When Kitties Attack

"Kitty Cams" capture house cats killing and eating snakes, birds and mice.
3:00 | 09/08/12

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Transcript for When Kitties Attack
These days it seems. It's made of nothing but cute and cuddly cat videos. There's -- standing cameras. Yeah can't stand in the -- The -- might not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Surprised -- got a 9164. Million hits. And. Did you ever wonder what Japan is doing what you're not shooting them -- your Smartphone always not cuddling on your lap. Doctor Sonia Hernandez did more than -- she went hunting for answers. I was talking to my graduate student and I -- you know we need to know more about how these cats and their time and what is the -- -- to and that would be. Hey you know putting a camera on them. That's right doctor Hernandez and her team at the University of Georgia turn the tables on the -- east. Making them not just the subject of the video but -- camera operators -- What was the goal -- to record the secret lives of cats you know they are an estimated -- 115 million cats that roam outside doing something to the environment and we don't know that much about the song -- -- small and durable enough to hang around the -- -- it was a challenge. -- just a National Geographic Gregg Marshall the guy who invented the critter cam taking viewers on a ride with everything from alligators to spare -- -- just weeks I called them up and -- you know have you ever thought about applying this to -- -- Pak -- They civil you know funny you should mention that because I put one on -- -- patent recently. With city -- in hand Hernandez and her team recruited sixty cat owners willing to take part. Amy wants volunteered to catch Booker T and Archie. But when she watched their dailies cheapest -- -- -- dangerous behavior what did you learn from Booker T. -- militants had a storm -- looks like. The -- can often caught cats using up their nine months wondering into storm drains are squeezing -- to crawl spaces. Engaging in standoffs with constant. We don't. Don't you do. Wrapping up any liquid. They see something on the ground and they think I will -- that because they're -- And you know who knows what's in there yeah. But what really shocked -- he was learning that one -- -- had a big secret he was leading a double life. Well -- -- she has a second home. Yeah it is cheating yes he is he has to families. It feels like one of those daytime talk -- you know my cat has -- and waste. It all sound light hearted but kitty camp also revealed that those cute. -- have a dark side mini -- cold blooded killers. Most of us have always known as cats loves to hunt at least on the plains of the Serengeti. But it turns out there's not much difference on the mall security. Until. Harassed chased dog. Cats are instinct -- predators. Which was a grisly surprise to -- best moment cat and bird lover. Who joined a study to see if her precious little her -- played well known loud like friends. I see discourage it you know in my yard overtime. And I enjoyed them tremendously. But after downloading the day's worth of video event was -- home. I -- showing a family member whether I think you know you know this isn't -- The next thing I -- was my -- with a -- did was injured. And for the purposes fluttering Mara knew it was -- did you know it was. How upset -- you enough to consider pulling heroes study are. The numbers are as disturbing as the video. Nurses among the 44% of cat's in the study who when the -- on your own. I've attempted killing sprees. A third most successful averaging one killed for -- seventeen hours outdoors. He's accused serial killer you'll ever meet. He is adorable and legal. And anyone's home any new cute little -- -- -- -- -- -- from -- I also keep my old until she got what he brings back to me. I'm with little icons of what he kills and -- his -- and snakes snakes so far had been the number one thing this year. But did -- experience and her. Cats are responsible for the absolute extinction of at least thirty trees pieces of person we know about. -- Kinney carnage has conservationist George and -- assuming he estimates that tests on the prowler wiping out one point you. Billion burns and. Three year most of these cats are fed by humans there inoculated against disease. They have no predators themselves and this -- makes them a sort of super -- With all due respect to cat owners are -- Mostly bad news I would really say that the problems that we have with caps in our environment is -- more of a human problem. We're not responsible -- -- -- I simply following their instinctive behaviors. So what to do George -- is proposing a hard nosed solution. No cats not even one of them should be allowed to roam free. Keep your cats indoors if you absolutely must let it -- the outdoor sometimes. Build an enclosure for those cats they can't get out -- tax -- other wildlife. But even Loewen has another idea her -- so it is allowed outside as long as she's wearing this bid and bell. It inhibits their forward movement in the way that may -- gives a bird that extra three seconds. City needs fly away video kiddies in the neighborhood -- -- And the neighbors fled the kidding Hansen said you feel more comfortable now that the -- -- -- -- safer telling me you know -- attacks. And so the birds and chip monks can sleep a bit more peacefully tonight at least the ones in events backyard.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Kitty Cams\" capture house cats killing and eating snakes, birds and mice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17188507","title":"When Kitties Attack","url":"/2020/video/kitties-attack-17188507"}