Pregnant Again?

Part 5: After a miscarriage, Kelly was anxious for news.
5:12 | 08/24/11

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Transcript for Pregnant Again?
He can't have a birthday party debates plays without the kids picking up instruments. This is -- twentieth. And -- -- the pianists he has clients from the Thompson is a little girl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what she was doing their life is just to get back -- of England's -- teaching them how to play. And these days there's even more to celebrate Kelly has big news she's pregnant again. I am -- -- -- -- Barely alive -- Trimble it's not a blind one of Bali time mice they've been they'll they'll only ably. Now let's expressing similar voice to making. With the most recent miscarriage just a few months behind her -- he's anxious. This hour that's actually -- now that we lost that it that it can't wait and they said that its -- they -- and it's not dwell on it. -- -- -- Kelly's doctor does the blood tests to measure the pregnancy hormone HCG. A -- to confirm that the -- -- let's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With the last begging that in this case there was -- morning I think that's kind of not having any amount. Renaissance -- things -- on. It's out of -- control does that you don't have to worry about it. We're going to -- work we'll find that you can Lance followed up all -- hypotheticals are just moments there. -- we've had some hurt in the past -- turns out. The fear right now and probably you look at myself. For thank you -- we just trust and mutual funds you. These and they tell -- how -- -- started -- about where can have a little early I was just happened many hundred votes after all the nervous anticipation. Kelly suddenly sounds like -- first time mom. Okay my heart is pounding. Ever tasted anything to Dayton. -- baby. -- -- a month later an ultrasound reveals baby number nineteen. There and I do -- They may -- made his hand says now we it's. -- -- Has -- very very very thing. -- -- But didn't know. -- -- -- Bates was born last February. -- -- I first met him when he was just six weeks old name is -- that. Nineteen kids means that they are now tied with their famous reality TV -- the -- Is that the families in America. A -- debate. And now debates are also about to get their own TV show it's ironic -- -- you're going to be TV stars and you don't even have a team. For Dylan Kelly the TLC show the united -- of America is a chance to spread their message of faith. I'm really -- from -- lives. A press tour for the new show is an eye popping first trip to New York. -- -- Cindy warnings about coming to New -- -- that's fast and -- death -- -- -- thank -- this thing together as partners include an. Bernie Sanders. And then you have since I -- friends but you're only using five. Well yeah we could probably get ballad dream is not they -- the -- live well we hate to waste money. On this day there up early. To -- Good Morning America. Who wants to have another baby brother or sister. -- yeah. And a -- are right then breezy and if you'd like to live here in New York that you visited. Laid out very very big it never really -- Accelerated. Time riding the subway with nineteen kids and. -- because salient fact in distant from a month for many get no let up. From the statue of liberty and to Times Square. Central Park there's a lot to say again. And sometimes the images don't square with their values and what did you -- pat downs and. You guys out there by Iran and -- -- -- Maybe on the streets but I think that's Iran and the -- New York's. He noticed those women they -- like things yeah. If there's something that's. Lugar and price plus I don't look at the last thing don't have the right hand little since melee behind and the plan warning don't -- -- -- until dry this delay. It takes a family like the dates to prove that it is possible to take a wholesome bikes and bad back.

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{"id":16982670,"title":"Pregnant Again?","duration":"5:12","description":"Part 5: After a miscarriage, Kelly was anxious for news.","url":"/2020/video/kelly-bates-pregnant-again-16982670","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}