Jackson's Children: What They Saw

Jackson's daughter Paris and son Prince saw their father dying.
5:37 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Jackson's Children: What They Saw
It could be seen as the ultimate irony that Michael Jackson wanted to do was last concert -- this is it for a final windfall of cash. To provide for his children. And it was the mixture of drugs and the preparation for that to where -- killed him in a horrifying scene that at least one of the children would witness. For Michael's children in this case will go on forever because they do not. Have they -- We have Gelman you're living -- but he's not breathing again. Little was. Known about what Jackson's children saw and heard that chaotic day and that is until this dramatic testimony. As -- that's very -- the stairs into the kitchen. Any -- frantic he was sent to -- Get security get grants and the family chef Kai chase races to a nearby Stanley group for the children are playing. Did you say the twelve year old child -- going to be able to. Assist. This job. I did what I was told. And it -- it. As their fathers like slips away twelve year old prince and Paris eleven years old climbed the stairs and stop just outside the master bedroom. Security guards are in the room it is a tragic scene. -- proving ground. Balled up crying and prince loses he was stating there Russa Sloan prize. The fact that these kids saw their father actually die was nothing short of Hartford. Ian drew a senior editor at us weekly who interviewed Jackson several times at the Neverland Ranch. Says involving the children that day was one of many grievous mistakes by doctor -- Having the shaft go get prince to how about. -- -- -- -- and disastrous news. Michael's friend frank. Calcium puts it more bluntly. I think that's completely disgusted this man -- so selfish and this man called 911. As soon as he realized that he messed. Their father -- Still -- here today. Prince Paris and seven year old blanket and rushed in an SUV to follow the ambulance to the UCLA medical center where their father is adventure. Announced dead. During police questioning Doctor Murray claims he -- children at the hospital. Burned the tires. Friends. But claimed the family denying -- We've heard the family talking about how very is nothing but jokes and he was not doing anything of comfort to anyway. The truth may never be revealed because none of the children testify or even attended the trial. How their father might have wanted it Jackson was protective and paranoid about the children's privacy I'm -- They were home schooled in rarely seen in public. When they did venture out who could forget those. -- -- -- Michael was just trying to protect from because he knew pretty incredible. Swelling. Anxiety and energy and it went on whenever you. It wasn't until -- -- -- emotional memorial service. Twelve days. The world got an extended look at the children. Long cut off from the camera's glare. Over the past two years there have been a handful of public appearances please well. And Paris Jackson. Recently Robin Roberts met with the children under the watchful -- of their 81 year old guardian Katherine Jackson. By all appearances they are normal kids complete with iPods yellow nail polish and action heroes and grandma is a regular -- -- to sit up straight. That this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But but but but -- -- already have there. That's that little thing. They don't go to karate class -- wants to be an actress and is the only girl -- her school's flag football team and prince wants to produced movie. All of them surprisingly well -- And doing very well and thriving. There's fortitude to sort of ingrained and and their father prepared to carry while for the world. I think he would say his greatest legacy is his children. And some say it was for his children that Jackson worked tirelessly. Agreeing to return to the stage to hoping to sing his way out of debt and providing stable home like this. Those children kept to himself as one of the reasons but he's going to this concert. Because she wanted to form professional -- -- some members informal. That this was a loving father. Who wanted to be there for his kids and he's gone too soon to paraphrase -- Samsung's. Home.

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{"id":14886618,"title":"Jackson's Children: What They Saw","duration":"5:37","description":"Jackson's daughter Paris and son Prince saw their father dying.","url":"/2020/video/michael-jacksons-children-saw-father-dying-daughter-paris-son-prince-2020-14886618","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}