July 20, 2012: 20/20 special report: Tragedy in Colorado

The heroes of the tragic Aurora movie theater shooting talk about the horrific night.
4:44 | 07/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for July 20, 2012: 20/20 special report: Tragedy in Colorado
As we said the Dark Knight rises like all the Batman movies is about light and dark good and bad and both walked into that movie theater last night. Some of them had no idea what would be asked of them. They came to see an action movie and watch film hero up on the big screen. When the action turned real. So did day some Italian heroes themselves. I don't want us here necessarily poses. The wrong place at the right. Nineteen year old Rell Brooke stopped hoping mother get her children out of the line of fire both guys you know territory and move it. The young mother was Patricia Lee to rent the movies with her children and her fiance Jaime roars. People are falling and it was like a dream there's just like. And then I'm kinda calling still believe trying to figure out what to do what am I gonna do dry run out the door I'm tall as you can assume the baby. I dismember it thinking. I'm not gonna die in here me my kids they're not going to dying parent need to get them out I need to get out. It was drew Rell trying to help Patricia and the children and as he did he was shot. In the leg. Difficult to believe me. And you know who sucked into the wasn't would you expect from parents first saw it was and it stung elderly in this delegate vote and that's in movement league. Joseph Brown's mother. And I was very kind of thing. Not their ordinary moviegoer. With courage was Erik conjure who heard gunshots and saw blood. Flying for an exit he stopped for a girl holding her friend. We've been shot in the face. He can't around the corner got fired card that's when asked me help you help as he was coming back. And academy in and out I don't suppose and endure seeing him from around with the gas mask and all black. We'll approved as an every night that. Hunter pulled the girls into the theater then he saw the shooter gun in hand. Coming back from the parking lot he was coming to the door he was he was under threat he wanted. He wanted me anyway. One faculty glory banged on the door belittle him up by about five seconds and then one away. This is not handle the waste it. But as these harrowing stories started coming into us today. We wondered why is it some people put themselves imperil. To help others. You've already seen one of them in action in New York earlier this week remember the seven year old autistic girl out on top of an air conditioner. She falls landing die hard pavement. But into the waiting arms of a bus driver below Stephen Saint Bernard. Please make excellent. So everything we can't. An unpublished study by the heroic imagination project yielded some preliminary findings that had surprises. For example people in cities were more likely to be recorded. Taking heroic action than those living in rural areas. One of the most amazing findings from that study is that. Blacks. African Americans were eight times more likely to have done heroic deeds than caucasians. Hispanic men but not women were twice as likely. So now we're trying to follow it happens today. How come. From Colorado tonight we add two names to the honor roll to Rell Brooks Eric hunter. And you can be sure in the days to come as we learn more about what happened to that dark movie theater. Along with hers and tragedy on a summer night. It will be so many stories of those who helped. Cops went through a lot. As I told you this morning they. Rush people out of that that's theater into police cars. I I have I've heard some. Compelling stories. It didn't matter what race you Wear when you know pleasing them a party line you're on didn't matters to Baghdad. We're all in this together and we need to figure out a way to get out you need to consult each other and make each other film and it.

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{"id":48734072,"title":"July 20, 2012: 20/20 special report: Tragedy in Colorado","duration":"4:44","description":"The heroes of the tragic Aurora movie theater shooting talk about the horrific night.","url":"/2020/video/july-20-2012-2020-special-report-tragedy-colorado-48734072","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}