JFK Jr.'s Gatekeeper

John F. Kennedy Jr.'s confidante offers surprising insight into his life.
5:16 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for JFK Jr.'s Gatekeeper
He was America's prince -- a blue collar kid John F. Kennedy junior and Rosemarie to -- ago. You probably haven't heard about the two of them but -- -- worked together every day and few relationships. Meant more to John. Now so many years after his death Rose -- has written a book about their magical friendship. Fairy tale in Iraq. In the mid 1990s. John F. Kennedy, -- is arguably the most famous celebrities on the planet it's wonderful. Behind the scenes at that time was an unlikely close friend and confidant. Rosemarie to a frenzy -- -- from the Bronx stressed economic background. Need to John F. Kennedy junior the most famous person in the world. What was it like where you grew up. Italian families keep failing houses most people attend -- not a lot of money my parents usually each worked two jobs sometimes -- that had there -- Rose -- has now written a book about her surprising inner circle relationship with John Kennedy. I think that because we got along really well we understand each other sense of humor. And we valued loyalty -- work. As his personal assistant she was the last line of defense between John and the legions of people clamoring every day for his attention. Many big names themselves. Oprah Winfrey's of the world -- Barbara Walters of the world people wanting access to John the president in nineteen. Eight calling because they want -- access and they have to go through you. Where did you get the gumption to say no to powerful people when you say no when you know he wants you to say now. These are big time people thought they and in him. And how big and then. It's Rosemarie was working side by side every day with the world's most adored -- But claims she was -- -- ever romantically attracted to him. You were supposed to be. God god bowled over and chasing after him that's what women do when they met John Kennedy. You somehow immune -- And it's not that I didn't think he was attractive I did absolutely none a Labrador is attractive not this is John Kennedy I was attracted to. A good look at. It is gorgeous but to me he is a political hype he wasn't a sexy high -- Politics as usual turns out they were working on a project designed to unite this sexy and the political. A magazine named George after the first president. The magazine was kind of the print version of him. It was sexy politics I think cruel policy -- I mean he felt if you -- people in the political process. They would find it is fascinating as. Celebrities. At the same time the magazine was about to launch John married girlfriend Carolyn dissent and Rose -- became close to her two. Iowa this. Probably both of their confidant at that point. One thing Caroline confided in Rosemarie was her fear and loathing of the paparazzi. -- John was tired of hearing and made an angry so he -- -- -- her a big deal so what get on with it and sometimes that was hurtful. In fact in her book -- -- -- writes that John's insensitivity. Was the biggest catalyst for their arguments. And the -- the press coverage got the more Caroline retreated into herself the process was heartbreaking to witness. By mid July in 1999 Caroline was threatening not to attend a family wedding in Hyannis the wedding. That would lead to their -- Jordan you had to talk to Carolyn about. Making the case that she should go she should fire with John she should do the right thing. -- It to you talk to her and she saw the sensitive. She -- unfortunately she -- but I'll always question. Whether I should have just kept amounts and not let her get on that plane she didn't go should be alive. Updating you now on the breaking news that we've been following all morning long John F. Kennedy junior taking off and a small single engine plane. As. People around the country watched the plane John was flying with Caroline and her sister Lauren on board disappear. When a massive search effort led to the discovery of their bodies this story came to its tragic conclusion. For most people. For Rose Marie to Rick Lazio it would take a while longer. When do you realize he's not coming. The day that I left his apartment for the last time after -- -- You had to do all of them. -- -- It's really hard. What did we lose -- we lost him. We lost one of those people he knew there is that hair and there was a really is like they're sending about John being. Around that made. People behave better. Think people behave better plan on -- in the world.

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{"id":15408814,"title":"JFK Jr.'s Gatekeeper","duration":"5:16","description":"John F. Kennedy Jr.'s confidante offers surprising insight into his life.","url":"/2020/video/jfk-jrs-gatekeeper-15408814","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}