Listening in as NJ Woman Hires a Hit Man

Nicole Faccenda plots the murder of her ex's new girlfriend.
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Transcript for Listening in as NJ Woman Hires a Hit Man
And -- sunny afternoon in broad daylight. And it toppled one shoppers list the murder of any other woman 20/20 given exclusive access federal agents listen in just a few cars away. As to call a send -- plots -- murder of her romantic rival. But so far she's cautious and careful with her words. Yeah and I live and yeah. Yeah and may never. -- -- The hit man really -- undercover federal agent. Now wondering does the suspect suspect. And I'm I mean I'm thinking -- And I let my movement. But they keep going and two days later another parking lot another conversation. This time suburban mom out to kill the woman who apparently was sharing her man wanted dark secret meeting place. Which suddenly a scare. I wasn't cops it was the calls and -- law. And -- for more alarming -- careful instructions. To south to deliver the Booth. I hate them I would think that he's there he's disappeared. And she just never talent like these people are never found and like that would be one good thing I wouldn't -- him in an ugly horrible horrible horrible car accident happen and pulled out there is no I don't I don't care like god. -- -- I thought -- I remember -- took a funeral and -- have you ever notice I didn't will be happy to play live woman is dead and buried and the good but Nicole is now digging. -- --

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{"id":22918913,"title":"Listening in as NJ Woman Hires a Hit Man","duration":"3:00","description":"Nicole Faccenda plots the murder of her ex's new girlfriend.","url":"/2020/video/listening-nj-woman-hires-hit-man-22918913","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}