What Meghan Markle's new life will be like in the UK: Part 4

Like Kate Middleton, Markle will have the constant companionship of a royal protection officer and will live at Nottingham Cottage.
4:52 | 12/02/17

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Transcript for What Meghan Markle's new life will be like in the UK: Part 4
Reporter: Today day one of official duties and Meghan Markle was all smiles but royal watchers say she should brace herself. It's not just riding in carriages and in castles, waving from balconies. It's having your life subjected to constant press scrutiny. The challenge they face is they have to be in love and also a member of the British royal family. Her life is going to be really laid out in a way it wasn't before. We feel like anyone who has wanted to marry into the British royal family has had their eye on the crown, the towers, the wealth, the riches. You really don't get that vibe from Meghan. As Meghan wrote, I am less interested in glass slipper and more interested in breaking the glass ceiling. But others before her have seen their glass slippers shatter under the strain. Diana never had a serious boyfriend, barely ever been kissed and now she's going to be the queen of England? Princess Diana in a interview with 1996 talked about the pressure. If I tripped up, which I did because I was new at the game, a ton of bricks came down on me. Then came Sara Ferguson the duchess of new yoyork. Why did I not understand what the monarchy is all about? Acknowledgment and approval. What could be better than in front of billions of peoplescreaming and clapping. I'm sure it went to my head and I sort of lost my way. To avoid the pit falls of the past Meghan will be carefully coached. When Diana married into the family it was difficult for her and part was because she didn't really have much advice, as much support. It's a unique repetitive set of skills that may at first seem foreign especially for an American. It's another world. It's a medieval court. There's the precedence of who walks through the door first and how many kisses to give on each cheek. I'm sure Harry has taught her to to curtsy. That would be funny to witness. The other thing is knowing when to curtsy. Who you don't curtsy to. The table manners. The English hold their fork in one hand and the knife in the other. Americans will cut the food with their knife first and eat it with their fork. It's a mind field. I'm sure she will embrace it very, very well because after all, she is an actress. She will be able to learn it like she's learning a part and really it is almost a part in a play. All of this training so that royal engagements like this and this go off without a hitch. Like her future sister-in-law Kate, Meghan will too have a constant companion on the rope line, not her prince, but her protection officer. Meghan will be given round the clock protection. That's a interesting experience to be constantly surrounded by and followed everywhere she goes by royal bodyguards. Going to be no walking down the street with a cup of coffee which everybody does in America. She's giving up a lot but let's not cue the string section too much. She's in love with a guy with unlimited resources. That tends to not be a bad situation. The new regal role comes with some rewards. Meghan will be able to borrow some of the queen's jewelry as Kate has done. How about that $2 million tiara? Let's take that out of the vault. Given cars, clothes. There are motion making sure there's not a hair out of place, not a shirt that goes untucked. There will be a new title. Royal watchers say that is at the discretion of the queen. We think she will designate her a duchess but will not be princess Meghan because she's not of royal blood. There is the change in address. Kensington palace, where the princes group up and Kate and William now live. Meghan and Harry will make their home only a stone's throw away. It's part of the kensington palace complex. It's quite small by royal standards. I mean, it's got beautiful paintings on the walls and the royal collection, an open fireplace. Meghan has made it very cozy. While the royal family is gaining a new member, Meghan is becoming a new citizen. The British will also claim her as their own as is their right but I think what you will see is that every moment in which she dazzles. Every moment in which she comforts someone we'll be feeling pride on both sides of the pond.

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{"id":51525341,"title":"What Meghan Markle's new life will be like in the UK: Part 4","duration":"4:52","description":"Like Kate Middleton, Markle will have the constant companionship of a royal protection officer and will live at Nottingham Cottage.","url":"/2020/video/meghan-markles-life-uk-part-51525341","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}