Making a Plea, Facing a Stigma

Part 5: Linda Lusk, denying oral sex claim, reaches compromise with prosecutors.
5:15 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Making a Plea, Facing a Stigma
Throughout the legal proceedings against -- -- -- -- carried out her normal role says local businesswoman. Wife. And mother. -- But a dark cloud hovered over the -- family. Prosecutors threatened to charge -- with a child rape if she refused their offer to plead guilty to child molestation. Was it hard for you. To make the plea. That was on the table. It was really difficult. And I waffled back and forth. The difficulty for me was -- know I'm not a -- molester. Ultimately Linda's lawyers negotiating with prosecutor Randy Miller found an acceptable compromise. Something called an Alford plea. Alfred plea I do not admit to the crimes but I believe the prosecution has evidence that could convict me. Yeah Chad agreed to the Alfred plea deal if she -- -- -- this case it would have been. A potential of years and -- something that none of us born in and it was you know scary. Under the terms of her plea deal Linda was sentenced to just ninety days in the county jail. Really ninety nights she was given a work release program which let her spend days at her store it was work release site was down lines. You strip searched every night. And a -- that's so humiliating. From a comfortable home surrounded by family. Former mayor Linda -- was suddenly sleeping here instead. Top bunk surrounded by three cell mates you think you deserve what punishment you're -- I know what it. There are some things -- -- that were wrong there was never an intention to. Be involved with this young kid and I don't. I don't believe -- -- in jail but. I agreed agreed to it. Painful and unfair as Linda found her jail time if there was in the town where she was once mayor. A shock that she got off so easily. I was upset because she was going to get -- at least for her that her -- sentence and I just felt like it was not. Punishment. Enough. Do you feel though that it is more difficult to have -- seen as a victim. In this situation. Because he's a boy. Because of big strong kid because he liked it and he bragged to his friends at Merrill patting him on the back. I could see how people would feel that way. And my eyes -- -- as a mother seen on of -- as well. Fourteen year olds did Linda Lusk take advantage. There's good news -- -- so. Did she hurt you know. You think she should have gotten a lot of jail time. And then. Personally that -- isn't happening. Her parents think. And a look at it from my parents he would not -- just my -- Your parents from fire they're angry that you're -- date yet. Anger and outrage at the former mayor still linger in -- in ways she feels every day. -- -- close friends. IC industry -- not noticed it the other way. It's a chilling statement the whole family has to bear particularly. Kevin -- always in the public guy as the high school principal. -- here comes mr. -- -- -- heads turning conversation tonight back. But if I go hi there she goes and hides what set them do. And certainly not going to be a very good example for the 900 kids we have for school for our staff and certainly not -- be much. It's -- an example for my daughter. You wanted them to know that you're gonna handle this the right way -- -- And that the family is gonna -- I -- eat your crappy things happened. Sometimes you have to stand up and -- right now mouth and deal with. For Carly lust one of the hardest things to deal which was for mothers nighttime jail term. Nobody is like your mom -- it. Instead -- because she wasn't there now it give me his for a good or bad it's it's just it was hard. -- -- 1 morning last July that part of the -- drama was over Linda was released from the county jail. And was heading home with the son -- Along the way she stopped -- some groceries and still got home early enough to make her family surprised breakfast. -- is saying are you -- If you think Linda -- had seen the worst of it you'd be wrong. Why just days ago -- -- back in the headlines. Behind bars.

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{"id":14937959,"title":"Making a Plea, Facing a Stigma","duration":"5:15","description":"Part 5: Linda Lusk, denying oral sex claim, reaches compromise with prosecutors.","url":"/2020/video/making-plea-facing-stigma-14937959","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}