Celebrity Lookalikes

Doppelgangers for Kate Middleton and Charlie Sheen cash in on our obsession with the A List.
3:00 | 10/20/12

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Transcript for Celebrity Lookalikes
"The big lie" continues with chris cuomo. Tonight we've been looking at deception. Now now something different. Deception for fun and profit. As chris connelly discovered if you're not famous yourself just looking like someone famous could be the next best thing. Reporter: Fergie, beyonce, kim kardashian, sirens who've been known to perk up a party, if you've got 100 grand on hand. Strapped for cash? Well, $1,000 can buy you, this sheen-for-a-day. I've got goddesses -- Reporter: That's not charlie sheen, it's 39-year-old former stock exchange employee jeff barnett. How are you doing. Reporter: Giving indie movie premieres, vegasy get-togethers and car dealerships a taste of good-time charlie. I worked at the philadelphia stock exchange. I looked just like him in wall street, and my nickname became buddy fox. "When is it enough, gekko? How many yachts can you ski behind?" How much is enough? Are you on anything now? Reporter: Barnett appears to have studied andrea canning's interview with sheen the way some people study for the bar exam. I am a high priest warlock. I am a radical rock star from mars, and I am winning. I usually say I have to calm down to play charlie, take it down a notch, lower my energy. Now what was your first reaction the idea that you could make money as charlie sheen? I just started to laugh. Then it just became a lot of fun, chris. It was just, are you kidding me? Reporter: Barnett runs his own business doing charlie is a 4-day-a-month gig not his full time job, so far. I think every time he had another goddess, I got another phone call. Reporter: Less baleful than the real sheen these days, barnett's upbeat, "two and a half men" charlie could give anyone a flashback. I've gotten everything from phone numbers to box seats and I've given them away. Reporter: These familiar faces have won the look-alike lottery by being able to play the part. They're not out to con you but rather to have fun. Like playing a royal game of ister. She left her burger waitress job from london to become a professional kate middleton look-alike. What do you see on their faces when you connect? It's a dream for a little girl to meet a princess and even though I'm not the real one i try to make their experience a good one. You have to go to school yeah! On kate middleton? Yeah. Because people speak to you like you are actually that person. So, for example, knowing their dog's name, you have to stay current. Reporter: Heidi does it all with a smile. I've been asked to do topless shoots on a couple of occasions and I don't deem it appropriate to replicate that for the royal family. Reporter: It's her first trip to new york city and all heidi has to do is venture into times square and she's mobbed by well-wishers. Have you ever used your similarity in appearance to your personal advantage? No, no. Get a good table at a restaurant? Cut to the front of a line at a museum, you're not tempted to do those things? It hadn't crossed my mind until you brought it up actually, so -- Reporter: If it all sounds to you like a pretty sweet life well, you're right. I'm really blessed, really lucky and really enjoying it. Reporter: So what if you want a piece of this kind of ment. Ett cohen, senior at suny new paltz, set out to prove he could walk the streets of nyc and be treated like a big shot. What do I need? I need bodyguards, I need maybe a few photographers with big flashes following me around, two assistants walking around with clipboards like they're managing something for me -- Reporter: Did it work? Did it ever, even if no one could quite agree on what brett might have done to warrant the attention. Do you know brett? Yeah. Where do you know him from? The person that I was trying to channel was tom cruise. Reporter: But while heidi and jeff are still savoring their citizenship in impersonation nation, brett sounds a little jaded already. It got annoying, I mean, three hours of doing that, and just having people constantly come up to you -- whoa, whoa, whoa, three hours, that's the fastest fame change of experience in history. Three hours you couldn't take? Fame is a full-time job. Reporter: A job that brett will be applying for as soon as he graduates. I think I want to move away from the fake celebrity thing, and if I can, move into the real celebrity thing.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Doppelgangers for Kate Middleton and Charlie Sheen cash in on our obsession with the A List.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17523865","title":"Celebrity Lookalikes","url":"/2020/video/middleton-kate-sheen-charlie-royal-imposter-lookalike-celebrity-hollywood-2020-17523865"}