Lotto Secrets

Lotto winners confess their wildest splurges - a Nascar team? - and biggest mistakes.
3:01 | 12/01/12

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Transcript for Lotto Secrets
millionaires. Here's deborah roberts. Reporter: Dreams of instant riches coming true in a flash. The new winner, the hill family. Reporter: Today, a mechanic from missouri, a newly minted midas went public. There was a second winner of the $588 mega million jackpot. Who else had the magic touch? Could it be this happy guy in the yellow suit spotted at a maryland gas station? What is it like to strike it rich in take heed of these tales. First the regular joe, unemployed con trucks worker confesses he went on an obscene spending spree after winning more than $75 million. If I can win, anybody can win. Reporter: He blew through $20 million and he confesses he splurged on grownup thies most people dream of. This is my toy. Reporter: A fleest atvs, a boat, six houses. We call that the east wing. Reporter: Lots of fancy cars and for his wife a four karat But his biggest purchase? I would say my nascar team. Reporter: Joe has already blown almost half of his riches. "Not a problem," he says, joe admits he has yet to see the downside. It's nice to think I don't have to go to work. Reporter: Maybe he should heed the carbary tale of jack whitaker. After getting an unbelievable gift on christmas day 2002, he confesses the wheel of fortune turned against him hard. My wife said he wished she had torn the ticket up. I wish we had, too. Reporter: His marriage crumbled, he started hanging out at strip clubs and it cost him a loved one, his gand ughter, who he showered with cash, found dead after descending into drug use with her boyfriend. I lost everything I held dear in my life. Reporter: The fabled lottery win has been kinder to this waitress, still working after striking it rich. She remembers telling her boyfriend. I went inside and I asked him, if he had any doubts about me? He said I'm going to marry you, everything will be okay. I said okay, yeah, I won $1 million. Good answer. Reporter: Today, she confesses she's learned the moral of the story. If you rely on money for happiness, chances are you'll never find it. I asked myself why is it me that won the lottery? I believe it was given to me because I want do something great with it.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Lotto winners confess their wildest splurges - a Nascar team? - and biggest mistakes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17853055","title":"Lotto Secrets","url":"/2020/video/lotto-secrets-17853055"}