Meet Top Dog Pam

Canine freestyle champ recalls her biggest competition, Carolyn Scott and Rookie
3:07 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Meet Top Dog Pam
So are you guys have been at war for no that's -- it's -- how long have you I think we met him that night. -- -- you top dog paying. -- what. What they have that was so special. Karen Allen and Ricky in my opinion they aren't the best baseball team in the world. Doing freestyle. Because this woman that America's got to. Me. Outside it. And then -- bullet -- that an adventure moment and that's how do you describe -- -- -- comes in three parts. The handler with -- -- That dog. And that -- And it's a Boland that those three things improvisation. You know -- for that I think he -- train for it but we -- in the moment. You have to -- with that when he -- on another song song. You know you're rolling with their standard rules of order vehicle circling -- -- But. Increased what that things to do something unique. With my dogs and try to bring -- the uniqueness and each one of its -- sport is it. It is a sport and it's well organized everywhere -- global. -- hello -- What was. The special thing about her and -- You watch. -- -- -- What I really about Caroline and -- is the way they freestyle. Dance. And I had the pleasure. Keeping to. Dance with rookie. The -- popped -- Leon I did it. And that that we had a great time. Doug Graham told us she had some -- word. Okay this is its. This is special to me. He has since I had to -- -- my hand yes. And you. Hands at this down to hedonism and and it's. Something that -- -- -- Warned -- you or performance that we need. -- to enjoy the way that. Ricky and I happened to. And so I am just going to tell you that your wish is that trend is because I am going to perform. All night. So you're gonna use it did. There -- pocket -- and politics on have a Clinton won't let -- know I'm dedicating this man with pilot. To Karen and -- -- Thank you. Pilot.

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{"id":15890089,"title":"Meet Top Dog Pam","duration":"3:07","description":"Canine freestyle champ recalls her biggest competition, Carolyn Scott and Rookie","url":"/2020/video/martin-pam-scott-rookie-dogs-dance-compeetition-15890089","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}