Madonna on Romance and Celebrity

Part 1: The pop icon is making her feature-length directorial debut with "W.E."
5:25 | 01/14/12

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Transcript for Madonna on Romance and Celebrity
We've just seen the new -- so you might be tempted to think of Madonna as the sex original. She has pushed every boundary and lots of buttons along what that. So has super stardom slowed her down at all. As Cynthia McFadden found -- Madonna is just getting started. -- the world's top selling female recording artist of all time. With hits like votes and Michael Burgess. The three decades Madonna has never held -- from expressing herself. It's no secret. Madonna is the original enough open -- his behavior. -- love her hate her she is tireless. That. Nice launching three massive projects all at one NC meeting hair and -- think we just stumbled into this beautiful room. We -- this room the royal suite at New York's Waldorf Astoria because Madonna wants to talk about her latest passion. New films of of the duke and duchess of Windsor and -- Actually -- in this so -- yet there is her directorial baby called WE. Poised to open on February 3 tank at -- top -- talk about magic frightens me and I can't see any good coming. And un -- romance between king Edward the eighth and an American divorcee Wallis Simpson. The romance ultimately should Britain to its core and a difficult time. And I will be the most despised -- -- And she was. Forced to choose between the road and the woman he loves Edward -- Wallace abdicating in 1936. -- Defense. And I laid down. Do end up liking Wallis Simpson I. I love her this year is seen -- her ability to survive against all odds. -- also I think she was deeply. Deeply misunderstood by people and I think. You know IBC I can relate to that. But not always surprises in the film is no exception. The great discovery that I -- whilst doing mystery stretches that there is no such thing as perfect love and -- obviously know that in the back of my head I'm not an eighty. Inside -- the greatest love affairs -- all times Madonna reveals the painful truth. She felt. Trapped yeah. I mean think if a man keeps up. Being -- for you then you have to spend the rest of your life making him feel like -- -- she felt imprisoned have you ever. Then look like that I don't know that's a hard question to answer because I've never fallen enough to -- I certainly fallen in love with people who are willing to make big sacrifices for me possibly not -- because I would have liked and sneak. And I have. Made very big sacrifices for people that I loved. -- romantic planned. Sorry yeah. Still after all these years -- not. Speaking of all these years. -- and I have our own history nearly a decade were. From our first interview in Los Angeles and -- in her home in New York Yankees held prisoner by an expletive. You last night in the south of France and yeah. She was about to turn the Big Five forget it -- fifty. This time we thought we might jump right over age most -- the age stuff we have. Or not had a I don't know how old man and I opponent William famously dating younger man -- people had a -- that no. His name is Ibrahim is -- -- the 24 year old French dancer. I just. Met someone that I cared for and this happens to be his age. And what's appealing I don't feel comfortable with this compensation what are you looking for about nine cents looks about lots of them. So how was her new relationship knowing I -- -- -- I believe -- millions -- in -- it is important now I don't know I mean I go home and I wash my face I put -- my sweatpants and I. -- -- on the -- and I say oh he's not my feet and you know and he says -- you about my feet. So you know and the curtain and just like everybody else. Believe the material girl -- like everyone else. Remember a lot of -- Let's talk about celebrity. And -- committing heinous action. Well you're an expert on celebrity and -- Well. That's the sign wasn't the son and maybe the -- in this room right now -- she's angry she doesn't like the subject of -- celebrity. Three minutes later the light was -- did you set out to be statements -- -- came. Kind of came and smacked in the face and I sat out the cancer and I centerpiece singer and -- songwriter. And now.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Part 1: The pop icon is making her feature-length directorial debut with \"W.E.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15359531","title":"Madonna on Romance and Celebrity","url":"/2020/video/madonna-pop-singer-gaga-we-celebrity-music-15359531"}