Mark Madoff's Good-Bye

Part 4: What thwarted Mark Madoff's recovery?
7:32 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Mark Madoff's Good-Bye
Yeah. Markets -- editors -- news you. Six years after they took their -- on Nantucket Island Stephanie and Mark Madoff vowed once more. To leave -- suicide attempt and the stain of Bernie Madoff in the past. We needed to -- that this was not -- -- our lives and many -- today Stephanie Nelson busy mother of two went back to school to become a family counselor. Mark renewed his focus on family as well and rebuilding his career while living off the money he'd made from his own company. He would come home from work every day happy. You know it was the mark -- -- He wasn't being brought down by if all this crap -- that had been thrown his way. Stephanie and her mother decided go to Disney World a special trip for her four year old daughter Audrey. Mark stayed behind with Nicholas just 22 months old. I got a text from mark saying that the -- steam. It just sued my four and a half year old daughter for 111000 dollars that Bernie and Ruth had -- her. And I was serious prayer that lonely and being -- -- me yet again by what Bernie Madoff had done. It was even worse for more. Two year anniversary of the scandal had arrived and with -- a flurry of news reports and speculation once again. Linking more to the sins of his father. It would -- a single article and that would be Martin's last strong. Face on my husband fall down that same radical and I remember I texted him -- -- -- and -- -- this I can't take this anymore. And apparently neither could mark. The next morning Stephanie woke up to two emails from her husband. The first line in the subject line said health. And the contents it please send someone to take care -- The next line -- -- in the subject line. I -- the -- and explain. And I was I I just -- you in -- that something was wrong something's very very wrong. Her mother calls Marty in new York and asks him to check on Nicholas. Twenty minutes later Marty enters mark and Stephanie is law. When you walk into the -- war. Could face in the pool you have to turn left to come into the apartment. And mark was right there I knew immediately. The mark was -- Hanging from a being 46 year old father and husband Mark Madoff. In Florida -- -- mother gets the call. I just hear her say. Oh my god. Only god and I went running around -- she's like he's dead Stephanie she's. -- -- -- terror hold it together for our -- What do you mean -- -- Phoenix. And she said Stephanie he's dead. Stephanie would go through so many emotions grief. Fear even anger that mark had left her in the kids. But she realizes now Moore was a broken man. All those same people out there who think that my husband killed himself because He must've known something and that couldn't be further from -- -- My husband's. Death was only proof that his pain He was an admission. Hill. My husband -- in terrible terrible pain. On the day mark died an email to Stephanie. And it Ruth finally gives mark what -- wanted most. I'll regret until my dying day that I didn't do what He asked about me not seen burning. This week was a brutal one and I was about to change its too late what a fool I was. You blame. Ruth yes. I'm angry at her very angry at her if you are angry at her how do you feel about -- I hate -- me. If I -- bringing me off right now. I would tell him that I -- fully responsible for killing my husband. And I spit in his face the. And that's exactly what Stephanie told -- in a letter written a month after mark's death. Just a few days later a response from a much different Bernie little sign of the celebrity prisoner enjoying life behind bars. Stephanie. I pray that you never have to experience the pain in torment I live with every day. Then He becomes the old -- again. It's clear that you have bought into the media's characterization. Of me. I know that you can't believe that it was ever my intention to harm my -- -- You saw firsthand the love I had for my son's wife children and you. Love Bernie. -- -- pen -- days with Bernie are over but there was something Stephanie still had to put on Paper -- Right about that -- buck up she wanted to write this story of what she her kids and mark endured. The story attorneys at the time would not let mark tell. In her book Stephanie shares the first page mark had written for an eventual memoir. I have read that there are those that feel since my father was bad I must be bad or at least must have known what He what that's why because I was his son. My own father has stolen my life from me it's pain that it's beyond description. There were so many victims of my father's fraud. So many horrible stories. How -- explain to my children what they do not understand myself. He wanted to identify with the victims and let people know I know what He did to you it's horrible He acts He felt take out -- My parents were victims of Bernie you were a victim. I was a victim of Bernie my children. Are victims of -- Those children are now almost five and three. I just -- my kids to their first day of school who you know day -- -- -- My daughter's tenth birthday it's gonna miss her wedding and everything. So far Stephanie says. The kids are doing well. She is still trying to find her way without more. But hopes the most difficult days are behind her. I will never let it define. My two children in the best of them. The rest of my -- Is going to be happy. I hold on today. Stephanie -- book about her husband mark the end of normal came out just yesterday. You'll see she's changed her last name. It's as mark was planning to do the same an effort to escape the shadow -- consumed him. Their seventh wedding anniversary would have been this Sunday. You can read Bernie Madoff handwritten letters to Stephanie on our website Slash 20/20.

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{"id":14790971,"title":"Mark Madoff's Good-Bye","duration":"7:32","description":"Part 4: What thwarted Mark Madoff's recovery?","url":"/2020/video/mark-madoffs-good-bye-what-thwarted-recovery-wife-stephanie-bernie-madoff-2020-14790971","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}