Jury Delivers Verdict in Gainesville Love Triangle Murder

Part 5: "I think we were soul mates," Erika Friman said of losing her boyfriend Christian Aguilar.
4:21 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Jury Delivers Verdict in Gainesville Love Triangle Murder
for a decision. Carlos, the anxious patriarch needs a moment to gather himself. Everybody is starting now to move back into the courtroom. Christian Aguilar's family has gathered here en mass. All day, Carlos has looked very calm. Right now, this is the tensest we've seen him. This is the culmination of two years for him. It has already been a long day for the family. Nearly eight hours of closing arguments. The prosecution and defense taking their last shots at a jury of eight women and four men. I think you'll find the fight did happen at streights. You'll find law enforcement did nothing to check out whether or not the fight happened at streights, and when you do that I think you'll find my client is not guilty. Reporter: The prosecution says bravo's the mastermind of a murderous plot, reminding the jury of Pedro's police interrogation and his curious choice of a past tense. Thourt the interview, he refers to Chris, was a good friend. Reporter: As the jury takes the case to the deliberation room, all the Aguilar family can do is wait and worry. There's that moment when the jury's deliberating, that you're just thinking, "What's taking them so long?" What happens if they find something? What happens if there is a reasonable doubt? Reporter: There are nine days of testimony and more than 1,000 pieces of evidence to consider. But after a mere three hours, the jury is back. We, the jury, find the defendant -- Pedro bravo in this case, guilty of murder in the first degree. Reporter: Bravo, stonefaced after being found guilty of all charges. The Aguilar family, always respectful inside the courtoom, takes to the hallways for a rare moment of catharsis. Alexander, how do you feel? I don't know. I can't really describe this. Reporter: The judge said this is your day of reckoning to bravo. Do you think life in prison is enough him? I think that as the maximum that he can pay for the life of my son. Reporter: Later, they return to remind the judge of the toll this case has taken on them. I can't tell you or quantify the pain we've gone through. Reporter: Their brief moment of victory comes to an abrupt halt as and the killer gets one last twist of the knife. I know in my heart and my actions, and I know god as well knows that I did not kill Christian Aguilar. I will tyke we are sentence you decide to give me. You know this was a person we knew. This was your friend. This had been your former love. Yes, yes, it just makes it all so worse. This is your day of reckoning. Reporter: Judge James Colaw giving him exactly what he asked for. As to count one, I sentence you to natural life in prison with no possibility of parole. Reporter: After the verdict, family and friends go their separate ways. The aguilars once again making that long drive to that makeshift shrine in the middle of nowhere. And the girlfriend, who still has her whole life ahead of her, just not the one she thought she was going to have. I think we would've gotten married eventually. He was such a good person. He was just so kind, and so considerate, and so compassionate. I almost feel like when I describe him, I'm never describing him enough, you know? Like there's something missing. You know, you had to meet him. I miss him everyday. Doesn't go away. ? ? Hanes.

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{"id":25094735,"title":"Jury Delivers Verdict in Gainesville Love Triangle Murder","duration":"4:21","description":"Part 5: \"I think we were soul mates,\" Erika Friman said of losing her boyfriend Christian Aguilar.","url":"/2020/video/jury-delivers-verdict-gainesville-love-triangle-murder-25094735","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}