Mom Refuses to Believe Daughter Committed Suicide

Act 5: Following the reinvestigation, Osborn won't accept the panel's finding that Morris killed herself.
8:19 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for Mom Refuses to Believe Daughter Committed Suicide
Reporter: After 14 months, reviewing hundreds of documents and crime scene photos and conducting three dozen interviews, Florida's top investigators finally came to a conclusion about the death of Sheena Morris. The call came from the state attorney's office letting us know that we're gonna meet and the fiint thg that went through my mind was, "Finally." Reporter: So what really happened to Sheena in that hotel room? My emotions were just all over the place. Part of me was confident that there's no possible way they can come back that Sheena's death was a suicide. Not after all the information that we found out. Not after all the experts. Reporter: But that's exactly what the state of Florida told her. According to their report her beloved Sheena did in fact commit suicide. In a meeting that lasted an hour and a half, Kelly was shown the evidence that the fdle said proved it. At first she seemed ready to concede. We thought that this must be what it is. It must've bn a suicide. I think all the expert literature and all the analysis that the report discusses is right on point. Reporter: Lyann Goudie is a prominent Florida defense attorney who reviewed the report on the fdle's investigation starting with that 911 call made by the hotel guests in the room next door. Screaming and yelling. A man and a woman. Those people basically confirmed that nothing that was suspicious or was indicative of any kind of a violent struggle occurred after the police initially responded to the 911 call. Reporter: Those witnesses saying the walls of the hotel were so thin, if a murder had occurred, they would certainly have heard it. And the report dismisses that sand found on the bottom of Sheena's feet, but not on the shower floor. They indicate that they blew up the photographs, changed the lighting and the contrast in the photograph, and put it on better paper. So, they're actually able to see sand on the shower floor. Reporter: And what about those hemorrhages in Sheena's eyes that the forensic experts said pointed to strangulation, not suicide? Anybody that's experienced in doing homicide work will tell you that sometimes they're present and sometimes they're not. In fact, the reports are that people that hang themselves, 50% of the time have petichiae present. Reporter: As for Sheena's bracelet that Kelly remembered being found on the wrong wrist? The report emphasizes that they were able to secure photographs that were taken some time earlier in December, that established the bracelet, in fact, on her right wrist. Which contradicted what Ms. Osborne thought. Reporter: And the state's report also pointed out that Sheena had a history of depression. Did she ever say to you that she was depressed, or having suicidal thoughts? She told me she tried to commit suicide when she was commit suicide when she was 15 years old. Took a bottle of pills. Reporter: In fact that's the same story police say Sheena's mother told them the day her body was found. Had there ever been suicidal thoughts before? She had gotten in some trouble with her dad. And, she kind of like said to her father that she took some pills. They checked everything out. She really didn't take anything. It was a false alarm. Reporter: But for the fdle the incident demonstrated a risk factor for suicide. It was almost, like, a post-mortem psychoanalysis. It had brought up things from when she was 14. Reporter: Lee Williams, who wrote so extensively about the case, doesn't buy the report. I had a lot of issues with some of the experts that were quoted in there. Reporter: What about that stunning polygraph that Joe bombed on national television? The fdle discounted it, saying the questions were improperly phrased. And they retested him. This time he passed. There's a reason why polygraphs are inadmissible in court. And the reason is because they're not reliable. Reporter: Despite Kelly's ongoing investigation there are many in Florida who believe this case is now closed for good. There was no indication that Sheena Morris' death was anything other than a suicide. There is no way based on everything that's outlined in this report that any responsible state attorney's office would've brought charges against Joe genoese. Reporter: And Kelly seemed ready to accept that too -- for about 24 hours. But she quickly had a change of heart, going on television to announce it. I believe Sheena was murdered. In Reading the report and the things -- just went, "No. No, this is -- this wasn't a suicide. My daughter was murdered in that room." It was seeing the things that were there and saying, "I can't just walk away when I know what's here." Reporter: For Kelly the heart of the case was always about Joe's claim that he went straight home after leaving the hotel. Now, for the first time, she gets access to his cellphone ping data which for so long had been sealed by a judge. I had two separate experts analyze that data. And those two experts were, you know, just dead-on, the same thing. But not the same as the fdle. Reporter: The fdle's analysis confirmed Joe's account but Kelly's experts say they discovered an error in the location of one of Joe's last cellphone pings that night. We now once again have sloppy investigative work. And it only shows that they left these loopholes as to knowing where genoese was. And those things haven't been answered. Reporter: Fixated on finding out every detail, she also started contacting the witnesses the fdle interviewed, including the alibi witnesses who say they saw Joe come home that night. I am on my way to Kissimmee, Florida, to meet with John ferrentinos. Reporter: Today, this witness tells Kelly those investigators left out some details he told them in a statement attributed to him. People felt that, in the fdle reports, that their own statements weren't quite accurate. They weren't. Reporter: The fdle declined "20/20"'s request for an interview saying their report speaks for itself. As for Joe genoese -- I think I should bring civil charges against Kelly and her family. There's no reason why this family did what they did to me. Reporter: But even after years of being at odds with Kelly, it turns out they do have something in common. Both are left with questions. But his are for Sheena. I ask the question all the time. I asked it, "Why did you do this?" I don't understand it. I mean, who understands it. I don't. She has a birthday coming up. Reporter: The questions Kelly finds herself asking in the room she still has set up with Sheena's things are different. She would be 28 years old. It makes me wonder what she would be doing now. She's a mom who's lost her child. And it's hard for anybody to criticize her but I think that she needs to sit back, and maybe through therapy deal with some of her grief issues that she has. And understand that everything that can be done has been done. Reporter: And as committed as she remains to investigating her daughter's case, there are certain realities that have begun to set in. It will never be re-opened. It'll never be looked at. It will never be changed. But I won't stop working on that. Reporter: And the friends Sheena left behind wouldn't want her to. What do you think she would make of what her mother has done? I think she would be impressed. There was never one day, or one moment when we thought she would give up the fight and she won't. Reporter: And what do you think Sheena would say? She'd tell me how much she loves me. She would tell me, "I'm glad you knew, mom. I'm glad you knew, and I'm glad you saw it through."

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{"id":24817308,"title":"Mom Refuses to Believe Daughter Committed Suicide","duration":"8:19","description":"Act 5: Following the reinvestigation, Osborn won't accept the panel's finding that Morris killed herself.","url":"/2020/video/man-fiance-alive-im-victimized-24817308","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}