Mariah and Nick Debut 'Dem Babies'

Barbara Walters with Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and their twins.
9:57 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Mariah and Nick Debut 'Dem Babies'
Talk about an anniversary present -- -- -- Harry -- third wedding anniversary. To act and Nick Cannon she produced -- -- -- ago. -- back to the production. Until tonight -- protective parents of the twins who -- just six months so I've kept them out of the spotlight. But you about to meet them for the very first time. Do they look like -- have do they look like Mitt. -- -- -- It's a bonafide megawatt Steve -- a number one. Single no kids -- -- female artist in history of the network estimated. -- Can't win -- second husband is a Canadian. You can start in his own right thing. Here -- good news. New York's number one radio show keep -- that perfect -- Executives at Nickelodeon. The couple -- in 2005. When it introduced more I had fifteen -- who. I was fast for our relationship into existence within the -- -- live in -- new people asking. -- my celebrity crush -- I would always saying Mariah Carrey. Different people would tell me. They would say oh this dude nick can He realizes that He AM when -- consumer thought I don't believe anybody really makes matters think it's like a practical -- pair -- runs aren't. True that on your back you haven't captured this has Mariah forever. Absolutely will -- for an urgent yeah. Ask and wherever you live forever as my fragrance so you gain access in -- on my -- forever and you -- -- just as my eyes. National from -- Ever I'm not announce the -- of marriage to Mariah Carey actress. Pretty good a couple of divide -- time between her homes in LA and this 121000 square foot penthouse apartment in New York. In 2006. And I had been singled to get this -- glimpse of -- selling nearly 200 million albums and by her actress who. I'm a sophomore was absent specific statement coming from you. The caution is bigger than most people living business. I call the family. Doing nothing doing -- -- is life in politics. -- black. A white mother but not a single picture from her first marriage to -- ejected -- from Tommy Mottola. The man who discover -- and -- Trojan itself what are you afraid of marrying again. Initially I was afraid. The concept of marriage but this is a different situation and -- if a person -- a different time my life and nobody will ever be able to steal my spirit. Again so I'm just happy to be in love and to be here you. Told me that you were afraid that you could never trust. Anyone. Again can trust him. Sometimes. -- and -- yeah and then I tell him. -- -- -- sometimes you tell me that's only okay contestant. We're happy to get a pass through -- and I especially when he's nice when he's nice he's the best on the run and -- -- is not nice. Canada and now we're easily and Basra. -- around let's put it the way it's color weather news. They both admit to being impulsive. -- just weeks after they started dating. Mix Allan and his younger as opposed to Mariah here in the Mohawk and. I Toto we're coming after this interview the Empire State Building -- did you send us a few festive look at it -- it certainly. -- the council have a love for candy and I got down on one. With my thing Clough has changed race endowment and photos of broken candy but it -- Dianne and Regis -- -- -- -- -- here. Shortly after they were married she was pregnant. Before you became pregnant with a -- yeah. You had a miscarriage yeah. That must have been very painful for both of -- It really was it was we leave town. What I feel -- changing their lifestyle becoming she says more zen like. Using acupuncture just relax and then she ended -- Did you have fertility treatments to try to get pregnant I did the main thing I did that. -- tough. Was to go on protested on -- every month meaning it and then when I was pregnant. Had to stay with the adjustment for ten weeks -- and minimizes the chance of miscarriage by 50%. It would -- At age forty know I was carrying -- but -- a high risk pregnancy. It was good but it was -- -- at the same time. What are you worried about carrying a child I don't think I understood the enormity and the magnitude of what it really does to your body. Like it's not just oh you don't look pretty and you have a bump now you had a very tough pregnancy yeah. Carrying two babies. Unless somebody's been through it it's difficult to understand what I went through because my pregnancy was very unique in terms of what happened to me. The public never knew about her long periods of -- -- for a sleigh -- and several emergency trips to the hospital. What we did she was a very pregnant. -- public. Get tested by. Releasing -- Christmas thousand. Performing for. Even showing up -- home shopping network to show her clothing jewelry -- much oh. He's showing me and I am thanking you when you promised -- this melee the you also took some photographs to exact. A hat -- -- the some of them would you copping your hands -- your -- -- -- weren't sure Lou Gembara stud you know -- China economy. I still believe this -- beautiful -- you know I am here. The media get at least my hair and makeup done so during that time I was so reasonable. I just say I'm blessed I'm so thankful this funeral lots -- -- -- Mariah Carey complaining. About her pregnancy and I don't want to do that. But what I say that they -- -- pregnant so she could barely move daily get out of bed by herself. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to walk properly and was a little skewed strained I would -- and then some would need to held me up I couldn't go. Even two. -- -- -- Our society are we what are we doing we're -- -- Hospital moments sticking out and then He taking this medicine to keep these babies inside they could be born falters yes I want them to be but I am I -- to 35 weeks and then the doctors and it was safe and -- -- haven't -- section. Yeah uh huh yes by the end. To a -- conditions went from difficult to dangerous. Gestation diabetes is threatened her -- and possible seizures from -- Clancy and threatened her own life. So on April 30 that couple's third wedding anniversary. And I have with -- playing DJ in the delivery room. Gave birth you -- music aren't. Had to make sure like that hasn't gotten you didn't here is -- -- -- -- cue the music in had a camera. The lighting was right. Alive in various communities know when it's -- driver's. -- -- -- -- Oh -- -- it's my son fans. Food healthy they. Until -- named -- in my -- followed by a boy they named -- After the room in which different. Seles and walk and -- Brian here. The little prince increases that is true. Only six months so no one has seen the faces -- mode until now. That and then. Loot and so I'm -- I'll just stop parent. Check out the -- And older the only baby picture of Mariah and there is an unmistakable likeness between mountain side. But either of the twins -- had in -- this magical place. Who's taking PH then unknown man band. That came back -- -- a nun who. Cool man. Is Alan duke we Verizon -- open -- -- you shouldn't recently that you want your children to do something greater. -- and detainment. Think society puts too much on entertainment and entertainers. Should -- be praising them like. They're royalty especially in America -- should really be about -- teachers. You know the doctors. I want -- to nail this thing is beautifully and then my man wanting. To be able to play instruments and anything but I want -- like. We'll get the full eighteen and I don't like many others sometimes whole united music and other issues they can do -- There are incredible what I will say that they really respond to music can't but I want to make sure we get education parents ask. What does this marriage and these babies give -- my family gives me everything on condition. That means. The world to me it's complete. It's just -- it's a beautiful place to the the.

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{"id":14791112,"title":"Mariah and Nick Debut 'Dem Babies'","duration":"9:57","description":"Barbara Walters with Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and their twins.","url":"/2020/video/mariah-carey-nick-cannon-debut-dem-babies-barbara-walters-interview-2011-twins-2020-14791112","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}