June 20, 1978: Rolling Stones Interview

Geraldo Rivera spends time with Mick Jagger and band before they embark on tour.
11:48 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for June 20, 1978: Rolling Stones Interview
Before The Rolling Stones began their -- American -- they spent the month in the small but musically important town of Woodstock. Rehearsing and getting back in the suit after more than two years of hard. Whatever -- decadent public image of five members of the band seemed relaxed and leave the monthly jobs. This competition. Where when we will compete in her new competed. There youthful -- -- -- that they asked the same breath through numerous together over the most hung together. You can get -- girls who do I need to think. -- -- -- There are competitive portion of the right thing this month is -- -- it's really don't -- -- who thing. -- down baseball team off stage perhaps when it comes to rock and roll -- filled event Keith Richards. Charlie -- And Bill -- all started with -- sixteen years ago Ron -- -- abandoned 75. What we have going. Which is the Oconee thing that I get the family. -- -- It's a bit I have been. Four other Brothers. I just enjoy it. Been back and observing as well as -- The southern -- about joke about come to -- tuchman in New Orleans -- -- consulate -- is there and what do you -- him as a performer. It's fantastic. One of the best. What makes him. Inca. How have you managed to do the same. Mick Jagger act. -- now that's -- now over a period. Sixteen years. Now let's things -- protrude as a -- never run from. -- -- -- -- -- Clinton insisting it or anything you do really need there's it. -- -- -- who -- was who. Everything you do Giuliani drunken you know I mean I -- -- been kind -- -- any good -- it. And if you in the if you. Success we've done by luck.

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{"id":15972270,"title":"June 20, 1978: Rolling Stones Interview","duration":"11:48","description":"Geraldo Rivera spends time with Mick Jagger and band before they embark on tour.","url":"/2020/video/june-20-1978-rolling-stones-2020-interview-15972270","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}