Jodi Arias: Guilty

Part 1: Arias was convicted of murder in the 2008 death of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.
7:40 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias: Guilty
Just this week, a verdict five years in the making. Jodi arias, guilty of first degree murder. By now, you know her as the one-time blond bombshell who transformed herself into a mousey brunette, wearing glasses in the trial. Nearly everything about jodi kept changing, especially her version of the murder of her on and off boyfriend, travis alexander. But one thing that never changed, the crime scene photos from travis' own camera that helped convict her. When 30-year-old travis alexander closed his BEDROOM DOOR ON JUNE 4th, 2008, He assumed that whatever happened behind that door would remain between him and his guest. He also assumed he'd walk out that door alive. But that very private rendezvous has now become very public. Please stand for the jury. Reporter: In fact, the details of what happened in this community on the edge of a desert and how that tryst turned into bloody murder have been at the heart of the most sensational and stunning courtroom drama this year. Now to that dramatic testimony in the jodi arias trial. How does she get to tweet from behind bars? Jody arias speaks out. Reporter: The trial of jodi ann arias, the woman america loves to hate. A 32-year-old femme fatale with made-for-tv looks, accused of slashing, stabbing and shooting to death her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, a young, up-and-coming businessman active in the mormon church. Five years after the crime, the secrets of that bathroom have finally bubbled to the surface. Some written in blood. Some captured by photograph. Others from the mouth of an admitted killer. Did you kill travis alexander ON JUNE 4th, 2008? Yes, I did. Reporter: A story breathlessly told by correspondents. It's all anybody in this town is talking about. Reporter: Local minstrels with jodi-inspired ballads. ♪ Now jodi is a narcissist IN THE Nth DEGREE ♪ Reporter: And even internet parodies. Miss areas, do you have a problem with your memory? I don't remember. Reporter: But just two days ago, the verdict. We the jury do find the defendant, as to count one first degree murder, guilty. Reporter: Eight men and four women who listened patiently through months of raunch and religion found arias guilty of first degree murder. The crowds that gathered physically and viro follow the case seemed to agree. Thank god she got it. Reporter: But back in 2007, police were just arriving at a crime scene. Travis alexander was dead. The wounds on his body so numerous, investigators couldn't even count them at the scene. The medical examiner eventually tallied the inventory of violence. 27 stab wounds, a deep cut to the throat and a gunshot wound to the head. And his friends said they knew just who did it. Jodi arias. As soon as we found out he was dead, almost everyone I know said, "jodi did it." This is the only woman with enough hate and venom in her life to do this to travis. Reporter: It began so differently. They met working for a legal insurance company. Travis was 29, very successful, an elder in the mormon church, known for its strict poll sills against premarital sex. Jodi was 26, an aspiring photographer and looking for mr. Right. And for a little while, it looked like she'd found him. She was popular with everybody. With everybody. People flock around jodi. She was very quiet, very mysterious. But very polite. Yeah, very nice. Very sweet. Everybody liked her and thought, originally, it'd be a good fit for travis. Reporter: Jodi plunged head-first into travis' world. Just weeks into their friendship, she is baptized into thon church, travis at her side. To the outside world, they were a chaste mormon couple. But behind the facade of faith and chastity, illicit passion. Jodi wanted nothing but to please travis. It really appeared like they were involved in a very loving relationship. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because in reality, jodi was travis' dirty little secret. There was a five-month window where they were dating and they were serious. But this was the girl he was going to have sex with. This was the girl that was going to keep his bed warm until he married a proper mormon girl. Reporter: And yet, she stayed in his life and in his bed. She moved just a few miles from travis in mesa. The temptation was even greater. Jodi wrote in her journal, "his bedroom becomes our playground where our passions run wild and certain fantasies are taken to the extreme. The rules melt away." Travis, torn by his religious beliefs, decided to end the relationship. But somehow, even as he started dating other mormon girls, jodi and travis secretly kept seeing each other. Why were you still acting as his booty call? I was making a string of bad choices during that time in my life. recording from one of their phone calls. If you were here, my grandparents are asleep, I'll put you in my bedroom. We'll shut and lock the door, and we'll just have a big fest we'll go on all night. Reporter: But to his friends, travis said they are done and painted jodi as a jealous stalker. He was saying things like, you know, "you have no reason to be in mesa. We're not together. We're not going to be together. Why are you there?" You know, "why can't you leave me alone?" Reporter: In fact, just weeks before his death, travis told jodi arias he had invited another woman to go with him to cancun, mexico. Everyone in his life knew jodi was obsessed with him. He told everyone in his life. And they were all aware of this woman. Reporter: So were police, now that he'd been found butchered in what appears to be a very personal crime. But the lead investigator, mesa detective esteban flores, didn't have to go looking for jodi. She came looking for him. Jodi arias calls the authorities. Reporter: That takes a lot of gumption. Well, this is part of the cover-up. Well, I just wanted to offer any assistant that I might have. I was a really good friend of travis. What have you heard so far? Nobody's been able to get a hold of him for almost a week. And that was about the last time I spoke to him, too. I used to live there. I live in northern california now. You haven't been back in town since then? Since I moved? No, I haven't. Reporter: Very quickly, however, police learn that, in fact, jodi had been at the house. It became very clear to the authorities, early on, that she was there. The detective, as he's exiting the house, he passes through the laundry room, and he sees a red smear on the washing machine. Reporter: Inside? The clue that will unlock this entire case. These are inadvertent photographs. Accidental photographs. These are photographs that the killer did not want taken. Reporter: And the jodi arias interview you've never seen before. Areas arias -- a-r-i-a-s. Well, it's seen better days, but

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{"id":19156039,"title":"Jodi Arias: Guilty","duration":"7:40","description":"Part 1: Arias was convicted of murder in the 2008 death of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.","url":"/2020/video/jodi-arias-guilty-19156039","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}