You Live With What?

From lions in the kitchen to monkeys at the dinner table.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for You Live With What?
You live with what it is sometimes the only question to ask in amazement when you see the exotic and even dangerous animals that some people live west. Another question might be why. Is it ego that -- some people think they can tame the wild kingdom and bring it home for dinner and bunking privileges. -- station Adolor. Tigers in the kitchen. Bison in the family room monkeys at the dinner table very. Bears in the pantry. This guy has seen -- all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're here right now. -- years and is -- policemen firemen and paramedics all rolled into one. Its home ground is here in central Ohio -- -- rescued exotic animals all over America. Many older residents about safe large boa constrictor -- and that was loosened their house and the gentleman said -- snake loose balls. And they are just print it out because we wanted to -- apparent and prevalent in a wheelchair. And -- snake was at her -- 48 days but gels work is the focus of a remarkable documentary called the elephant in the living room. Examines the straight session some Americans out for bringing -- deadly -- -- Filmmaker Michael -- The fact that we're so. Mesmerized by tiger -- and hands it worldwide. It is what she -- their benefits but instead because were allowed to do it we will take them. We'll put them -- our home and we'll -- the battle trying to turn them into something but they're not end here. People find out why we do this let's take a fascinating journey into most exotic place. Call -- the American -- Ego gets involved in this program -- -- big time and you think about it here you know you you don't -- -- that you don't summerall. You know here you brought this animal in your home to do love it if -- -- a lot of the death. We recently rode with him and post called to -- flooring. 400 pound Bengal named -- as a tiger's eyes to things. -- will need surgery. -- one of his cage -- recently underwent. Casual comfort to hear if he had dark in -- -- and that's what can get back. Three other big cats also appeared to -- back -- Practically within a pause and reach of the lazy corn fields and Amish buggies passing down the road. Like many big cat owners -- fell in love with a very little happened. The trouble of scores is they grow up. It's a tragic end a woman's life a tiger she -- hung on less than a year cuddly cubs can become a lethal threat. And you robbed then they realize they got that when -- called baptism in reality it's just too -- yeah. It is you simply can't take the wild. Out of -- wild and -- bring a large predator and your home your -- we'll just -- internal time bomb. Do you regret. In any -- having -- -- You know I love these guys. The connection with these people had with -- -- line with their tiger what you want their venomous snake. Far surpassed the connection that a lot of us have with our dog or cat it. -- yeah some kind of primal thing happens when -- wild animal that could kill you when should rightfully kill you. Actually has a connection with you when you feel like you mastered that. In Webber's documentary. The lions look forward. Warning list saying there were -- -- line. No one personifies the poignant paradox of owning a -- -- more than Terry -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plain stupid to help battle his own depression Terry and his wife took in six lions including a -- named Lambert. -- -- -- Carey who even began to look like. Considered himself the leader of this junk yard prize. Tragedy and -- Yeah says. A malfunctioning referred to. Electrified -- water and came. Time. -- -- -- -- Back on the road with him we learned that somebody's black panther is now roaming the woods near Akron -- journalism. It's abhorred everything we can't handle they weren't here they defeated. Well they do they think we'll take it after a wooded area -- -- It also happens with Alex that's right alligators in -- Nineteen alligators in the Dayton area. Just the big area for people turned -- for couldn't handle anymore. We have ten and -- Cincinnati area -- 29 hour here's what's more than they had nuisance alligators in most counties. And in Florida. It's estimated that there may be as many as 73 million exotic animals in the US the tens of thousands of dangerous reptiles primates and big cats being kept as pets. -- -- believes you can draw a straight loss. People's passion for these creatures. To let other great American obsession with reality TV. And -- I'm running is suing your backyard. Before reality TV started -- -- are bringing -- you don't TV in your homes and -- how to live with them. How I got -- before five. Calls a year -- the worst part for python -- -- that if tiger all the sudden it blew up but over a hundred because Josie what's Evers on TV that month. It's popular will be for sale and -- animal fighters -- the very next month cooler really the guys with the black cats in the story. The -- in the dealers -- the ones -- the black cats -- from a police officers just like dealing with drugs. Really had license from him from all over the United States and Florida. Maryland. New Jersey New York. At an exotic animal fair in Pennsylvania Jimenez -- go under comes. Rattlesnakes. -- says it's at events like the rest of the exotic -- Often gets their first six to sort of doing what you're here here's a little marijuana sold drugs to attack there where tickets -- For here hold this Ryder Cup almost unheard of guaranteed -- your take -- home with -- Chris you get an animal in her hands same principle you gonna get -- from. If -- sounds a bit like it reformed pet addict himself but ironically he -- -- it was a huge offender. Huge remembered Julia Scott had -- tigers bears -- venomous snakes all different stuff over the years I actually thought I was doing the right thing. But on a trip to Africa he had -- most memorable convert -- to Kenya and expedition and I was stunned I'm looking out and I heard a giraffe -- past if we got to see a -- later on I realize this isn't right. They do not need to be cages and therefore is not people's effective. Part anybody's home these animals -- be left in the wildest disposed of registration actors must think about right now. And if you want one more -- of the spine think of this. Remember Jerry Brown fields -- -- after Lambert's down. Tim convinced -- to send the remaining lines to a secure animal sanctuary here in Colorado. Where they felt grass beneath their pause for the very first time. -- Never looked so -- If you want to see other examples of how some people are relocating dangerous animals for their safety as well as hours. Watch animal planet's call of the wild man on Sunday --

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