Madoff Family Secrets: Stephanie's Story

Part 1: First Madoff family member, widow of Bernie's oldest son, speaks out.
7:50 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Madoff Family Secrets: Stephanie's Story
Bernie Madoff is the face of financial wrongdoing on an epic scale. His family destroyed by his -- one son became convinced He could never recover. In her new book the end of normal that's son's wife Stephanie asks the questions we all want answered. Why would a father lay waste to his entire family. And what would make a son feel He had no choice but to pay for the sins of his father. Everything was perfect on October 23 2004. The designer down the well heeled guests. Even the Harlem boys choir flown into the exclusive island of Nantucket. To serenade the bride. Because what you're seeing here isn't just any wedding it's the wedding of Stephanie and Mark Madoff. I was so happy that day I was just so happy to be -- like. Stephanie was thirty and finally convinced -- found her soul mate in more. He was forty a divorced father of two handsome and rich He was more than a millionaire. He was the son of the legendary Bernard Madoff. The -- -- money man of Wall Street but to Stephanie on that night. Bernie was just her unassuming father in law. I -- is -- dancing the whole life. And I remember at one point and looked off and son to -- side and I just sort of pulled them on the dance floor and was dancing with him. I think I shocked him by pulling him down on the dance -- like that. -- -- -- the white -- -- right probably bite his lip if -- close out. But what Stephanie didn't realize was that she was dancing with the -- He stood there at my wedding watching everyone dance and He knew that every one in that room was gonna get screwed. It is the same Bernie Madoff that you saw splashed all over the media as the most hated man in America. The mastermind behind the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. One of the most difficult things for me is to figure that out like how one person could be -- and sweet. -- And then be such a monster at the same time. All three made -- men worked together here in midtown Manhattan Bernie ran his hedge fund business on the seventeenth floor. Mark and his younger brother Andy were two floors up running a separate stock trading business they'd started. But for all the financial success Stephanie fell in love with marks decidedly on Wall Street ways. -- talk money. Never was He -- -- Not -- at all He was just a genuinely. Nice some -- sensitive. Handsome. Man. And she is seen on -- eight. It was that sensitivity that attracted Stephanie. Then a 27 year old college grad from New York who was working for a fashion designer and it was time to meet mr. right. Friends are getting married friends a couple of thing up and moving off yes what does mom saying mom is saying take any -- you can get to Stephanie. One blind date led to romance and then marriage. -- the press. Stephanie was now a part of the Madoff family and found an instinct closeness with Bernie. He was quiet but there was something very sweet about his quietness I I didn't find it. To be it. But what was odd was that this -- master of finance would. Fought his way out of poverty with his smarts seemed uninterested in anything serious. Most seem to interest him. I never saw Bernie read a book I never -- -- reading newspaper. Are keen didn't really have meaningful. Intellectual. Conversations. Ever. On the other hand roof. His sweetheart since childhood always had plenty to say -- was hilarious. She instantly made me feel comfortable. -- He may have been the big name. But she was the -- personality and ruled her death cracking jokes all the time at Bernie's expense at Bernie's expense yet believe me. The Madoff family was clearly enjoying the good life traveling on private jets a -- in the south of France Holman Palm Beach, Florida where Bernie kept -- 55 foot vintage -- And while Stephanie and mark live downtown his parents lived here. Nine million dollar park avenue penthouse with a wraparound terrace -- here in Montauk in their beachfront mansion. They could buy whatever they wanted something Bernie showed off to Stephanie one day in a fancy store. -- came in and said anything she touches she gaps and I said. Bernie crazy. Yes things were very important to Bernie Madoff. And Stephanie says He was compulsive about organizing his collections. Like his seventeen Rolex Watches. Or his hundred pairs of Belgian loafers. Bernie was -- total neat freak everything had to be perfect. Pop hits close where. Perfect shirts color according needed perfect shoes lined up everything had to be totally clean. And when it wasn't an ugly side of Bernie came out I was really turned off by the ways they treated their housekeeper. It's all they talked about Liz how poorly she cleaned the house I think they would even mock her. Spanish accent it was there was something more troubling about Bernie. His obsessive secrecy about his private fund. And how He managed such remarkable returns for his clients. It was Stephanie says in her book a source of tension between father and son. Every single fight was about the same thing He said to me Stephanie. I don't have any clue what my father campus and I just want to know what happens if He dies what I'm supposed to -- And -- -- police say the same thing you do your job and -- Duma can. Then came the fall of 2008. The stock market crashes. And it seems so does burn it. Mark fears his father is ill. He said Stephanie He just sits in his office all day staring at the ceiling. And I walked into the office and there was Bernie in his office staring at the ceiling like -- -- And He just stared at the ceiling the entire time. Then something even more strange. Stephanie decides to tell -- Bernie and granny Ruth that she and mark are pregnant again they loved their grandchildren. Loved them. With your first child Audrey there was champagne and celebration. But not this time -- -- Hey Ernie Stephanie -- pregnant that you never spotted that one coming -- You thought there was -- -- -- them why wouldn't they be over the moon to have another grandchild but looking back what do you think. I think Bernie. -- I coming and a real and another life. -- life and so many others around the world were about to be shatter. And Stephanie and mark would be caught him in the eye of the storm.

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{"id":14790869,"title":"Madoff Family Secrets: Stephanie's Story","duration":"7:50","description":"Part 1: First Madoff family member, widow of Bernie's oldest son, speaks out.","url":"/2020/video/madoff-family-secrets-stephanies-story-bernie-oldest-son-family-members-2020-14790869","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}