Michael Jackson: Moment of Crisis

Conflicting accounts of the nightmarish night Jackson died.
9:53 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson: Moment of Crisis
This is it -- the name of Michael Jackson's last four and a fair description for the fate of Doctor Conrad Murray. Twelve jurors have the case awarding the evidence of who administered the fatal dose of drugs that put Jackson to sleep. It is the crux of the court's case has been going on for six weeks now would know what has been following up more carefully. Then ABC's Jim model -- inside and now outside the courthouse in Los Angeles. Jim. Elizabeth the jury goes back to work on Monday a quintessential Los Angeles group of seven men and five women. For the TV crime show aficionado. Along with an actor -- TV director and a Disney -- As they deliberated all day long today the man whose -- they are deciding Doctor Conrad Murray was caught by paparazzi walking from Santa Monica. The jury's inability to reach a quick verdict perhaps a signal that -- -- Michael Jackson's life. Nothing is simple. Not even his death. We didn't. Rehearsal night June 24 2009. Michael Jackson -- -- bull run through of his concert this is it. It is the very last time he will be seen in public a lot. Just after midnight 12:50 in the morning 125. The BMW of Doctor Conrad Murray. Jackson's personal physician. Is seen arriving at the entertainers Los Angeles mansion. A little later at 1 o'clock in the morning Jackson in his entourage are also -- the property. Exhausted Michael Jackson heads to his second floor Sweden where Doctor Murray as he does every night prepares him for better. One would follow the next ten hours was nightmarish. Must struggle by Dr. Murray of what is desperate patient to sleep. In an even more panic -- To wake -- up again. By new one of the world's biggest superstars would be dead of an overdose. From a drug most of us had never heard fanatics know well as mills an anesthesiologist. Called by his real name -- -- Michael Jackson wanted to and he hired Doctor Conrad Murray who would give in do we resume the patient would be dead and his doctor on -- Here was doctor Murray's repeated. Incompetent and unskilled acts that led to mr. Jackson's debt. Was Doctor Conrad Murray a reckless negligent physician out to keep his 150000. Dollar a month fee at all costs. Even if it meant putting his own patient's life at risk. Or did a drugged -- Michael Jackson has Murray's attorneys contend giving himself the final fatal dose of pro -- Michael Jackson self administer. A perfect storm. In his bar that killed him. Instant. -- June 25. After a panic alert from Doctor Murray Jackson's bodyguard Alberto all the -- Rushes to the second floor bedroom where -- is trying to resuscitate a dying Michael Jackson. He was laying on his back. With his hands extended -- observed that his eyes were were slightly open. All Reza is about to call 911 when there is a delay as Dr. Murray makes a critical requests say prosecutors. He reached over and grabbed a handful -- And then he reached out to me and said pure put these in effect. Only then -- 12:21. PM. -- -- is finally called 911. We -- -- -- government get any help that he's. Stop greeting cards at -- An ambulance arrives within six minutes and first responders give more damaging testimony about doctor Murray's conduct. Paramedic Richard -- says Murray never told him anything. About pro football did doctor Mary ever mention to you having administered pro football to Michael Jackson noted -- By 1257. It's clear to the paramedics and the hospital that Jackson is dead. There's nothing further we are we're -- College here in time of -- -- public servant. Doctor Murray's request Jackson has taken to the UCLA medical center where doctors unsuccessfully. Tried to revive him. Jackson is officially pronounced dead again doctor -- makes no mention of. -- befall the paramedics and the doctors never hear the word -- fall from congress -- What does that tell us that there were innocent why -- -- -- -- -- it. Haney that using -- the fall outside. An operating. Was wrong. He needs it from that east Michael Jackson was dead. All of that together suggest a guilty conscience. Two days after Jackson's death Doctor Murray meets with police at this Marina Del -- California luxury hotel. Sitting -- his attorney. Marie tells police he was trying to wean Jackson off the -- fall and -- not given it to him for three nights. But -- June 25 after a tough -- Jackson Baghdad. So please please do. -- -- This -- committed. -- -- -- -- -- For the first time police received a meticulous and disturbing timeline of that fatal night at Jackson's rented mansion -- of Sunset Boulevard. -- AM Jackson arrives home from his -- takes a shower -- Dr. Murray gives him a rubbed down with bleaching -- -- in Condace. -- Jackson cannot sleek and Doctor Murray gives him his first senate. 3 AM a second different -- is administered by a murder for thirty a very gives a repeat dose of the first -- Incredibly by sunrise Jackson is still not asleep so it's 730 he's given -- repeat dose of the second senate. By 10:30 that morning after nine hours without sleep but desperate Michael Jackson is asking for his old friend -- It's kind of loosely. So. I -- read. Whether this -- -- -- -- Doctor -- sounds like a guy who cared about Michael Jackson who was doing everything he could to help Michael Jackson. What happened next in Jackson's bedroom would be the crux of doctor Murray's defense. Murray says and after giving Jackson only a small dose -- five milligrams Michael finally fell asleep. So he went into the bathroom. He told police that two minutes later he returned -- -- that is one and only patient was not breathing. In those two minutes Murray's defense contends that Jackson who -- already surreptitiously taken eight sedatives by mouth. Woke up and -- IV and catheter attached injected himself with a lethally strong dose of -- befall. But the prosecution launches a scathing attack on -- self administration theory. Noting that Michael Jackson's fingerprints are nowhere to be found on anything that contained -- befall in his bedroom. Cardiologist doctor Alan Steinberg testified that just by leaving the room Doctor Murray was grossly negligent. When you monitor patient you never leave their side. Especially after giving pro -- It's it's like. Leaving a baby that sleeping. On your kitchen countertop. The star witness for the prosecution was doctor Stephen -- the man who literally wrote the dosage and every box of pro football them. I do not see the difference. Between Conrad Murray saying yes to the request of Michael Jackson is making. And a person who cleans the house saying yes. To request that Michael Jackson is making he is not exercising his medical judgment but that it. France has its own starts we asked doctor Paul -- -- -- noticed the man who made -- -- popular in operating rooms and a respected colleague of doctor -- offers. So you think it was -- self injection pro football. Between 113012 o'clock and it. In my opinion yes but white conceded that Doctor Murray should never have agreed to take on the job of dedicating its patient with a dangerous drug. It's something that no amount of money could convince me to accept or take on as a responsibility. Prosecutor Waldman -- doctor Maria is nothing more than a hired hand who killed Michael Jackson and his dream that cleaning up his life and we -- his career. He hit the lottery he was going to get 150000. Dollars a month Michael Jackson trusted -- here. He trusted him with his life. -- -- With his -- but the prosecution's harsh depiction of doctor Marie is countered by moving testimonials. From his former patients. If -- This man had -- -- He never would have come. To an area 75%. Them school. Lead defense attorney -- -- -- told jurors Conrad Murray is being held responsible. What Michael Jackson did do himself. A scapegoat that may belong in front of a medical review board a civil malpractice jury but not in criminal court. If it were anybody else but -- Anybody else. With this doctor be here today. You're -- hold Dr. Murray responses. Don't do it because -- --

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{"id":14886557,"title":"Michael Jackson: Moment of Crisis","duration":"9:53","description":"Conflicting accounts of the nightmarish night Jackson died.","url":"/2020/video/michael-jackson-moment-crisis-conflicting-accounts-how-star-died-2020-14886557","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}