Lotto Murder: The Verdict Is Delivered

Act 3: Jurors take only 3 hours to find Dee Dee Moore guilty of first degree murder.
6:09 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Lotto Murder: The Verdict Is Delivered
- bum -bum ♪ Announcer:20/20" continues with crazy stupid luck. Once again, matt gutman. Tonight the largest jackpot in powerball history could be yours. Reporter: It was just a matter of months from when lottery winner abraham shakespeare met dee dee moore to when he wound up dead. Abe shakespeare was a sitting duck. There was just -- there was no -- just no way it was gonna end well. Now, who knew it was going to end this badly? Reporter: This is where it ended up a courtroom and a murder trial for dee dee moore. Yup that's dee dee. Cut off from clairol in custody. She's now brunette. She could extreme steps to avoid detection. Reporter: Dee dee pleads not guilty and though she never takes the stand, jurors still hear plenty from her in court. In a stream of dramatic, emotional outbursts, court officials mercifully turned off the microphones. But the judge still had distinctly negative reviews. Just a moment, ma'am, you need to come pose yourself. Reporter: Dee dee has reason to be upset. Witness after witness seem to condemn her from the stand. She popped up with the oddest stories. The mother of shakespeare's youngest child became a key witness. She made it sound like she wanted to clean him out. Why do you say that? Because she wanted to know about all of his assets and she was like I can help you clean him out. Reporter: Here is how prosecutors say dee dee did it. She had her ex husband john moore, who knew nothing about the evil intent, dig a hole in her backyard supposedly to bury garbage. Later that day, she shot shakespeare, put him in a hole, and finally paid a concrete crew to cover it up. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you are about to hear recorded conversation. The conversations are proper evidence. Reporter: But the case is really all about those secretly recorded audio tapes made by shakespeare's old friend, greg smith. That's ms. Moore getting back in the car with mr. Smith. So did you tell him, "yeah, he's still living?" Reporter: The jury hears dee dee moore continuing to instruct smith to tell people shakespeare was alive even though he now knew his gentle friend was dead. Yeah, I told him he's still living. I said, "anybody wanna know if he's still living? Yeah, he's still living." Reporter: Prosecutors say the recordings show dee dee's efforts to cover up murder. I guarantee you that ronald has killed him. I just know it because the man threatened to kill my son. Reporter: Here she sounds confused. She's telling greg about ronald the supposed drug dealer who she claims killed shakespeare. But she probably forgot she had already asked him to pretend to be ronald. deal and I think ronald killed him for the money abraham had on him. You call ronald and you tell this mother listen here we gonna get you out of this we need to know where this mother is at and if he did it. Reporter: It may be hard to follow the plot of the play in dee dee's mind. But its crystal clear to greg there is no drug dealer named ronald. Did miss moore address who to blame if you got caught? Yes. She was addressing a guy ronald, the imaginary character she made up. Reporter: Greg testifies how dee dee thought she could fool everyone. For example when she concocted a fake letter. Im going to go to the hotel and write that , going to throw it in there and that will be it. Reporter: It was supposed to be from abraham himself. Dee dee wanted greg to deliver the letter to shakepeare's mother. She reads it back to him when she's done writing. I just need some time. I will see you, I promise. Just give me some time. Reporter: Remember, detectives first recruited greg after he had already made a fake phone call to shakesmpeare's mom pretending to be abraham. Now he reads the fake letter in court. I'm grown and don't have to come back. Reporter: It takes him 20 minutes to read this forged shakespearean soliloquy. But one large problem with the plan. Shakespeare's mom would have known abraham couldn't read or write. I been through a lot, mom. You should understand more than anyone. I just need time. How do you do this to a woman, a 70-year-old woman who hasn't seen her son in months? I mean, devious, manipulative, evil. I like being missing. Just not all over the news. I think the defense, uh, had its work cut out for it. Reporter: Dee dee's defense to all this? Her lawyers describe the case as "circumstantial." There is no direct evidence against her. Reporter: No witnesses, dna or fingerprints directly linking her to the shooting. All the evidence taken together is legally insufficient to establish a prima facia case of premeditated 1st degree murder against the defendant. Has the jury reached a verdict? Please hand that verdict to the bailiff. Reporter: But thanks to all those tapes, the jurors needed only three hours. The defendant is guilty of 1st degree murder. The defendant did possess and discharge a firearm. Reporter: Still even when the jury convicted her, dee dee continued to maintain her innocence. You never see the last of these people, and so she is sitting in jail thinking she can still be smarter than everybody else. This is the sociopathic mind. I had a little slip-up. But I'll get out of this somehow. And I'll give an interview. Reporter: Sure enough. She gave one to us. I'll still get into heaven god is one person who knows I'm innocent. Reporter: As that other shakespeare wrote, "false face must hide what the false heart doth know." I think people are complete idiots that think I had anything to do with it. I really do.

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{"id":20220508,"title":"Lotto Murder: The Verdict Is Delivered","duration":"6:09","description":"Act 3: Jurors take only 3 hours to find Dee Dee Moore guilty of first degree murder.","url":"/2020/video/lotto-murder-verdict-delivered-20220508","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}