Michael Jackson: What We Didn't Know

Jackson had a long history with powerful drugs and enabling doctors.
8:17 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson: What We Didn't Know
-- deal were always rumors about Michael Jackson's drug use. But now the court record and close friends have revealed what we didn't know or did more than. A superstar desperate for help hold up in a rented mansion with a reported forty gallons of pro befall an order here's Chris -- Michael Jackson's voice was -- twentieth century treasure. And hit songs with the Jackson fine appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. And his solo work. Like the classic thriller. This -- this distinctive. Thank you for your warm and generous support I love you very much but until doctor Conrad Murray's trial. We had never heard Michael like this. -- Deep voice seemingly incoherent and heavily sedate at. This was Michael and may tenth 2009. Just weeks before his death in -- recording retrieved by police experts from the cell phone. Of Doctor Conrad Murray. It's. This recording and the trial itself would offer a chilling glimpse into Michael Jackson's secret world. Kept hidden for so long. And it would add. On the morning of June 25 2009. That at home ghosts of the hospital anesthetic that a coroner would find ultimately claimed his life. Mr. Jackson. Was receiving. Very inappropriate. Therapy in the home setting and ultimately this cocktail was a recipe for disaster. But while it was -- as a topic during trial Jackson's issue with prescription drugs and enabling doctors. Went back years -- his friend doctor and spiritual counselor Deepak Chopra was grimly aware. He was giving a number of prescriptions. Under a number of different names. This is a common thing amongst them. Celebrity. Candidates because they -- mind what -- weren't. Nobody knew that better or did more to try to stop -- then this man. Frank Casio a friend of Michael since childhood and eventually an employee. Who took it upon himself to keep enabling doctors that day as he describes in detail in his forthcoming book my friend Michael. It there was some doctors there were actually -- And you have these random people just itself is disgusting and these doctors saw Michael this equipment. Community care. As a team -- was on tour with Michael in Mexico City in 1993. Jackson was swept off to Rihanna by intervening Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth takes us. Aside. And says to us we're gonna get him. Out. Of the country after the show. -- go to London. Jackson were later released this videotape statement to his fans. As she may already know after my tour ended I remain out of the country undergoing treatment for a dependency on. Pain medication. Years later -- began working for Jackson keeping Michael stashes of xanax perk cassette or valley out of Jackson's reach -- -- I didn't want them and is wrong. -- I just didn't want to take -- -- Jackson once made an ominous observation to his friend. Telling Casio doctors can never really determine how much pain -- isn't. Jackson's way of easily manipulating his -- From the medicine that I was mainly concerned about was tomorrow. Concerned enough that in November of 2000. Casio says Michael called his dermatologist doctor Arnold Klein who attempted to put -- those worries to rest. Even today in an exclusive interview with ABC news Jim envelope client denies he ever got Jackson are -- -- all. But concedes he gave the pop star doses of the drug for -- full facial treatments involving up to a thousand needle pricks. Did you have to give him. Painkillers and occasionally has been very low doses. Game in the last two times you saw me. I gave 100 milligrams of them how can give objective hundred -- -- wrong. -- continued I have no idea of -- he was never addiction to our product. And yet Casio believe something wants Iran because of the effect he saw the drug have. And Jackson -- -- -- -- Angry and -- bidder isn't -- that it. The world and that it. Everyone just taking advantage of him. -- McCall's house doctor and a new York city hotel. All too willing to provide Michael with the Mets. House Doctor Who is. In law and give him more just. To satisfy. You know what what Michael want -- This time the result was an angry showdown between Casio and Jackson. So you don't want to end up like Elvis to you. And I would never end up like Elvis I don't have a problem. He was upset that I would even bring this up. He -- -- -- and in denial of doing. -- dependents. And frequent should give me narcissistic. Stories we heard about different doctors prescribing drugs for Michael. Under a host of different aliases. Impeach him for. For security reasons it's not like Michael Jackson can go to the pharmacy. You know -- -- my prescription. In the end frank -- would face the same anguish. Millions of families have known with a loved one who suffers from a drug dependency with Michael Jackson drug -- I would say he was a situation room. Addict for. His own family and what was going on at times and they tried to help he wouldn't hear and have -- and physical fights with his security kicked him. They kept away like he was the president of the United States how does -- -- for you to know that this man was under the care Doctor Conrad Murray frivolous sequences. This guy. This. Doctor. Manipulated. The situation. Part of that situation was Jackson's craving for pro -- Also known as to prevail. He said to me and -- you know there's something that takes to make to the age. To the value of -- -- -- brings you back. Even some close to Jackson testified they wanted no part of administering that truck. You were not willing to give Michael Jackson the pro footballer -- -- or IP trip correct absolutely not. And one. Just two days after this recording. Murray would put in a staggering bulk order for pro football -- ever. Heard of any doctor. Using purple fall in their practice of medicine to treat insomnia -- I've never heard of there have been many great figures in music who have died from an accidental overdose. Goalie Michael Jackson -- doctor -- his son. This time. Yes -- -- Frank Casio says Michael Jackson once confided he feared he would die from a shot wouldn't you gunshot. Clinton's but he says no one would've ever thought it would be a shot of that drug pro football but claimed his life so prematurely.

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