LeAnn Rimes Sets the Record Straight

Rimes explains why she sought treatment, discusses forthcoming album.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for LeAnn Rimes Sets the Record Straight
Okay take three great singers throw in a late night phone call a couple of drinks and mix well and what he went up -- The pistol annie's with Miranda Lambert is one of the trio their girl power times three kicking up a little Helen high heels. -- -- -- Actually Munro and Angelina Presley are two thirds of the singing group -- annie's. Their long on talent but short on experience. If he goes bad tonight thirteen thousand fans are sure to let them know about it. The other pistol and he is they're not so the secret weapon. Miranda Lambert is the blonde bombshell -- boots with a tough Texas attitude. I. Okay. Together they've come out of nowhere to find critical acclaim and commercial success. Before this show in Atlanta we sat down backstage to talk -- -- High profile romance and these nasty vices the women loved to sing about. Okay. Players and about whiskey shots before you on hold us. Hey -- It is you know it chayet. A cinnamon was shot united Paramount there was such a thing he really didn't think this through thought happily fill a little buzz she -- a pro -- during. Yeah. -- the big Grammy winner and this CME's reigning female vocalist of the year. The rookies were essentially Nashville songwriters with the dream of making it -- Not a lot of artists would be able -- that. I wouldn't want to share the stage now she has. But many artists out of obscurity. Only and -- and it can still hear that -- look at this Clinton. We're all about let them moonshine to mean it's it's an us yeah. The ladies joint forces nearly two years ago and had been touring with Miranda show ever since its. They recently found themselves performing for a woman they idolize growing up Loretta Lynn. To have that moment and I could see myself. Down in the front of the stage -- -- seventeen screaming for alert -- -- the F. And then is it that night she was going to be an -- road screaming at me and it just my -- almost -- -- The pistol and he's borrowed liberally from some tried and true country music themes and make no apologies for -- Happy. And then -- going through that I'm happy -- my legal validity -- -- -- that -- -- today you know any. It's not always Presley and Monroe have weekly Clarendon -- -- Marines and one yeah. And Yankee playoff. I didn't mean and -- yeah. -- that several times. -- just telling the whole crowd that you know be disrupted back. A couple of drunk idiots who didn't and the -- that they know what we're on the airport. All of our free advertising they're confident yeah names -- actually that he and it broaden out black -- -- Take the girls -- put up Kipling -- liar like yet okay. After they found the name they would offer some pistol and he bonding a hunting trip on this episode of Tom's wildlife and -- fast. Miranda loves the outdoors and Angelina may no one and of a gun from the other. But then there's the -- they called -- -- -- on Canada three days. From dusk -- -- -- -- hit collected a little lip gloss and pocket. Before the show we took aim at a different target corn hall bicycling -- bag but it's close to look. At some point the game is popular with the -- while on the road. Female were flying everywhere but in -- Thankfully no one was hurt in the taping of his -- home game Yangtze tank carrying. When it comes to romance all the ladies are officially off the market. The woman nicknamed Holler -- -- for her roots in the Kentucky mountains Mary tour manager Jordan Powell. He's so sweet -- this latest news and so that whole -- I felt so taking care like children like he does -- -- -- -- this is an old girl my stock. And it's not just kidding. Actually -- Rome recently said yes to baseball player John Danks he spelled out his intentions with the words. Will you marry me in rose petals on her bed. He's my best friend in the world for he had wanted that for -- -- in. Really liked him a lot and we I had an who unremitting. -- -- Lambert and Blake Shelton our country's power couple. He's also one of the judges on the voice but sounds like he'd be wise to keep his -- round -- critiquing the nanny. Did he make comments to make suggestions. We would never end -- is yeah. -- Still learning episode but we know we want to keep going.

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{"id":17577004,"title":"LeAnn Rimes Sets the Record Straight","duration":"3:00","description":"Rimes explains why she sought treatment, discusses forthcoming album.","url":"/2020/video/leann-rimes-sets-record-straight-17577004","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}