tired. It can actually make you vomit, give you a headache, all of these things people call a hangover. The only way to get rid of those metabolites is wait, wait till your body clears them out of the system. There is no magic pill you can take. There is no magic pill right now, sorry. But, of course, that doesn't stop companies from trotting out a bewildering array of purported hangover cures. Take two pills of alcohol x in the morning and the effects of your hangover will supposedly go away. It does have a couple of chemicals that may help speed the metabolism of alcohol but there's zero scientific studies really showing this particular blend helps. The company stands by its claims saying it relies on positive feedback from customers. The good doctor says slightly more promising is this anti-hangover elixir called mercy. Touted by of all people actress and lifestyle maven gwyneth paltrow. So this mercy is not a bad idea. Basically it has these antioxidants that basically remove some of the toxic substances from your body, which is good. It's not clear how effective it is. So what about our friends in las vegas on that hangover bus? After their 45-minute treatment, our bachelor party boys claim they feel as good as new. It was weird. I never would have thought to do this before but I feel a lot better. Dr. Lisdahl is skeptical. It's not a bad idea to hydrate. Do you have to pay one to do that? That amount of money? Probably not. You could just as easily drink a lot of water, take an aspirin, eat a banana. You know a lot of doctors say the only way to cure a hangover is time and what you're doing is just nonsense. Definitely disagree with them. For the record dr. Burke's hangover bus isn't hurting for patients. It was booked all summer. Apparently plenty of drinkers are ready to make this gamble even though there really is only one surefire scientific way to avoid the hangover. Consume about one drink an hour, about three drinks maximum for an entire episode and you really will prevent hangovers. Yay!

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 5: There are a slew of hangover remedies on the market but do they work?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17296832","title":"Intoxication Nation: Hangover Helper","url":"/2020/video/Blackout-party-teens-alcohol-hangover-remedies-bars-politics-drunk-driving-Kristen-Johnston-addiction-drugs-abuse-intoxication-parenting-2020-17296832"}