No Limits to Gabrielle Giffords' Recovery

Doctors and family agree Giffords has no boundaries to her recovery.
6:46 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for No Limits to Gabrielle Giffords' Recovery
It's the question always hovering given how far she's come how much further can she go. Again this is heard trying to say the word light just ten months ago. It's. And -- she used today turn on until light. Every week she sets -- to tackle a new hurdle. On the day of the interview re learning the way you ask a question. When a bullet has taken away -- words like who watched so what does frank yes. Who is. Kumble but it doesn't mean her trademark curiosity -- -- isn't all right there. Look what happens -- the speech therapist says she crashed her car into the garage last night. And had to tell her husband told hand. -- normal you both -- this take time are there any. Reason her learn. In you know two sessions. -- we may take week. Doctor Nancy Helm -- Brooks professor Western Carolina University is one of the country's most respected specialists in brain injury. She's been treating Giffords and tells us her thinking comprehension. -- bear her intellectual skills her memory skills. We're really very intact. We hear people's it's -- -- in here can get it out. Traveling. -- All in fact that sound she sometimes mixes a signal to -- that. There's so much she wants to say but just can't summon the words. And while the congresswoman. Is working here on -- showing what she's made zero. Lift off astronaut husband took the same opinions commanding his valedictory mission -- -- shuttles. As always wearing her wedding ring around his neck and when the shuttle arrived at the space station 200 miles not. The crew -- -- was waiting with wrist bands for -- is that the peace love Gabby bracelets. The hope of -- knowing you to the commander of the missions in fact that song she loves the most. The message we -- from the start. After sixteen days he guides the shuttle in at night. Perfect landing. Back to the family who always pray for his safe return. His wife and two daughters every step daughters Claudia and Claire. -- to transform. In the book it's clear at the beginning blending a family wasn't easy on anyone. I think that's just me going -- age where now just being stubborn and just having an -- he didn't I I really wish that we could've spent more time together for -- Two young women who want to sent a message to everyone tonight. Don't risk regret. Life can change and an instant. Audience -- were wounded stepmother a letter. -- -- at me you are the strongest most incredible woman I government. I -- -- -- -- I take such a wonderful person for granite and I feel horrible. I didn't forget myself -- in a very long time. -- -- -- -- -- -- Your daughters it's. Very proud of and Claudia and Claire -- And tonight after that last flight mark Kelly hasn't retired. What's his wife's wedding band back on her after all those trips into space two times three times. It's the ring with the inscription inside. You're the closest to heaven than I've ever -- So we wanted to ask him late at night. Does he really allow himself to hope for her future what's the next thing you most but -- -- well certainly stringing a bunch of sentences together. It's that we would say in the space program the sky is not the limit. They don't really subscribe to the the failure. Word and gorgeous Gabby -- seeing patients continue to recover 23 -- four years. She hasn't plateaued. She's not going to -- child but I I have great faith and chill. Make a sound decision. For her so what I'm saying here. Is. -- Gabby thinks she can go back to congress. She can. The -- date for congress would be next may Kelly says his wife will decide think. -- don't wanna be more protective than that thing known don't don't put yourself out there were people -- look at you and examine and question and always be judging. I'll do my best to protect terror. In whatever she chooses to -- but given the brutality. Of what happened. -- do you ever. Blow it comes back to I think what she said -- that she's been beaten. And you know it's one of those things you don't want to ever. Feel like you've -- You know beaten or taken out much hope to ever. You can't have too much hope. Right why I mean it's it's. It's not not a practical thing to do -- has been blunted. Get -- to work. -- -- -- -- Which got a great message. She's a survivor. You know and she tells us that every one of -- -- but. Different mother Gloria -- sitting on the side watching the whole conversation. She remembers the song she sang to her daughter in the hospitals and. Again that our 2 oh I am totally a lot of Clinton and his -- Okay. And don't you think of what she's already done. Who dare say tomorrow is not just a day away and. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":14953038,"title":"No Limits to Gabrielle Giffords' Recovery ","duration":"6:46","description":"Doctors and family agree Giffords has no boundaries to her recovery.","url":"/2020/video/limits-gabrielle-giffords-recovery-14953038","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}