Jury finds Scott Peterson guilty of murder: Part 10

Peterson was found guilty of first-degree murder for Laci Peterson's death and of second-degree murder for the death of their unborn child.
7:09 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Jury finds Scott Peterson guilty of murder: Part 10
So here we are, at five minutes after the hour of 4:00. We are waiting just on audio feed of this verdict. There were throngs around the courthouse. People holding up signs, and people yelling, "Murderer." Everybody was so keyed up, and on edge. It is just a very difficult, tense moment outside of that courthouse for everyone involved. 30 years to life. If there is a connection in this case. At this point, the whole world had decided Scott Peterson was guilty. I thought the best result possible in this case would be a hung jury. I think it's either innocent or a hung jury. It was either going to be a guilty verdict or it was going to be a hung jury. Rusty dornin, a CNN correspondent, is in the courtroom right now, and she says she has seen Dennis Rocha, who is Laci's father, sitting with Laci's stepfather, Ron granski, and Sharron Rocha. After a five-month jury trial, 180 witnesses, hundreds of pieces of evidence admitted for the jury to consider, after all that the jury concluded very quickly. You can look at it one of two ways. Either they say the prosecution didn't prove it or, of course, he's the one that did it, and we're going to find him guilty. We'll find out in a matter of moments. One of the things about a jury trial is man, when you're sitting there waiting, your heart is pounding. There were definite butterflies when we got word that there was a verdict. There were hundreds of people outside the courthouse listening to the verdict, which was being broadcast from the courtroom. Okay, I'm understanding that the jury is entering the courtroom right now so -- Mr. Foreperson, it's my understanding that the jury has arrived at a verdict in this case, is that correct? We have, your honor. When you're waiting, it just seems like it takes so long to spit, just spit it out. The state of California versus Scott Peterson. And you could hear the audio, and as the verdict was being read it was dead silence. We, the jury, in above-entitled cause find the defendant Scott Lee Peterson guilty of the crime of murder of Laci Denise Peterson. After almost two years, the verdict has been read and Scott Peterson has been found guilty of first-degree murder. That comes with death penalty or life without parole. Guilty of second-degree murder with regard to his unborn child, baby Connor, 15 years to life. The penalty phase according to the judge will start in less than a week. I still hear the voice, I mean, the guilty, guilty. I started crying. It was a relief. It was a sigh of relief. We were bawling. There was gasps from the defense side, just like gasps. They couldn't believe it. They absolutely could not believe it. You could see, they just, they were stunned. Woah. Hugs, tears, in front of me, in the row in front of me, right, the rochas and Laci's friends. As the verdicts are being read and I'm making all these observations around the courtroom, I'm looking at Scott Peterson, too, and I don't see any emotion. I see nothing. It was like I had been holding me breathe for two years here almost and, yeah, when I heard the verdict it was, and all the emotions come out, I mean, because, like I said, it's like you've been holding your breath and holding everything in all this time. And then, boom, and then okay, it's done, it's done. It's over with, thank god it's over with. I know that millions of people in this country were praying for justice. I think there was justice today with the jury's verdict. It was an incredible feeling of, oh, my gosh, we did it, and the jury did the right thing. Excuse me. This crowd outside was whipped into a frenzy, and the Peterson family, when they left the courthouse having just heard that their loved one was found guilty, the crown was jeering them and taunting them. Outside it was like the Roman coliseum. It was obscene. This was a courthouse, and people were cheering and screaming and hugging each other. This is a tragedy all the way around. What are we celebrating here? This trial is not over. There's going to be a penalty phase. A week from Monday this jury will begin to consider whether or not Scott Peterson lives or dies for the murder of his wife and child. Because he's a first and second, and special circumstances, multiple killings, and that means he qualifies for the death penalty. And that's why we'll go into the death penalty phase. The sentencing was actually the close call. I think many believed there was a real chance for Scott Peterson to get life in prison instead of the death penalty. What he did to her, and his baby, he deserves death. It was not a crime of passion. It was cold, it was premeditate, it was calculating. And for those very reasons, that's why the jury decided to impose the death penalty. What convinced you to choose the sentence of death? I played in my mind over and over, conspiracy, was someone trying to set up Scott, was someone after Laci? It didn't add up for me and the fact that for her to be where she was found and to go through with what seemed to be, in the end to me, a charade, it just wasn't -- it wasn't fair. What a nightmare. It hasn't changed. It's still a nightmare. It should never have happened. It's hurt too many people for no reason, but justice was served. Obviously we are very disappointed. Obviously, we plan on pursuing every and all appeals. I don't think anybody sat in that courtroom could think that they put on case beyond a reasonable doubt. However, it didn't matter what the rational facts were. It didn't matter what the evidence was. It's hard to convey to somebody who wasn't there at the time what was going on in 2004, and the hatred and vitriol that was directed towards Scott Peterson. I don't care, I just know he's guilty, that was the feeling. Guess what, Scotty? San Quentin's your new home. And it's illegal to kill your Day 13. If only this were as easy as saving

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{"id":49854766,"title":"Jury finds Scott Peterson guilty of murder: Part 10","duration":"7:09","description":"Peterson was found guilty of first-degree murder for Laci Peterson's death and of second-degree murder for the death of their unborn child.","url":"/2020/video/jury-finds-scott-peterson-guilty-murder-part-10-49854766","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}