Man Discovers His Entire Life Has Been a Lie

Act 3: Fronczak receives the DNA test results that he is not the biological child of his parents.
6:12 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Man Discovers His Entire Life Has Been a Lie
From his home in Las Vegas -- -- defined by luck and lives. -- -- of the biggest gamble of his life. After decades of wondering I suspect. That he might not feed the baby stolen from his -- sons he asked his parents to samples of. They had DNA I think I come off guard a little day. Excited I just -- -- liked my mom did you ever really wonder if I was really your child she said yeah we we thought about it. A -- what we can find out -- way. In this Julia would like to know and I would cavities -- resolved under five minutes. But later second -- we're ready to handle whatever secrets might come not. Yes. We get parents -- to handle the secrets. You know they call me and -- -- we don't want you to have that test done. If you do -- we don't want -- now. I had the -- ready to go on my desk at my house for about three weeks that would pass it every day. Fighting with Brothers to do it -- not. Following one -- I told my wife I said you know what I have to do this I really need to know. The -- and said that he had anticipated and seeing the results were in. The test that would -- hand if -- -- living a lie just. -- the moment when you've got the results of the DNA test I got the phone call I found out there was no remote possibility. That I was a project child. And I was -- about the color drain from my face. And I Saturday okay he said I don't know pace that I -- we'll do is he needs to -- my chair right now and Allison started thinking I don't know anything about myself and -- I am. My heritage. My birthday. All these things -- people take for granted. I did everything I thought was my life wasn't he -- I don't know anything about myself. And I said we do your ears and -- my husband -- chemist dad you know -- mark. But who he is is not this baby boy. But Chester and -- the fairy tale ending to their family tragedy was revealed to be just back. How does a loving son. Say to his parent. -- not my biological parents. That was another hurdle had to go through. My dad's 82 dozen he has he has a hard time hearing on the phone. And my mom I knew or should be very upset. So I really thought the -- would be to send them a letter we can read it. -- So it's dear mom and dad first I -- your son and always will be. I love you both and that will be forever. I am not the kidnapped baby that you had stolen from your arms and April 27 1964. This means that the real Paul Joseph project -- still be out there alive not knowing -- years. I know this is hard for you that this is also behind me at this point what was the reaction of your parents. My dad called me. And he called me a name that he never has called me before in my life project still. I'm speechless. And then into my dad -- up in their heart I was their son. And that's all that mattered. Did you think maybe you shouldn't have taken to -- won't test a struggle with that quite a day. It's I love my parents and I always do what -- with this is something I really felt I had to do. Much. The truth hurts different -- -- to find this stone they. It's like their baby has been kidnapped again like they are going through it all over again. From Mary -- Chad -- the student news who witnessed Cindy Schuster and it is still -- hot breaking development. We haven't found to show you from 1964. At your parents at a press conference just days after. That baby was stolen let me show it to connect. What are your thoughts when you see this -- really hits home. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then it's home. That pain that she went through that I'm sure she's feeling it now. Paul fond memories have become -- -- tainted by the knowledge that he was not kidnapped and found. He had been abandoned and most likely by a parent. The toughest moment for me is when I -- -- home movies come when I was first brought back from Jersey and I see how a young boy was running around. That someone had just left. And it it just kills me everytime I see that I look at my daughter she's four years old and the thought of of leaving her behind. That's what really understand the most. Paul is not determined to solve the -- -- his life. Who is he and what happened to his parents -- don't. -- My main goal is to find the real -- my parents raised me they did a great job and I feel. That if I don't do everything I can to help find their real child. And online doing my job -- -- -- D'Angelo also want to find. Quote you ought to be a great bonus but the bigger mystery is who is underway is. -- -- -- -- -- of these mysteries we introduced him to Brian -- our chief investigative correspondent. An ABC news consultant. Brad -- Ellis a former FBI. Refineries and we're starting to pull together you know anybody who touched the case in the UK I'm in this for the long haul discussing. The best shot is to get the word -- -- Indonesian. To crack open a coat case that despite decades owned that we -- -- handling and -- in Chicago for the hunt for a stolen baby. Asking viewers to test amendments and sending tips talk you know anything about this case that it can't come here.

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{"id":20762747,"title":"Man Discovers His Entire Life Has Been a Lie","duration":"6:12","description":"Act 3: Fronczak receives the DNA test results that he is not the biological child of his parents.","url":"/2020/video/man-discovers-entire-life-lie-20762747","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}