Laci Peterson's family urges Scott Peterson to be truthful: Part 6

The volunteer center was closed down, and her family urged him to answer questions regarding his wife's disappearance.
9:52 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Laci Peterson's family urges Scott Peterson to be truthful: Part 6
??? More, more, more ??? Now, back to the disappearance of Laci Peterson, the California woman, eight months pregnant, who vanished on Christmas eve. This was a legitimate, big national obsession. I love my daughter so much. Scott told me he was not married. It was almost like, he killed Laci to be with this woman. The attention of the police seems to be turning once again to her husband. Attractive, handsome, charming. Classic sociopath. It just built. The suspense and the mystery deepened, and it's human nature to want to know who did it and why. The story gets elevated from a media perspective when amber Frey comes out. And then, boom, all of a sudden, amber Frey lays out her story to the world. I literally was having a panic attack. And I was like, I can't breathe, I can't breathe. When I discovered he was involved in the disappearance, the Laci Peterson disappearance case, I immediately contacted the Modesto police department. It was just so scary because I'm putting myself out there. I am a single mother with a 23-month-old child and I ask to respect my privacy. Thank you. The press conference was short, she didn't answer any questions but she was a sympathetic and credible person. That changed everything. That not only changed ignited a media firestorm and took it to a whole nother level. She's asked to have her privacy respected. We are going to do that. We're not going to comment about amber, her private life, amber wants to go on with her life. How long have you been seeing Scott? It was so hard the media was labeling me as the mistress, and I was pretty much out there on my own for months. And of course tabloids often have quite a bit of money to offer for a very good story that has not yet been told, but amber and her testimony were not for sale. The amber Frey photos went around 15,000 but there were hundreds of thousands of dollars that were thrown around by the tabloids. Readers like a story to solicit an emotion from them. Love, hate, anger, sadness. And unfortunately, this was one case that provided all of that. It drove circulation. People were buying the enquirer that never bought the enquirer before. And so the saga became a kind of a communal experience. Everybody followed the breaking details, what's the news now? Since Christmas eve our one and only focus is to find Laci and to bring her home to us. I made a promise to her that if she's been harmed, we will seek justice for her and Connor and make sure that that person responsible for their deaths will be punished. The Rocha's turned on Scott. They closed the volunteer center down. And they said that Scott was not truthful and they were urging him to come out and tell the truth about everything. I would like Scott to know that I trusted him and stood by him in the initial phases of my sister's disappearance. However, Scott has not been forthcoming with information regarding my sister's disappearance and I'm only left to question what else he might be hiding. Did it make you think that indeed he may have had something to do with what happened to Laci? I think it raises questions for all of us. Scott needs to come forward and answer questions that are put to him. Once amber Frey came out, suddenly Scott Peterson had a lot of explaining to do. How are you doing personally? How you holding out to all this? This is a lot -- Well, straight obviously, so -- Answer the questions, Scott. Scott do you have anything to say? Scott, is there anything you want to say today? It was crazy. It just blew out of control. It was a tsunami eh, a frenzy. He was the most hated man in America at that time. You have to understand he was virtually run out of town. Hey Scott? Scott, any comment? Scott? Hey Scott? He had media following him. Are you taking a polygraph test? Hounding him every day. He had shock jocks lined up in front of his house with bullhorns, you know, screaming, murderer, and -- How come nobody saw you at the Berkeley marina and nobody saw Laci walking the dog, huh? He was tired of the tabloids and the networks and everybody hounding him wherever he went. But sorry, this has been bad journalism. We apologize Scott for asking pointed questions about all the untruths you've told. That one moment just shook people up. And because I was saying something that was obvious that nobody else was saying out loud. "Scott, nobody believes you, nobody believes your story, Scott." You'd think you'd be -- off that this guy's sitting here trying to fool the world with all his phony stories and lies. We have a culture where people are taught, oh you shouldn't judge. You know, it's wrong to judge. It's not wrong to judge. You know, and my instinct and most people's instinct was bad guy, killer, liar, sociopath. Did you have any idea that your son was seeing another woman? No. So, when you heard was seeing another woman, what did you think? What did you think now? It was surprising. It was disappointing. But that's the reality of life. Men have affairs. Women have affairs. When their wives are eight and a half months pregnant? Probably more so. It's mostly when men do we've learned. I had no idea. So, is it your feeling, that Scott needed another woman for I don't know, sex? Or what? What do you think? It wasn't anything that meant anything to Scott, he was just being a young man feeling his oats. Um, no different from 95% of the men in this country. Really? That happens, it certainly doesn't, um, it doesn't give motive for murder. He didn't want to be a father. He didn't want to get a divorce, obviously. So that was his solution to his "Problem." The entire country thought that he was guilty and responsible for Laci's disappearance. So the Peterson family urged him to get out there, do some interviews and get people looking for Laci again. I am going to speak to the press. This coming week. I'm debating on when it should be done because Tuesday is the state of the union address and I want maximum coverage. This morning, an exclusive interview with Scott Peterson, breaking his silence in the case of his missing pregnant wife. I think everybody sitting at home wants the answer to the same question. Did you murder your wife? No, no. I did not. And I had absolutely nothing to do with her disappearance, and you use the word murder. And right now, everyone's looking for a body. And that is the hardest thing because that is not a possible resolution for us. But I know that suspicion has turned to me because of the inappropriate, romantic, um -- that I had with amber Frey. Did your wife find out about it? I told my wife. When? Early December. A lot of arguing? No, it would break us apart. There wasn't a lot of anger? No. Do you really expect people to believe that an eight and a half month pregnant woman learns her husband is having an affair, and is saintly, and casual about it? Accommodating? Makes a peace with it? Well. I, yeah, I, uh, you don't know. No one knows our relationship but us. No freaking way. Sorry. Yeah. There's no way that Laci knew about it and would not have told us. Not all of us, but one of us and said, oh, my god, I need to leave Scott. Much less be okay -- And be okay with it. I don't buy it. I don't buy that one at all. No. I think Scott Peterson thought he could convince people that he was telling the truth. And as the interview went on, and as the response and the reaction wasn't what Scott Peterson had hoped. I think he realized maybe this isn't such a good idea. There was one report that a neighbor had seen you loading something into a vehicle. I'll have to stop if you ask me more detailed questions about the investigation. I knew he had killed her. I knew she was dead. I'll never know what happened. I know that, but I needed to have her back. That was so important to me. I just needed to have her back and that was one of the things that was just absolutely frustrating because you know somebody knows where she is but

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{"id":49854771,"title":"Laci Peterson's family urges Scott Peterson to be truthful: Part 6","duration":"9:52","description":"The volunteer center was closed down, and her family urged him to answer questions regarding his wife's disappearance.","url":"/2020/video/laci-petersons-family-urges-scott-peterson-truthful-part-49854771","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}