John Belushi Mystery Woman

Catherine Evelyn Smith discusses the actor's death in this 1982 interview.
11:56 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for John Belushi Mystery Woman
If there is a -- faster than the fast lane comic John Belushi lived his life -- And he died hyped up on drugs two weeks ago one person one personal loan was with him and -- buying dollars this woman. Called at first the mystery woman then identified as Cathy Evelyn Smith who knew Belushi from his Saturday Night Live days. She hadn't talked on camera with anyone until now. Here is Tom -- back with an unusual interview. -- the interview filth and some of the human element of Belushi last hours. The cold clinical facts of his death were revealed this week in the official county coroner's report. John Belushi is listed an autopsy records this case 823036. The cold official language based on interviews and clinical tests traces his last hours the heavy drinking and drug use. His final day of life in the fast lane was spent here on Hollywood's famous Sunset Strip. In the early evening he went to dinner with friends at a place on the strip called on the rocks where his drinking must have been. Belushi asked the woman friend driving in his rented car back to the -- -- -- hotel with a boozing and cocaine use continued most of the night. He died there the next. Mourning the autopsy sketch of Belushi is body looked like he was machine gunning drugs. On his right forearm multiple needle marks about 24 and all. -- -- left forearm more needle tracks from injecting a mixture of heroin and cocaine the maximum drug jolt called speed balling. The Los Angeles Police investigation found that on March 1 four days before he died. Belushi and a female friend stayed up all night drinking wine and inhaling cocaine through the nasal passages and injecting the drug. The female friend in the reporters -- to the actor's final day of drinking and drug use and was the last person to see Belushi alive. Cathy Evelyn Smith spent those final hours with Belushi she was taken in by police for questioning -- -- -- his body was found. She's known as a backup singer for rock groups and a group -- With her attorney Robert Sheehan carefully monitoring the and -- view to protect her from possibly incriminating comments we discussed Belushi with a woman who had known him for five years. What was your relationship was platonic friends for -- tonic for. The week he went to a Los Angeles when he that. He would go and therefore work. When did he contact you when did you know he was in time. -- for refers to a factor. When news first -- -- my -- -- -- first. He called. Yes he did. And we're not -- -- -- basically. I have a few hours. Terrorists trying. In a row and he felt like it was. Almost -- marched through for him to accomplish in -- very cattle on time at the community Jesus Christ you know. -- -- I'm Deborah how did he reflect you have changed and thought. He said he'd reloaded apparently is -- -- -- apparently. Thing for very. He apparently. From what I hear -- figuring members' longer. Hours. Greatly relieved to hear. It just. Others Johnny. And -- -- like so of course it. Occurred through the senate bush times an excellent. The -- -- You -- within that. How did the day began what when did you Percy. -- began. The -- went to a club to discuss. Business was worth there. -- -- -- Or came back and and several people wrapped their -- you know these things people like to be around on -- -- drinking there. -- -- future. Things particular. Out of the question. Nothing excessive enough -- you can. He was working on our screen play that had to do with vintage -- and making. So he was drinking -- California one particular. Particular. Have. And -- are organizing rookie Ike came out. Where. This club closes it through we left there 14 one Quebec through. This quote. You driver -- I do you drove. Did he not want a driver was he able to run our lives figured I'd rather drive -- Mercedes -- -- the action. What kind of shape was he and then was he intoxicated. -- always hard to tell with this very difficult. He was one of those people who live life in America tomorrow. There aren't playing the infield -- well and he attributed something -- -- And and I -- who was behind. Me and disappeared into the -- corners of his bungalow which was his private. Concern and -- when he returned he thing didn't work particularly well he attributed to inform me. He said he was cold planning sweating maniac he didn't. -- -- -- -- Any way -- perform others say that he just didn't feel well. He thought that perhaps it was it was -- and combined with the whining -- and he's been going constantly for days and and maybe lack of sleep. He asked -- we're. -- -- Just stay around because -- in the field. Particularly well. When he said Kathy -- and -- feel terrible -- dominant -- and -- did the right there. That you just don't of course you know -- -- -- you know will immediately. If I had there was anything particularly wrong from. And I have been action and -- student it can sound like where regular Braden threw me. We have no -- checked on my table for us -- -- he was very upset and I woke him up -- in the same room together. But I I could hear. Sounds of judges didn't sound right to me this -- -- -- -- you wanted to his bedroom and he was on the -- He was in bed shaking away sir I -- Should make way. John don't. Found too well you know look for -- -- Nations known fundamentally -- drink a glass of water. Your -- breathing sounds of you know little out of the ordinary he's he seem to think he was all right fair point. Trial -- room service. Things of my own to do. Constantine pick me up or his car. And I -- about -- daily business I came back three and four hours later. And he was you know. The last time. We want them to see if he was okay what were his last words -- to -- -- he said Donnelly there will be violence now. And I -- And I didn't and when I -- I checked. He was or aren't -- do you call for room service. John Belushi was asleep breathing normally normally -- that point this was -- running out there. You decided to leave. Yes they do -- and other previous commitment. You return. I didn't -- return record with a but don't drive Robert John Belushi is Mercedes him -- it's now like that -- And well when I returned I. I came the same way that China always -- which apparently was around way up -- one way street. And I ran into on California's finest. Rolled down window and sent him -- you realize you're going the wrong man a one way street. That while this is the way you can't always count is -- giant you know I think terrible issues. Step out of the car. There were several care workers there and they never did probably -- three -- four hours later -- The and that it. Has -- of the world of great come. Community hope -- You're feeling when did you get the news and what did you feel. -- -- I can. -- -- -- no -- I feel privileged that. Ones around. Near the end of. As his friend someone close to him. How did you feel when the cause of death is listed as overdoses of injected cocaine -- I feel that it's not they're worth and -- the question. Pardon if that's what saved for Ericsson and I guess that's. -- happen you would know overly coral you know not not particularly. Your publicly about by name and a national magazines. Heroin dealer. -- cocaine. She doesn't do business license. The question she could address whether it's true and it is not true solutions. -- you feel. As her lawyer when you see these things and -- -- allegations that she deals -- drugs. -- -- -- -- -- four hours today confirming nor denying we're not interest to do it again. She has her life reasons she liked. We asked at one time could -- -- a great man rest in peace could get a lot of decent woman lived X. Kathy final question. Mrs. -- sediment newspaper and -- -- in Chicago. She would like to talk to you she would like to meet -- she would like to hear from first hand on that last. Is that something you'd like to arrange. -- Have you ever -- Narnia where I was -- moratoriums. But passage would you convey back to earth from that last day. There there certainly was no one else in John. Sources close issuers and turn their abortive Athens cars. John's character -- you had a lot of strength. In the. When the -- return -- possible abuse apart illegal drugs among Belushi -- friends attorney Sheehan quickly ended the interview. -- what you don't know and you had a special. You describe the speculation. You have but -- Whoever. -- but you know there. There -- a lot of unanswered question yeah that are and the public record I nearly. That. This -- can't. So some questions remain unanswered cubicles a potential legal problems at least a -- --

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{"duration":"11:56","description":"Catherine Evelyn Smith discusses the actor's death in this 1982 interview.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15835623","title":" John Belushi Mystery Woman","url":"/2020/video/john-belushi-mystery-woman-catherine-evelyn-smith-15835623"}