One Man's Desperate Search for Brother

Indian waiter Russel Rebello is among those missing from the Costa Concordia.
1:58 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for One Man's Desperate Search for Brother
Is that asking -- -- and he looked. -- -- This impact on the ship and that -- was sitting. In his room. Watching a movie -- that gash in the house. That's a place where -- Most of will present ship leave so Ross is doing a few seconds it there was water -- unit. And I you know. Makes you can sleep. -- influence as was mentioned on me -- at ceremonies expert vehement style pizza king. Today I mean yeah in high -- Information mean YE. -- -- -- He spoke to over 200 people trying to -- -- Russell was after he is on deck goes to helping others accident he said because it is meant to silence do you mean we now. -- second that because that's what he's on his intent would be. -- not to amendment. One because. Than this let's not -- I went back -- his defiance Sorenstam and Nancy what exactly happened not to put the palace there was -- information and beginning this week and -- Not posting them. -- and shouldn't -- When you look at this ship do you think he's still in their the son -- sense. Instances and summit if he's alive I hope he's alive. Incidents in the best weight management as -- message and he got adjusted it's definitely needs me and -- And this speech. Any reading that's zero he's got that chime in in the news his different.

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{"id":15440085,"title":"One Man's Desperate Search for Brother","duration":"1:58","description":"Indian waiter Russel Rebello is among those missing from the Costa Concordia.","url":"/2020/video/mans-desperate-search-brother-15440085","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}